I’ve Got You Covered (10)

As I try to focus more on writing, maintaining a weekly post as massive and labor-intensive as Cover Snark was no longer feasible. However, I love sharing covers with you guys, so I’m now sharing my favorite cover art finds. These will mostly be forthcoming titles, but since I only post once a month on average, some will already be available for purchase. Obviously, cover art taste is subjective, but I hope you enjoy! And there may just be a little snark and silliness in there like old times. 😉

Middle Grade

1. Naked Mole Rat Saves the World – Karen Rivers

Kimpossibly cute.

2. The Dark Lord Clementine – Sarah Jane Horwitz

I will bend the knee.

3. Remarkables – Margaret Peterson Haddix

The kid walking in creepy woods thing is done a lot, but the house shape adds interest, as does that title treatment.

4. More to the Story – Hena Khan

Everything about this is just so blissful and shining. If you can look at this without feeling lighter, you’re a darker soul than I.

5. Pavi Sharma’s Guide to Going Home – Bridget Farr

Notes, watch, binoculars, and a determined expression. I love her already.

6. The Fresh New Face of Griselda Torres – Jennifer Torres

Deeply concerned at all those very breakable teacups and open lipsticks on the floor while she’s caring boxes up to her eyeballs. This will not end well.

7. Ember and the Ice Dragons – Heather Fawcett

I feel like this art style reminds me of something I watched as a little kid, and it makes my heart happy. Any idea what I’m thinking of?

8. Hazel’s Theory of Evolution – Lisa Jenn Bigelow

My face looks weird with huge glasses, and I’m so jealous about those fabulous red frames I cannot even aspire to.

9. Jinxed (Jinxed #1) – Amy McCulloch


10. Cape (The League of Secret Heroes #1) – Kate Hannigan

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t es-cape the cute

11. The Tornado – Jake Burt

Much Tornado About Nothing

Young Adult

1. Technically, You Started It – Lana Wood Johnson

Looks like a graphic novel, which could be why I’m so drawn to it. Or maybe it’s her amazing yellow and black outfit with the stunning pink hair idk. This one just came out on Tuesday!

2. Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orïsha #2) – Tomi Adeyemi

Endless appreciation for a girl with a marvelous, killer side-eye.

3. Reverie – Ryan La Sala

Fantasy birds a-flockin’.

4. The Boy Who Steals Houses – C. G. Drews

Okay I find the fetal positioning super strange but the background of keys, the colors, and the art are all fantastic, so we’ll just ignore that. Actually, maybe he’s sitting, but the tilt makes it look like he’s curled up in the fetal position so idkkkkkkk. Out now (in Australia)!

5. Dark and Deepest Red – Anna-Marie McLemore

I swear her covers get more gorgeous with every single book. Some kind of dark magic, no doubt, and I’m not complaining one bit.

6. It’s My Life – Stacie Ramey

♫ It’s my life. It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever. I just want to live while I’m alive. ♫

7. Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1) – Rin Chupeco

There aren’t that many covers that focus on the font these days, and omg I forgot how fucking much I love them.


1. Chilling Effect (Untitled Space Opera #1) – Valerie Valdes

You had me at cats in space with little cat space helmets still sitting on/in boxes.

2. Conviction – Denise Mina

PUT. THE. ANCHOR. BACK. The sea can keep it. Out now!

3. The Great Unexpected – Dan Mooney

Adorable Odd Couple vibes, and they’re both stylish. Guy on the right has an amazing look head-to-do, and guy on the left has a rainbow scarf!

4. Bringing Down the Duke (A League of Extraordinary Women #1) – Evie Dunmore

Serious Mary Poppins on a carousel horse vibes. You absolutely cannot convince me this wasn’t made specifically for me.

5. The Bromance Book Club – Lyssa Kay Adams

This combines two joys: a man’s ass in fitted jeans and romance novels. Bless.

6. The Swallows – Lisa Lutz

Between the bird (without the bees but still) and the cherries, the title takes on new meaning.

7. Would Like to Meet – Rachel Winters

I love how much she appears to be knocking that coffee on him on purpose. This is the calm before the storm. Initially I typoed that as “clam,” which is a really fascinating mental image.

8. A Little Light Mischief (The Turner Series #3.5) – Cat Sebastian

A little light boob graze. TBH the photoshop shows in some places, but I don’t even care.

9. Escaping Exodus – Nicky Drayden

Barney but make it fashion.

10. Odsburg – Matt Tomkins

Literally have never heard of the press that’s publishing this, but damn did they do an amazing job.

11. Reading Quirks: Weird Things That Bookish Nerds Do! – The Wild Detectives

This looks amazing, but also who even put that there for them? Do they have a butler? And I’m pretty sure I would knock that over and make the hugest mess.

12. Success: Discovering the Path to Riches – Napoleon Hill

I’ve got the this-cover-is-gorgeous-but-I-would-never-read-this-so-I-can’t-have-the-pretty blues.

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