Book Talk: Avenged by Amy Tintera

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Talk: Avenged by Amy TinteraAvenged by Amy Tintera
Series: Ruined #2
Published by HarperTeen on May 2, 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 412
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
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A war that will fuel her. A bond that will destroy her.

Emelina Flores has come home to Ruina. After rescuing her sister, Olivia, from imprisonment in rival kingdom Lera, Em and Olivia together vow to rebuild Ruina to its former glory.

But just because Em and Olivia are out of Lera doesn’t mean they are safe. Their actions over the past year have had consequences, and they are now targets of retaliation. Olivia will destroy everyone who acts against Ruina. Em isn’t as sure.

Ever since Em posed as Prince Casimir’s betrothed in Lera, she’s started to see another side to this war. Lera may have destroyed the Ruined for decades, but Em knows that Cas is different. And now that he’s taken the throne, Em believes a truce is within reach. But Olivia suspects that Em’s romantic feelings for Cas are just coloring her judgement.

Em is determined to bring peace to her home. But when winning the war could mean betraying her family, she faces an impossible choice between loyalty and love. Em must stay one step ahead of her enemies—and her blood—before she’s the next victim in this battle for sovereignty.

When I first read Ruined, a couple of years ago, I admittedly was not that impressed. Though I enjoyed reading the book, I had many complaints about the actual content. I was on the fence about continuing, and, if I had not downloaded the egalley of Avenged on a whim, I probably would not have, especially because I knew I would have to reread Ruined to read the latter books, because I remember nothing. You guys, sometimes that’s the best, because you can come to be a book with fresh eyes and feel quite different about it.


Spotlight On: YA Fantasy (Plus Giveaway!)

Growing up, fantasy novels had a big part of my heart, and they always will. Contemporary novels took a long time to grow on me, science fiction sometimes contains too much science for me to handle, and mysteries are still a struggle for me to this day, whereas, ironically, fantasy novels always felt like coming home. Reading fantasy felt right, and, even when I go through periods of time where I do not read as much, there is nothing like a really fantastic fantasy novel or series. Today, I am going to tell you about some of my favorites, and, if you stick around to the end, there’s a giveaway for one of them, thanks to my partner Tor Teen!


I’ve Got You Covered (3)

I’ve Got You Covered is a monthly post about beautiful, swoonworthy cover art set to be released in the coming months. This feature replaces my prior Cover Snark feature. Here, I’m only talking favorites, thought there will definitely be the occasional friendly snark or pun here and there. Covers are broken up into age groups, so skip to the ones that interest you if you want. YA is obviously my focus, but I check certain adult/middle grade imprints as well. Obviously, it’s all about my personal tastes. 😛

Tell me your favorites when you’re done, but for now relax and enjoy the beauty.

Middle Grade

1. Aquicorn Cove – Katie O’Neill

Thoughts: As a middle grader, I would have whined to my parents SO HARD for them to buy me this.


The Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, & Karen White

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, & Karen WhiteThe Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, Karen White
Narrator: Vanessa Johansson, Saskia Maarleveld, Brittany Pressley
Length: 13 Hours, 43 Minutes
Published by Harper Audio on September 4, 2018
Genres: Historical, Romance, Mystery
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
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From the New York Times bestselling authors of The Forgotten Room comes a captivating historical mystery, infused with romance, that links the lives of three women across a century-two deep in the past, one in the present-to the doomed passenger liner, RMS Lusitania.

May 2013

Her finances are in dire straits and bestselling author Sarah Blake is struggling to find a big idea for her next book. Desperate, she breaks the one promise she made to her Alzheimer's-stricken mother and opens an old chest that belonged to her great-grandfather, who died when the RMS Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat in 1915. What she discovers there could change history. Sarah embarks on an ambitious journey to England to enlist the help of John Langford, a recently disgraced Member of Parliament whose family archives might contain the only key to the long-ago catastrophe ...

April 1915

Southern belle Caroline Telfair Hochstetter's marriage is in crisis. Her formerly attentive industrialist husband, Gilbert, has become remote, preoccupied with business ... and something else that she can't quite put a finger on. She's hoping a trip to London in Lusitania's lavish first-class accommodations will help them reconnect-but she can't ignore the spark she feels for her old friend, Robert Langford, who turns out to be on the same voyage. Feeling restless and longing for a different existence, Caroline is determined to stop being a bystander, and take charge of her own life ...

Tessa Fairweather is traveling second-class on the Lusitania, returning home to Devon. Or at least, that's her story. Tessa has never left the United States and her English accent is a hasty fake. She's really Tennessee Schaff, the daughter of a roving con man, and she can steal and forge just about anything. But she's had enough. Her partner has promised that if they can pull off this one last heist aboard the Lusitania, they'll finally leave the game behind. Tess desperately wants to believe that, but Tess has the uneasy feeling there's something about this job that isn't as it seems ...

As the Lusitania steams toward its fate, three women work against time to unravel a plot that will change the course of their own lives ... and history itself.

At this point, I basically read every Beatriz Williams audiobook I can get my hands on. They’re reliably fun, though they often tend to the melodramatic. This marks my first experience with both Willig and White, though I’ve had the former on my to-read list probably since about 2005. The Glass Ocean, a fictionalized accounting of espionage aboard the Lusitania is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.


Book Talk: Making Up – Lucy Parker

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Talk: Making Up – Lucy ParkerMaking Up by Lucy Parker
Series: London Celebrities #3
Published by Carina Press on May 28, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 335
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
AmazonThe Book DepositoryAudible

Author of Act Like It and Pretty Face Lucy Parker returns readers to the West End, where it’s fireworks onstage and off in a sexy enemies-to-lovers showdown.

Once upon a time, circus artist Trix Lane was the best around. Her spark vanished with her confidence, though, and reclaiming either has proved…difficult. So when the star of The Festival of Masks is nixed and Trix is unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight, it’s exactly the push she needs. But the joy over her sudden elevation in status is cut short by a new hire on the makeup team.

Leo Magasiva: disgraced wizard of special effects. He of the beautiful voice and impressive beard. Complete dickhead and—in an unexpected twist—an enragingly good kisser.

To Leo, something about Trix is…different. Lovely. Beautiful, even though the pint-size, pink-haired former bane of his existence still spends most of her waking hours working to annoy him. They’ve barely been able to spend two minutes together for years, and now he can’t get enough of her. On stage. At home. In his bed.

When it comes to commitment, Trix has been there, done that, never wants to do it again. Leo’s this close to the job of a lifetime, which would take him away from London—and from Trix. Their past is a constant barrier between them.

It seems hopeless.

Utterly impossible.

And yet…

Lucy Parker’s debut didn’t totally wow me, but it was great fun. From there, her books have just been getting better. Pretty Face is one of my favorite contemporary romances, even though it’s an age gap romance, which I usually super do not like. Making Up comes in second, but it’s still so very good.