What I’m Loving This Week: Foolish Hearts, Cherry, and No Reading Challenge

Hello, friends! It hasn’t been a particularly eventful week, largely spent relaxing before a trip over this coming weekend. Gotta power up that socialization battery! More on that next week, though.

No updates on what I’m watching, because I’m still working my way through all of Drag Race, but, in case anyone else is a fan, let me know, so I can rant about All Stars seasons 3 and 4? I HAVE FEELINGS, PEOPLE. Also, Thorgy Thor is the absolute worst.

From January 6-12, I read 8 books. It’s nice that I haven’t been pushing myself at all, but I’m still keeping a swift reading pace going. That said, it wasn’t a week full of books I loved, which is a bit disappointing, but here’s the short list of things I love this week.

Foolish Hearts – Emma Mills

Reread. Original review.

Of the Emma Mills thus far (the first four), Foolish Hearts is hands down my absolute favorite. Claudia’s awkward and uncomfortable in her own skin and deeply unable to believe that anyone could really care for her. Even though I’m not sure how similar we actually are, because she’s really popular really, she’s so relatable. Gideon Prewitt’s also just the cutest. The ship is for reallllllllll. Everyone is so well-developed and quirky and unique, and I could not love this book more (unless there was more couple cuteness at the end).

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Cherry – Lindsey Rosin

Reread. Original review.

Forgive the terrible cover. Cherry is an examination of teen sexuality, honest and open, discussing, among other things: masturbation, f/f sex, and orgasm. It’s a sex-positive novel with an aim to educate while entertaining, and I think it does that well and with zero shame. This is a perfect readalike for Anatomy of a Boyfriend or Jack of Hearts, which is from an m/m perspective.

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Now, to be clear, I did make a Goodreads challenge, exhibited to the left. 1) I can’t help it, because, if you don’t, it keeps asking, so it’s just easier to do it. And 2) I actually do like being able to see it.

However, while a high challenge for many, I spend most of my time reading, so this is an easily achievable, no pressure goal for me. (If you’re curious what my secret is, I have no kids and no other hobbies. It’s great.)

Fulfilling my end-of-year goal of 500 was amazing, but I’m loving starting fresh with no new aim in mind, being able to not read if I don’t feel like it. I’m sure I’ll be back in challenge mode at the end of the year, but I enjoy the start-of-year chill so much.

What have you been loving this week?

3 responses to “What I’m Loving This Week: Foolish Hearts, Cherry, and No Reading Challenge”

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  2. Anca Antoci says:

    OMG, 500 books! That is beyond amazing!
    I feel so inadequate right now!
    I’m sure having no kids or extra hobbies helps, but still…500 books is a fantastic record!
    I am curious though, do you remember the plots to all those 500 books?

  3. gardenley says:

    I love how passionate you are about this book and i’m SO going to read this!
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