Manhwa Review: Sugarholic

Manhwa Review: SugarholicSugarholic by GooGoo Gong
Published by Yen Press on August 4, 2009
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

As part of her grandmother's scheme, twenty-year-old Jae-Gyu is sent from her secluded country village to the big city. Completely out of her element and out of money, Jae-Gyu manages to get into trouble as soon as she gets off the bus. She expected the move would be rough, but she never thought she'd meet the last person she ever wanted to see again - Hee-Do, a boy from grade school whom she bullied mercilessly. Even though he's a big-time rock star now, he still remembers his childhood tormentor. Is he out for revenge? Or is it something quite different...?

Holy cow but this is one absurd story. I have read a lot of manga and manhwa (which is the Korean version of manga by the way and is read from front to back like American graphic novels) and have read many with crazier plots. Still, this one was not redeemed by being charming or anything. I really should have stopped after volume one…but it had some sort of dark power that kept me turning the pages, like I couldn’t help but watch the car crash of badness.

Things that really bothered me about this series:

  1. The art: manhwa has, in general, a very distinct look, which differs from manga. I prefer the Japanese style art, although some manhwa are gorgeous. This is not one of those. The characters are supposed to be attractive, but really are not. They are odd and misshapen with incredibly absurd hair. The thing that bothered me most though were the clothes. They were always insanely wrinkled, probably in an attempt to look natural that failed epically.
  2. GooGoo? Really? There had to be a better way to convert that to English characters.
  3. The main character nearly getting raped twice.
  4. The obnoxious character who serves not purpose but to attempt rape on the main character, but who still shows up from time to time.
  5. Jae-Gyu is insanely blind to her feelings and those of others. Beyond the point that is particularly natural or funny.
  6. Jae-Gyu’s best friend, who gets dropped from the plot and exists only so that guys can ask her how to contact Jae-Gyu.
  7. The ending, which skips the romantic reconciliation blahdiblah and goes straight to the our future will be so glorious. The End.

I definitely do not recommend this, but I had to review just to get a good rant off my chest. Does it happen to others? This occasional inability to stop reading truly awful books?

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  1. CJ says:

    Yeah, I’m reading this now and am up to vol 2. I can’t stand Jae-Gyu and this is definitely filed away under obnoxious girl/bad “seemingly deep” but quite abusive and/or deceptive boy.

    I’ll keep reading just because I have that on loan from the library but I have little to no hope with this one.

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