May 2016: Month in Review

Blogging: Because of how busy I’ve been, blogging was on the backburner for…a while. Actually, I think in general, blogging isn’t as important to me as it once was, which I think is a good thing. I really don’t worry about my stats or anything like that almost ever anymore. Basically, I’m feeling kind of at peace with everything. Well, all but being behind on review copies, but what’s new?

Book haul:

Shenanigans: It was a very excellent month for shenanigans, since I was in Korea at the start and with Lenore Appelhans at the end!

Christina, Lenore, and Emmy

The boyfriend and I also did some fun things in Atlanta. If you’re a foodie and come to the area, you’ll definitely want to check out Ponce City Market. Also, The Bookhouse Pub, right down the road, is awesome too.

Book-themed bars are my favorite. #pubs #bars #bookish

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Movies & TV: Basically all I have done with my life is binge Parks and Recreation. I’m in season 7, which so far is not my favorite, but I’m also so not ready to let these characters go.

Otherwise, I watched a few episodes of Don’t Trust the B with Lenore and The Jungle Book with Sung, which we both found disappointing.

Reviews Posted:


I didn’t read much of No Love Allowed or The Burning Glass, but I just was not into the openings that I read, irritated and bored respectively. Life on the Level I read more of, but I only made it that far because it was laughably bad, but when it wasn’t being that it was boring.

No Love Allowed - Kate Evangelista
Life on the Level (On the Verge #3) - Zoraida Cordova
Burning Glass - Kathryn Purdie


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