July 2019: Month in Review

Once again, I’m late posting this, but, well, sometimes you feel like posting and sometimes you don’t. Apparently I can either run a blog regularly every day or I will neglect it for months at a time. Ah well.

Though I DID read a lot of books. Maybe that goes without saying, but…I did.

What have I been watching?

  • Seasons 8-10 of Friends. The last couple seasons were way better than I remembered, though I’ll always go down with the Rachel/Joey ship, rather than the toxic Ross/Rachel.
  • UnREAL, season 2-3: Actually, I think I didn’t finish I’m now realizing? It’s oddly compelling but not great? idk.
  • Big Little Lies: Still watching season 2, which is okay-ish but kinda boring?
  • Gentleman Jack: Still working on this one too. I like it but again slightly boring.
  • So You Think You Can Dance, season 16: Watching live as it airs for the first time! So excited to vote.
  • Jane the Virgin, season 1: Launching a rewatch of the early seasons to finish the show now that it’s all out on Netflix!

July Posts

Books Read in July

In case you missed it, I don’t review everything I read anymore, not even close. I review my favorites (that aren’t rereads of books I’ve already reviewed), but everything else I only leave GR reviews. Click the link if you want to follow me or check reviews on any of these. I don’t link them up because tbh too much of a pain.

Books read in July: 41
Books DNFed in July: 37
Books reread in July: 12

Now let’s break it down.

Books I Loved

I had suuuuuch a good reading month, because look at all these beauties that made my heart go pitter patter. FYI you should READ ALL OF THEM. No excuses will be tolerated.

Books I Really Liked

This section’s running low this month, maybe because I loved so many?

Books I Liked

Okay, so I didn’t super like these, but they were entertaining and I had a good time with them.

Note: omnibuses are confusing, but I liked Lord Carew’s Bride.

Books That Were Not for Me

This month was the best of times and the worst of times, because there were so many good books but also, despite all the DNFs, quite a few that didn’t really work for me.

Note: I did not like Dark Angel, but I did like Lord Carew’s Bride, so the omnibus cover appears in two sections.

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