May 2018: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:

This post is a bit, ummm half a month, overdue, but to be fair I was on vacation when I meant for it to post, and then I was just lazy. Which is a completely legit excuse for skipping your hobby. And exercising. Yeah? Yeah.

May was, like much of this year, both a great and stressful month. I’m still trying to emotionally work through a personal matter without any closure (therapist says that I need to find my own closure, which makes perfect logical sense but which my emotional self absolutely does not want). Work meanwhile is going through a bit of a rough patch, so that’s pretty fucking stressful. But I took my first more than long-weekend vacation of the year, and that was really fun. Especially good is that, at the end of it, my boyfriend and I still get along. I met the parents, which was certainly interesting. And our day at Cedar Point was really awesome.

I rode this giant penis coaster, and it rocked!!!

Don’t ask me how the writing’s going, because ummm it’s currently not, but I do hope to get back to that soon. :/


Given the state of the world, I’m still not listening to too much new music.

Movies & TV:

I don’t think I actually saw any movies in the theater during May. Mostly I’ve been continuing to introduce my boyfriend to my favorite pop culture that I think he might enjoy, but for some reason I’m not keeping a list, so oops.

Reviews Posted:

May started out as a pretty great reading month, but then I encountered a number of series that, for reasons, I wanted to complete in entirety, but which I maybe didn’t like so much. From that point on, everything good was Sarah Dessen. Spoiler alert: this trend continues into early June, but then I’m going run out of Dessen books in the middle of the month.

Because I got stubborn about a bunch of books and didn’t DNF, this is my lowest-rated month thus far. On the plus side, apparently I managed 29 books, despite leaving for vacation at the end of the month and not really reading. Way to go, me.

Remember: I’m pretty much just reviewing my favorites now, but you can stalk my GR (I would recommend following or friending if you’re super curious) for my reactions to everything I didn’t review.

Christina Books:

These books share one thing: they gave me the feels. This category may include some phenomenal titles, but these are the books that melted my icy heart just a bit.

Excellent Reads:

These books are excellent examples of their genre and achieve what they set out to do. I waffled a bit on Frat Girl, but it made me think so I decided it merited inclusion in this section. Among other good qualities, these are books that stand out from the crowd.


In this section are the books that I enjoyed reading but with which I had quibbles. Sometimes maybe I didn’t like the ship or didn’t get any feels whatsoever or the book just wasn’t that unique. However, I have largely positive feelings for these titles too.

Not for Me:

Here’s the big ol’ catch-all for all the books that were the opposite of Christina books. The reasons a title ends up here are myriad. This month, interestingly, all the historical romance on the list were almost all good concepts but with ships that didn’t work for me (except for Destiny’s Surrender, which is a good book but with the least Christina concept imaginable). Remember that not all books that are “not for me” are bad books.

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