About Me


My name is Christina.  I am a twenty-something librarian, working for a small software company in the Atlanta area.  I amuse myself and keep my bookish soul satisfied by reading and reviewing books with most of my free time. I’m no good at talking about myself, so here are some comments which I totally didn’t pay anyone to supply (suckers!):

Apparently O.G. = Original Gangsta. Yeah, you know me.

Debby didn’t think I would post this. Debby underestimated my love of the doge meme.

And, finally, from Steena, I got this in an email. You read it while I wipe my eyes, kay?

Christina is, as suggested by the domain of this blog, a reader of fictions – both classic and modern, spanning genres, and inclusive of all fictional literature from children’s to adult. She maintains the right to review nonfiction, biography, and whatever she damn well pleases at all times. Reviews found here will be honest and genuine, may contain sarcasm, adult language, cat pictures, and a smattering of GIFs. Mistress and originator of Cover Snark, some time librarian, full time fantastic.

Okay, fine, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy now (Steena, my heart is full of happy tears), so I’ll try to talk about myself. Here are some facts about me:

  • The cat from the photo of me above is my Perseus. He’s named for Perseus of Greek mythology, Percy Jackson, and Percy Weasley (because though he is the worst Weasley, he has the best name. Plus, my baby is ginger).
  • My parents encouraged my love of reading by reading to me for at least a half hour every single day, and when I got old enough, I’d read to them. Clearly, this worked.
  • My style involves messy curls, skirts, dresses, flip flops, and cardigans.
  • Middle school was the worst time of my life, and I rather hope the best is yet to come, as Sinatra would say.
  • I dislike both coffee and tea (though I recently discovered a tasty cinnamon dessert tea thing and by “I discovered” I mean someone made me try it).
  • I took German for seven and a half years, aber ich kann nicht so viel erinnern.
  • Like so many others, Twilight is what got me into reading YA as an adult, and I’ll always be grateful to the series for that.
  • I am in awe of the fact that I’ve managed to stick with book blogging for so long, since I have always been terrible at hobbies.
  • Choices like what to eat or what to watch or what to read stymie me so much I devise systems to choose for me if I can.
  • Used to hate both Twitter and audiobooks, but now couldn’t live without them.
  • Almost all of my favorite television shows have three seasons or less.
  • If someone uses incorrect grammar, I’ll probably correct them without thinking.
  • I was once hugged by Neil Gaiman.
  • Related fact: I was on a winning book cart drill team with a Graveyard Book inspired performance.
  • When I was younger, I would fall asleep most nights imagining myself a character in Harry Potter (Draco and everyone else loved me) or Lord of the Rings (Aragorn and Arwen’s undoubtedly hot son loved me).