August 2018: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:


Aside from when I got sick over Labor Day Weekend (well, just before anyway), I’ve actually been posting regularly, which is great.

I launched a new feature (I’ve Got You Covered) which rounds up forthcoming books with covers I’m loving. This post will be once a month or every other month, depending on how many covers I find.

I also did a post on Bookish Pet Peeves, because lbr we’ve all got them.


Pretty sure the most interesting thing I did in August was read a bunch of books followed by getting sick. No travel or anything, but I’m living for getting to see Lenore in less than ten days!!!!


Combining both music and dance, my current obsession is this So You Think You Can Dance routine.

Also this one, which if you can watch it without crying, who even are you?

Movies & TV:

My bestie really wanted to see <em>The Spy Who Dumped Me</em> because Kate McKinnon, and so we went to see it. Ummm, it was not my thing at all. Very over the top violence and a lot of the comedy was cringey.

<em>To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before</em>, however, was PERFECT. Like, it WAS the book made into a movie, rather that somewhat resembling the book. Such a phenomenal adaptation. I’m SO excited for them to do the full trilogy!

<em>Crazy Rich Asians</em> also rocked my decidedly non-designer pants. I read the book right before, and, for the most part, this adaptation was also fantastic. It makes it a bit more of a rom com (good), adds a creepy brother to her best friend’s family (bad), enhances her bestie’s role (good), and reduces some of the annoying side plots (good). Gorgeous, excellent movie.

Um yeah but mostly I’ve been binging So You Think You Can Dance like nobody’s business. I didn’t actually know I loved watching dance this much, but apparently I do. Like with books, I love anything that can make my black heart feel.

Reviews Posted:

All told, I read 42 books in August, which is ridiculous, but much of the month was such excellent reading. I’m currently mid-slump unfortunately, but I’ll get through it one dance routine at a time.

Christina Books:

Christina Books are my favorites. They make me feel things, whether they make me smile or ship or cry.  They’re not always objectively the best but they’re absolutely subjectively the best, and sometimes they’re both.

And, no, I don’t know why Penguin Random House didn’t make an audiobook cover for book two of And I Darken but did for the other two, but I did listen to the audio. *sighs in deep disappointment*

Excellent Reads:

These books are damn good. I recommend them with little to no reservations. They definitely come with a stamp of approval, but they didn’t hit me in my emotional center quite as much as I’d hoped they would.


This big catch-all of a category covers myriad things from the meh but good to the stuff I was super into but don’t feel particularly comfortable recommending. If you want deets, ask or stalk my Goodreads, as I do short reviews of most everything I finish, but I only review the first two categories on the blog (and even then not all of them).

Not for Me:

Herein are a myriad of sins from boring me to offending me, but I’m trying to look to the positive, so let’s say that they’re not for me. Anything I can’t feel I say that I personally liked goes here, but they’re not all bad (probably).

3 responses to “August 2018: Month in Review”

  1. 42 books daaaaannnggggg. Most impressive. 🙂 Crazy Rich Asians was such a cute movie, I agree. The creepy brother though, I really could have done without.
    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words recently posted…Monthly Rundown: August 2018My Profile

  2. Nori says:

    I didn’t know you were a SYTYCD fan!!! I love that show. I loved both the dances you showed above. Do you also watch World of Dance? I think you might like that one too. There’s some crossover with past SYTYCD people.

  3. 42 books in August!!!! Wow!! It was a good reading month for me too, but only 11 I think haha. I loved Crazy Rich Asians and TATBILB, such fantastic movies! And I had been excited for the Spy Who Dumped Me but it was different than I expected. I love action movies but I wanted more of a comedy and Kate McKinnon was more weird than funny :/ I really need to read Whisper of the Tide and Josh & Hazel!
    Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden GemsMy Profile

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