2018 Reading Statistics

Every year, this statistics post is my favorite year-end wrap up to write. It’s always so interesting to see the breakdown of what I read into numbers. Hopefully you guys enjoy it too. 😉

These posts are easy with a handy-dandy spreadsheet.

High-Level Reading Stats

In 2018, I finished a grand total of 310 books. On top of that I tried and DNFed 160 titles during 2018. That’s a lot, I know, but it means I liked more of what I read, so I’ll take it. 39 of the books I finished were rereads. And apparently I only read 11 2018 debuts?!?!

Breaking Down the Books

Holy cow, I read a lot of series books. During this year, I started 78 and completed 32, which means I’m serieously losing ground. Though actually, if I include the series I DNFed mid-way through this year, that adds another 14 closed to compete against that 78. But actually I’m still losing. Oops. I did a post about the series I finished, if you want to check that out.

This chart breaks down just the authors from whom I read more than 5 books over the course of the year. Though the individual portions look miniscule, it’s pretty amazing that books from these 9 authors made up 25% of my reading for the year. 6% alone was Christina Lauren, which is pretty amazing. To make everything fit, Now I’ll share the authors I read 2-5 books by during 2018:

5 books: Mary Balogh, Lenora Bell, Amie Kaufman

4 books: Becky Albertalli, Jenn Bennett, Alyssa Cole, Deanna Raybourn, Nora Roberts, Kiersten White

3 books: Brené Brown, Beverly Jenkins, Jay Kristoff, Seanan McGuire, Naomi Novik, Cat Sebastian, Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas, Joanna Shupe, Rachel Vincent

2 books: Jaimie Admans, Victoria Alexander, Livia Blackburne, Erin Bowman, Manda Collins, Mira Grant, Laura Lee Guhrke, Santino Hassell, Eleanor Herman, Lexa Hillyer, Elizabeth Hoyt, Katrina Kendrick, Kevin Kwan, Robin LaFevers, J.C. Lillis, Sarah MacLean, Ayisha Malik, Beth McMullen, Scott Reintgen, Mia Sosa, Stephanie Kate Strohm, Amy Tintera, Sarah Tolcser

For the first time in ages, I read more adult books than YA. I knew I’d read a lot of romance this year, but, wow, I had no idea how little YA I read comparatively. O_O

This, right here, is why I read more adult novels than YA. Romance dominated my reading this year. I use romance solely to indicate adult romances, either contemporary or historical FYI. There are couple books I left out of this counting because they didn’t fit a single genre, but otherwise they’re all here. Fantasy seems low, but if you add in the paranormal and the sole steampunk novel (which I left out as well), it’s about even with contemporary.

Consistent in my reading I was not over the course of 2018. The low is 4 books and the high 47. What was I on during July because I want more of that. Anyway, I realized that I’m a lot happier when I’m reading a lot than when I took that time off reading heavily at the beginning of the year. SO MUCH HAPPIER.

Though reads from 2017-2019, aka often review books, made up about 58% of my reading for the year and that might look like a lot, I’m pretty sure that’s so much less than past years. There were times when I didn’t read much outside of review books and now I’ve almost hit 50% backlist titles. That’s pretty damn cool. (I’d have loved to get more granular but the chart doesn’t even really support what I already did lol.)

These days, my ratings are private, at least the nuanced half-star ratings are, but I still wanted to take a look at them from a high level. I’m pretty happy with this. Apparently I liked 82% of the books I read this year. Not bad at all.

Dang. Fully 1/3 of what I read was from PRH. They’re the biggest publisher, but that’s still a lot. This is largely due to audiobooks, since I work with their audio group so most of the audiobooks I listen to are form them. Harper’s no surprise because I have autoapproval on EW for them, but I’m surprised that Simon & Schuster and Macmillan weren’t higher. A lot of self-published books for me too, though I believe those are mostly Courtney Milan so…

Audiobooks are a huge portion of my reading now, as are ebooks and eARCs, but physical copies were down, down, down in 2018. On the whole this trend will likely continue, but I suspect there will be a bit more balance next year as I’m working to read through the books on my shelves.

The balance here isn’t too bad actually. There’s a definite change in most of my books coming from the library now; that’s the source of most of those ebooks I read, along with Scribd. It’s interesting that EW and NG are pretty much even too.

Let me define a couple of terms for you, because they’re Christina terms not normal ones. “Free read” is my term for a book that I’ve chosen on my own that I have not received for review. Series prep is a book I didn’t get for review but am reading specifically so I can review a later book in the series. I’m still at about 60% reading for review, but this is so much closer to balanced than my reading has ever been. I’m curious if 2019 will be the year it swings the other way.

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