Review: Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger

Review: Let the Storm Break by Shannon MessengerLet the Storm Break by Shannon
Published by Simon Pulse Genres: Mythology, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 381
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
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Vane Weston is haunted. By the searing pull of his bond to Audra. By the lies he’s told to cover for her disappearance. By the treacherous winds that slip into his mind, trying to trap him in his worst nightmares. And as his enemies grow stronger, Vane doesn't know how much longer he can last on his own.

But Audra’s still running. From her past. From the Gales. Even from Vane, who she doesn't believe she deserves. And the farther she flees, the more danger she finds. She possesses the secret power her enemy craves, and protecting it might be more than she can handle—especially when she discovers Raiden’s newest weapon.

With the Gale Force weakened by recent attacks, and the power of four collapsing, Vane and Audra are forced to make a choice: keep trusting the failing winds, or turn to the people who've betrayed them before. But even if they survive the storms sent to destroy them, will they have anything left to hold on to?

In case you haven’t been following along, I’ve been engaging in masochistic behaviors and reading everything Shannon Messenger has written. I can’t quite explain to you why, other than that Gillian (Writer of Wrongs) got me started, and somehow I just couldn’t quit Messenger’s books. There may be LSD in the pages. Maybe that explains all the weird shit I’ve read in these books. It’s just a theory. I have to say, though, that in both series, the second book has been worlds better than the first. Let the Storm Break was plotful and unintentionally hilarious and I actually kind of couldn’t put it down.

Let the Sky Fall was a total dud on just about every level. For most of the book, I was bored, probably because very little happened, aside from questionable character dynamics. In Let the Storm Break, things consistently happen. The plot is totally moving. The villain is being a creepy villain, the Gales are hard-pressed to deal with them, and the fact that there was always something happening made this book such a quick read. Once again, I’m going to use quotes from the book to go through everything, and there will be some spoilers.

To briefly recap, Weather Vane Weston and Audra are in love and have bonded themselves for their full lifespans with true bond’s kiss. Five days is, of course, the ideal duration of a courtship that will last forever. Summarily following said kiss, Audra skedaddles to find herself or something. Vain is now King of the wind people. I know they said they wanted to make him King in Let the Sky Fall, but I didn’t really expect it to happen immediately with no training or anything. The wind people are not thrilled that he does not want to bond with Solana, the bride they chose for him. Now, for today’s episode of Sky Fall.


One of the things that has remained consistent in both books is that Audra continually needs to be rescued. What the reader is constantly told is that she is an incredibly powerful warrior and that Vain, despite his status as the one hope of the wind people, is actually really terrible at fighting and stuff. What the reader actually sees is Audra continually being captured or needing to be protected in battles. In the scene above, she’s been capture by a mad wind person. She doesn’t escape through her own cunning. No, he just lets her go, after asserting that he would never let her go, as shown above. It’s thrilling stuff. And, yes, he creeped on her a little bit.


Raise your hand if you’re surprised that love interest number two is both gorgeous and blonde. No hands?


Vain is, as you can see, a really sensitive guy. What’s really notable here, though, is Gus, clearly the Keefe of the series. Gus (short for Gusty, I kid you not) makes jokes and drops truth bombs, and generally doesn’t seem to fit in with everyone else in the slightest. And, in case you’re curious, #TeamGusty. I promise you guys that, if Vain dumps the girls and ends up with Gus, I will rate the third book five stars no matter what.


There’s a reason that I hate Vain. There’s also a reason I love Gus. TBH, Gus and Solana both deserve better than Vain. Vain and Audra probably are perfect for each other.


Plot point! Raiden, the enemy, has been sending Vain terrible, life-threatening nightmares. The only person who can help him sleep safely is of course his intended. If you think jealousy will abound as a result, you would be wrong. Haha, jk, of course you’re right. At this point, we also learn, shock of shocks, that Solana is into Vain. She, however, I still kind of like because she is at least aware that what she likes is the IDEA of him, whereas Audra and Vain lack all self-awareness.


More plot point! Solana must be clad in as little clothing as possible. Everyone will judge her for her tiny dresses. Audra will conveniently have her clothing destroyed so she too can wear a sexy clubbing dress into a wind battle. Also, apparently Solana can store up her farts and wield them as a weapon. Or something.


Oh, look, a new bit of world building requiring that Solana also never eat. For Audra and Solana to be powerful and useful, they have to forgo food. Vain on the other hands is constantly shoveling delicious, fatty food into his mouth. The most that’s been suggested about his diet came early in book one when Audra said that eventually he might stop eating too. Maybe. If he felt like it. Because the patriarchy. It’s just such a good message for young girls to have the two female love interests not be allowed to eat if they want to maintain their role in society.




Is this taken from a Shannon Messenger sex scene or a battle? What do you think?


Because she is the Edward to his Bella. She watched him for ten years and he had no idea. He smiles to think of this. This is the kind of book that Let the Storm Break is.

Now, it’s also possible that, like me, you’ve not given much thought to the title Let the Storm Break. It actually really sums up the book well, as the villain has been breaking the winds in order to gain the evil power of pain. Raiden has been breaking winds. Literally the fart metaphors are obviously intentional. I wonder if the wind people eat primarily beans when they do eat.

Let the Storm Break remains a smess. It’s an entertaining one, though, and I’m sadly somewhat excited for book three. #TeamGusty. Also, my second favorite character, a Northerly wind, better not die.

Tl;dr – Review in a GIFfy:

 gif fart

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  1. THAT GIF IS RIDICULOUS HAHAHA. Oh mannn I bought book one because she was at a Marissa Meyer event I went to and now I’m really not sure if I’ll read it. But the sequel sounds hilaribad so maybe. Can’t wait to see your book 3 review 😉
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    • Christina Franke says:


      Trolololol. Thankfully I get a break until book three. Well, okay the fourth elf book comes out in a few months…

  2. Luna Nightingale says:

    No ofense i really disagree. The book is the best and is beautifully written. I loved it and disagree with your opinion.

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