January 2019: Month in Review

So far 2019 has been full of books, which is me living my best life. I’ve done some writing, but I’ll admit that I’ve fallen down on that a bit. It starts to feel like work if I write everyday, which I hate, but I also feel like my writing is better if I’m consistent. Argh. Also, I should work out which feels like more work and super sigh life is hard.

January Posts

Now that I’m only reviewing books I really, really enjoyed, it’s hard to keep to a posting schedule, especially since most of the stuff I loved in January I’d read before, so I’d already reviewed them. But here are the precious few that made the cut.



January Reading

Here’s the breakdown of the 39 books I read in January by how much I enjoyed them, thoroughly subjectively.

Christina Books

These books are my jam. I love the characters with my whole heart and had THE FEELS.

Great Books

These didn’t quite hit me in the feels, but I recommend them super duper highly. They’re fantastic.

Liked Books

I liked these to varying degrees, but I’m more hesitant to recommend them generally, though I probably would to particular readers.

Not for Me

There’s a reader for every book, but I wasn’t the reader for these. YMMV.

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