February 2019: Month in Review

February was a bit of a struggle to be honest, for reasons I don’t feel right discussing here. I’m fine, but I’m feeling emotionally drained and lacking creative inspiration but knowing that I need to get back to writing.

Based on the lack of blog posts lately, you can probably tell I’m not feeling particularly blog-inspired either. I’ve been trying to do three posts a week, but it’s so much harder to keep up when I’m only reviewing books that I was really, really into. Rather than forcing it, I think I’m going to try to embrace posting whenever I can and not berating myself for it, which historically is not something I excel at, so we’ll see.

However, I did do a ton of reading, and you can get the scoop here.

February Posts

February Reading

I read 38 books in February, all broken down below by how much I personally enjoyed them.

Christina Books

Inside these books, I left a tiny piece of my heart. Every time I read one of these, it becomes a horcrux, and I become more powerful. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Although sadly I didn’t like the end of the Cluess trilogy, so this was not the best reading month for me obviously.)

Great Books

These books may not quite have smacked me in the feels, but they’re soooo good. I’m massively impressed, and I’d feel more comfortable recommending these generally.

Enjoyable Books

I had a good time reading all of these books, sometimes even a fabulous, feelstastic time. For example, I had SO MUCH FUN with those Caplin books, but they’re poorly edited (if edited at all), so I’d only recommend them with that caveat. This covers a pretty wide range of territory, anywhere from mild positive feelings to pretty intense ones. If curious, please ask!

Not-for-Me Books

Can I get a womp-womp? These books were the opposite of Christina books. I hope they find their right reader, but that’s definitely not me. And it’s a really mixed bag this month. Although, actually, now that I’m looking at it, three out of five have adults romantically and/or sexually pursuing minors, in varying levels of creepiness (max creepy = Captive Prince, because ummm see the reviews on GR), and wow did I not sign up for that.

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