July 2018: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:

July was a pretty quiet month, but quiet in a good way. That said, I’ve definitely been hankering for a vacation. I’ve traveled outside the US for the last few years in a row, and, while I know it makes both financial and logistical sense not to do so this year, I’m pretty bummed at my lack of travel plans. Basically I’m looking forward to seeing my librarian friends and Lenore later this year, but I’m also already mourning the possibility that I’ll spend four of my vacation days on a staycation. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I prefer to use them to travel.)

I’ve been getting really good at making pancakes (my secret is a lot of alcohol lol), because they’re one of my boyfriend’s favorite foods (and I like them too or I wouldn’t bother haha). Doing that has made me realize how much fun I have messing with a recipe, combining flavors to see if it’s possible to ascend to new heights of deliciousness. My absolute favorite thing is adding a bunch of cinnamon to them, though I do more than that


Well, it’s August now and I’m finally listening to some new music, but I didn’t really in July. It’s actually sort of astounding to realize how much energy discovering new music can require from me. Which makes it sound like I’m in a terrible state, but I’m not. I just don’t have that kind of energy.

Movies & TV:

TV-wise, I’ve been continuing to watch World of DanceSo You Think You Can Dance, and Brooklyn Nine Nine. I’ve cooled on The Fosters at least for now, so when I have time, I’ve been switching between the second season of Queer Eye and the second season of The Bold Type.

My boyfriend’s obsessed with Jurassic Park, and I’m pretty much game for anything with dinosaurs, so we saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom when he got back from his trip to Egypt. I had issues with the dialog and characterization, but the plot was fairly interesting, albeit sometimes a bit tricky to believe. But hey, I’m willing to deal with that for dinosaurs.

I, Tonya is on Hulu, and we’d both been curious about it, so we watched that this month. It was actually really good, in this darkly comic way. We both laughed quite a bit. Reviews were pretty mixed, especially about the fact that it doesn’t seem to have much of a point, but I kind of liked the way it explained how things shook out without trying to exonerate anyone. It’s a well-told story, not a message. It also does a brilliant way highlighting the way that abuse affects children, without being about that.

Because a nearby theater has a five dollar day, I went to Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again with my parents and boyfriend. We were all entertained, though my parents were definitely more into it. Certainly not as good as the first film, but there are some good dance numbers and amusing scenes. Mostly, I felt like there wasn’t enough of either the past story line or the present, so they awkwardly smushed two half-length movies together. Unless it’s very much your thing or you can get cheap tickets, I wouldn’t push anyone to go, but if you liked Mamma Mia, you probably won’t be unhappy you went either.

Reviews Posted:

Remember: I’m pretty much just reviewing my favorites now, but you can stalk my GR (I would recommend following or friending if you’re super curious) for my reactions to everything I didn’t review beyond the categorization below.

Also, I read 47 books in July. Like, WHAT EVEN. Sure, some are novellas, but that’s still quite a lot. I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t quite manage all of the Christina Lauren adult romances in one month, but I’m only off by two. Still pretty damn impressive, if I say so myself.

Christina Books:

The books that make my black heart feel. That pretty much sums it up.

Excellent Reads:

Really good books that I would recommend to most people who are interested in the genre/concept. I have almost entirely positive things to say, but they didn’t give me sufficient feels to be favorites.


These books are pretty darn good. I enjoyed reading them, and sometimes I devoured them way faster than the Excellent Reads. There’s definitely a flaw or more in each of these, but they’re absolutely worth reading, depending on the reader.

Not for Me:

Everything from meh to bored to wanted to set it on fire. It’s safe to say that these books didn’t work for me as a reader. In one case, it should be pretty obvious why the book (or novella *cough*) didn’t really work for me.


One response to “July 2018: Month in Review”

  1. Heather says:

    Ahh, I’m so excited to see you guys, too! Highlight of my year (for real!)

    Also, I love that you like to cook now 🙂 It really is so much more fun when you think of it as an experiment: what ingredients can I pair together? What’s gonna happen?! We get meal boxes sometimes, too, and I’ve found that Jeremy has had the same reaction as you. He is now more curious about mixing different things, and he experiments with different spices, too. Super fun!

    You should totally just listen to Savage Garden on repeat like I do. I mean, what?

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