June 2017: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:


With all that’s been going on in my life both good (visits to Lenore!) and bad (breakup) and the dorky (Disney Crossy Road obsession courtesy of Lenore), I’ve been struggling a bit to keep to my reading pace and to get posts posted. The last few days I’ve been too tired for much reading, and I’m running consistently behind on reviews. I’ve also mostly lacked the motivation for full length reviews, though this could be because I’ve been on a streak of reads that haven’t totally wowed me for a full month. Still, I only completely missed posting a day or two, so I’m calling that a win.


I got to see Lenore TWICE (one long weekend and one regular weekend), and I attended her wedding. It was very sweet, and they’re adorable. I’ve also done WAY TOO MUCH shopping, which my credit card is pretty pissed at me about but my closet is thrilled about. I have to go on a shopping hiatus though.


You mean there’s music that isn’t The Family Crest?????????

Movies & TV:

I’ve been massively slowly working through a GOT rewatch (I think I’m still in s3). Mostly, though, I’m rewatching LBD AGAIN because it gives me feels like nothing else and sometimes you just need some feels. I’m fully prepared to be a blubbering mess. Darcy just made his first appearance, so I’m getting to the intense parts.

Reviews Posted:

June was a horrible reading month. Not in terms of how much I read but in how much I enjoyed what I read. Part of that is probably tied to my mental health, but I also just didn’t read almost any books I wanted to clutch to my heart, that made me feel all the things. It’s a damn shame. I read 32 books in June with an average rating of just a smidge under 3 stars. That is NOT good.

Now for June awards, which exclude my one reread.

Favorite book of the month: In a Perfect World (not yet reviewed)

Worst book of the month: It’s Not Like It’s a Secret

Best ship of the month: Hayden/Aurora from How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You

Strangest ship: A boy and his clock from Timekeeper

Worst Ship: It’s Not Like It’s a Secret

Most Unique: The Song of the Current


As you might expect from my subpar reading month, I didn’t wield the DNF hammer with my usual tenacity. I most definitely should have.

Completely fine but not my thing: A Face Like Glass, The Grand Tour, The World’s Greatest Detective
Burned out on dude-centric fantasy: Traitor’s Blade
Immediatekly regretted my life choices: Dear Reader, Daughter of the Blood

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