What Do I Review?

For the most part, I review whatever books I happen to be reading.  However, I am not above admitting a love for free things, especially when they happen to be books, so, if I accept a free book in return for prompt review, I will prioritize that item. Print copies are preferred.

I review most genres, although my favorites are YA, fantasy, dystopian, science fiction and literary fiction. I rarely read romance, Christian fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, or westerns (although there are exceptions to each).

What Kind of Review Can You Expect from Me?

All reviews will be an honest statement of my opinion, positive or negative. If you’re not okay with that, you really shouldn’t contact me. You might want to go find some of my most negative reviews and imagine that was your book. If you can’t take that, do not send me your book for review. I may not write those often, but I make no guarantee to love anything.

I also reserve the right to DNF books if I do not think I am going to like them. Any book I DNF will be accompanied by a brief, unrated DNF review, stating why I put the book down.

Every review will be honest and in accordance with FTC guidelines. My good opinion cannot be purchased. Either I like the book and will say so, or I don’t and I’ll say that too.

For additional information on my policy on negative reviews, check out this post.

If I accept a review copy, there is no promise of review, but I do promise to check it out. Unless a date is agreed upon when I accept the book, I will get to the book when I can, which could mean days after receipt or months. Unsolicited review copies will not be considered imperative to review. Please pitch me first, unless you don’t mind the book potentially going unread.

How Do You Reach Me?
I am not currently accepting self-pub or indie titles, except from authors with whom I have worked in the past.

Contact me with questions, contributions for Cover Snark, compliments, or review requests at readeroffictions at gmail dot com.*

*Anyone who takes my email address to sign me up for a mailing list without my permission will be reported as spam. So just don’t.