January-April 2018: Months in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:

It’s pretty apparent that I’ve been struggling to keep this blog updated this year. Initially, that was because I set myself a goal of writing a novel this year. Then it was because some stuff happened (both good and bad), and I lost focus. I didn’t read or write. I’ve started reading again, and I hope to start writing again too, because reading is getting the creative juices flowing again. Mostly, I’m just trying to be nice to myself, and not get angry at myself about not getting writing done like I promised I would. All good things in time.

For the last couple weeks, I have been posting consistently, and I’m scheduled out a bit, so I think I may have this part figured out…for now. I am going down to three posts a week, and I’m (mostly) only posting positive reviews. I’m no longer including a star rating with my posts either. Because I’m coming at them slightly differently, I’m calling them “book talks” not reviews. The difference is probably mostly in my own head tbh, but whatever. I’m trying out a new system on my monthly round-up post, so let me know if you like it. Also, kudos to Lenore for the idea.


I’m still in a phase of mostly just listening to stuff I already know, but here’s my 2018 playlist, if you want to follow along.

Movies & TV:

Because I’ve been in need of easy brain candy, I’ve mostly been watching America’s Next Top Model (again) and Project Runway (for the first time). I love both a lot.

This year, I’ve seen a lot of recent movies (at least for me), so here’s the quick recap:

Black Panther: excellent, the most epic of the superhero movies (that I’ve seen)

A Wrinkle in Time: pretty cheesy tbh, could not stop laughing at giant Oprah

Get Out: really fascinating concept, very well done, not particularly scary because I was able to handle it

Annihiliation: horrifying, I actually got so scared I couldn’t eat my food 🙁

Love, Simon: so, so sweet, not quite as good as the book, but what could be tbh?

Reviews Posted:

This sections links up all the book reviews from these months, in case you missed them. Check the next sections for deets on everything I’ve read so far in 2018. Keep in mind that most of these reviews are for books I read last year.

Christina Books:

These are the books I loved. They’re absolutely Christina books, and I recommend them most highly. These are the ones I loved, and which gave me the feels.

Excellent Reads:

These are not quite Christina books, but they’re really good. I absolutely recommend them. Likely the subject matter was less my thing.


I enjoyed reading these, but they either weren’t as memorable, as original, or as much my thing. They are good though, and worth reading if they interest you.

Not for Me:

These books didn’t work for me. They might work for a different reader.

3 responses to “January-April 2018: Months in Review”

  1. Oh man, I have no idea why I haven’t read Obsidio yet. I was so excited and yet it’s gathering dust on my nightstand. I’m really looking forward to seeing Annihilation (the movie). I really loved the book but the second one was really disappointing.

    I haven’t been reading too much romance lately…I need to get back to Courtney Milan for sure.
    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Fight a Care Bear ForMy Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      Hmmm, I’m totally tempted to read the book after seeing the movie, because the concept was cool and I’m not visual so written horror is fine, but I’m not so sure about that if you didn’t like the follow-up.

      Yessss, more romance. More Milan. Good life choice.

  2. Black Panther was the MOST epic, I loved it!! I can’t wait to watch it again. Love Simon made me super happy with its total teen movie cuteness but I agree- hard to live up to the book completely. Ooh I’m reading Sofia Khan soon, glad you loved it! And I really like how you grouped the books you read into different levels of Christina books 🙂
    Morgan @ The Bookish Beagle recently posted…TBR Book TagMy Profile

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