Trouble Never Sleeps by Stephanie Tromly

Trouble Never Sleeps by Stephanie TromlyTrouble Never Sleeps by Stephanie Tromly
Series: Trouble #3
Published by Kathy Dawson on April 2, 2019
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased

Happily Ever After gets a serious makeover in this swoony, non-stop, thrill-ride of a conclusion to the Trouble Is a Friend of Mine trilogy

Digby and Zoe have been skirting around each other for so long that you might think they'd lose their magic if they ever actually hooked up. But never fear--there's all the acerbic wit, steamy chemistry, and sarcastic banter you could possibly hope for.

Now that Digby's back in town with a new lead, he's plunged Zoe (and their Scooby Gang of wealthy frenemy Sloane, nerd-tastic genius Felix, and aw-shucks-handsome Henry) into the deep end on the hunt for his kidnapped sister. Sure, it could require breaking into a government research facility (not to mention a little light treason), and yes, Zoe could be jeopardizing her Ivy League future. But dating Digby was never going to be short on danger, and it's worth it if it helps him get the closure he so desperately needs. The schemes might be over-the-top but this Breakfast Club cast is irresistibly real as they cope with regular high school stuff from social media shaming to dating your best friend, all with a twist no one will see coming.

Rereading this series was such a joy. I’d read the first two books, Trouble Is a Friend of Mine and Trouble Makes a Comeback, back in June 2016, and I loved them. Somehow, though, I totally missed book three getting released. Obviously I forgot most everything, because that’s what I do, so I got to enjoy these anew. My terrible memory is both blessing and curse. Trouble Never Sleeps caps off the series satisfyingly and without losing any of its quirky humor.

What I love most about this series is the humor and silliness of it. I wish there were more mystery novels like this, because I would absolutely start reading mysteries. It’s sort of like Veronica Mars but in its fluffiest episodes. The banter is constant and the circumstances are ridiculous but always amazing. There’s not a lot in YA fiction similar to this series, and it’s crushing in a big way that this didn’t get much attention when it’s SO FUCKING GOOD. Your mission is to read this series.

The Zoe/Digby ship has been burning slowly in the background since book one, and I’ve been on board. There are some definite shifts in this book, but they happen in this really believable way, despite the series as a whole generally stretching believability but in this very intentional, fantastic way. In Trouble Never Sleeps, Zoe stands out a bit more as a conspirator and less as a sidekick bumbling along in Digby’s wake, which I really like. This book highlights how smart she actually is, something she tends to downplay, which is easy enough surrounded by geniuses. Oh, also I love how, with the onset of the romantic relationship, they started defining some clearer boundaries. I’m good with how this ended, but I also want more of themmmmm.

One of the things that this series has done so well is the whole Scooby gang, and they’ve made it to the last book. A major highlight of Trouble Never Sleeps is the actual friendship forming between Zoe and Sloane, who started out as enemies (sort of – Zoe doesn’t really hate people generally, but Sloane super does) and then became grudging acquaintances. I love an author who can take a stereotypical mean girl and do something more interesting with that character. Felix and Henry are both charming, though Henry especially doesn’t get a lot of development time in the series.

The plot of Trouble Never Sleeps closes out the mystery of Zoe’s kidnapped sister, initiated in the start of book one (that’s how you do a mystery series right there). What’s fun is that it didn’t play out at all how I was expecting at basically any point. These books keep you on your mental toes in the best way consistently.

The only real drawback to Trouble Never Sleeps is that I did want more of it. There’s resolution, yes, but it’s pretty much set to bare minimum, and I wanted to see a bit more. It’s satisfying, but it could have been more satisfying, you know? It’s like when you order a side of bacon, and it’s amazing, but it only had two slices. Like, come on, man, three or four slices would have been way more excellent, you know? Actually, before I get lost in this bacon metaphor and go cook some, I wouldn’t mind an additional book about Digby and co. *coughs heavily*

If you’re looking for a series to fill that Veronica Mars-size whole in your heart but that won’t end in abject misery, I heartily hurl the Trouble series at your head. Also, I desperately need more Stephanie Tromly books, so, publishing, make that happen.

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