May and June 2019: Months in Review

My goal is always to get the review post up right as the new month begins, but oops it’s midway through July already, and I kind of skipped May so ummmm. Let’s just say that I was lazy and leave it at that. There’s some big, good stuff happening in my life right now, and it’s been stressful enough that I haven’t really had much mental energy for blogging, so I kept putting this off. Still, there’s a satisfaction to keeping up with things, so here I am keeping on.

I’m sitting here trying to remember what I did in May, and I’m coming up with basically nothing? Surely I did stuff, but I think it was mostly reading and spending time with the boyfriend and my family. In some ways that sounds like nothing but also like everything? Is that how it is for anyone else?

June, though, was so busy I can’t even. My boyfriend moved in with me at the end of the month, which means I was stressed about it (the logistics of making enough space in my house for him to also have his stuff here) for pretty much all of June. It’s good, though! I’ve never lived with someone before aside from roommates in a dorm in college, so it should be fun. So far so good. I also went to ALA, where I got to see my dear friend Lenore and even got to pretend to work for Lerner and help out with her signing in exchange for a chair!

Notable stuff watched during May:

  • Game of Thrones, season 8 (HBO): TBH, I liked this more than most people did, though I agree that the last season was rushed as all hell. The last episode did piss me off a bit, but I’d rather think about all of the amazingness up to that point.
  • Dead to Me (Netflix): The first episode is brilliant and really on point for grief. From that point it goes completely off the rails. If you’re a big fan of Big Little Lies, I think you’ll love this show.
  • Ultimate Beastmaster, season 3 (Netflix): I don’t know why I like this show so much. My favorite didn’t win this season, which sucked, but I got what I expected.
  • Queer Eye, season 3 (Netflix): After being a bit disappointed in season 2, I adored season 3. It made me feel so many things, and, yes, several episodes made me cry. I wish it hadn’t ended on the boring baby episode, but other than that completely excellent.

And June:

  • Friends, seasons 1-7 (Netflix): Somehow my boyfriend had never watched more than a couple of random episodes, so I’ve been introducing him to Friends. Clearly it’s going well, since he usually doesn’t like watching this much of something in a row.
  • UnREAL, season 1: Rewatch because I didn’t remember too much. Everyone on this show is terrible, but you just can’t look away from the pretty and the psychological manipulation.

I’ve started a couple of currently airing shows (Gentleman Jack, Big Little Lies, and So You Think You Can Dance), but I need a new show to devour. Any suggestions?

May Posts

June Posts

Um clearly I struggled a bit in June, but given how much more life stuff I had going on then, I’m not surprised. But I think I’ve had months with fewer reviews, so I’m still pretty pleased with five books I loved enough to want to review. But I read a lot more than that, so…

Books Read in May and June

In case you missed it, I don’t review everything I read anymore, not even close. I review my favorites (that aren’t rereads of books I’ve already reviewed), but everything else I only leave GR reviews. Click the link if you want to follow me or check reviews on any of these. I don’t link them up because tbh too much of a pain.

Anyway, how about some stats?

  • Books read in May: 45
  • Books read in June: 33
  • Total read for the year as of June 30: 235

I’m on track for my biggest reading year ever, even if June was a slow month for me. I’m pretty chuffed ngl.

But what did I read? I’ll break that down for you by how much they worked for me personally.

What I Loved

My favoritesssssss. These are the books that made me feel something (probably shippy but sometimes not).

What I Really Liked

While I didn’t quite fall in love, I did fall in serious admiration with these titles, and I’d recommend them highly.

*Note: I read A Promise of Spring only, though I plan to read The Temporary Wife later.

What I Liked

There’s such a range of enjoyment in here from mild liking to passionate affection. All of these are books that I had fun reading, but for various reasons I might be more hesitant to recommend, though obvs that comes with all sorts of caveats about reading taste.

What I Didn’t Like

There’s a reader for every book, but I wasn’t the reader for these.

One response to “May and June 2019: Months in Review”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh man I am getting some serious Ilona Andrews cravings after this post! …maybe my library will actually have some ebook versions available for once. Otherwise I will have to wait a month to visit in person, alas.

    It’s funny how many books you’ve read overlap where my tastes are starting to lean towards, (especially now that I’m at least starting to read SOME contemporary fluffiness. How I went from primarily dark gritty fantasy to fluffy everything as of late I will never know. Not that I’ve not always liked both in some way).

    I don’t know if Veronica Mars was ever your thing, but if it was here’s your reminder season 4 is out next week!! Otherwise, how’s your K-Drama watching been going? I haven’t seen you post about any as of late, and they’re always super addicting!
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