Cover Snark (108): The One Where I Harper On and On


Welcome to Cover Snark, where the people are snarky and the covers quiver in fear. Since I don’t write many snarky book reviews here on A Reader of Fictions, Cover Snark is my outlet. If you click on the title of the book, where possible, I’ve linked to Goodreads. Clicking on the cover itself will show you the cover in a larger size, in most cases. Feel free to love covers I hate and vice versa. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

This week is a double post, since boring real life stuff precluded my posting last week.

Shiny and New:

1. Mosquitoland – David Arnold
Mosquitoland - David Arnold
Thoughts: Illustrated cover = adorbs. All I can think? They’re not gonna get her.

2. The Orphan Queen (Untitled #1) – Jodi Meadows
The Orphan Queen - Jodi Meadows
Thoughts: Well, I guess it’s better than a face with a weird mask, but… it’s also kind of like Endless Knight + Teardrop, which no.

3. Bone Gap – Laura Ruby
THE BONE GAP - Laura Ruby
Thoughts: WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS? *sobs and runs away* No matter how good this book is, I will not bee reading it.

4. Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles #0.1) – Marissa Meyer
Fairest - Marissa Meyer
Thoughts: Don’t love the color scheme on this one, but the faceless queen thing is creeptastic. Of course, I don’t know why this would be revealed at USA Today, since the only high resolution image of the cover has Meyer’s name cut off. How lovely.

5. The Distance Between Lost and Found – Kathryn Holmes
The Distance Between Lost and Found - Kathryn Holmes
Thoughts: This is the most inviting forest I’ve ever seen on a book cover. I DO want to build a summer home here.

6. The Prey (The Hatchery #1) – Tom Isbell
The Prey - Tom Isbell
Thoughts: Those marksmen have peculiarly bad aim.

7. Polaris (Avalon #2) – Mindee Arnett
Polaris (Avalon #2) - Mindee Arnett
Thoughts: Is that a mechanical triceratops coming down from the sky to eat him?

8. King (Prophecy #3) – Ellen Oh
King (Prophecy #3) - Ellen Oh
Thoughts: Was that crown made by a six year old with a beading kit?

9. Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda – Becky Albertalli
Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda - Becky Albertalli
Thoughts: Creeped out a bit that a headless person is talking to me, but I love the art.

10. Written in the Stars – Aisha Saeed
Written in the Stars - Aisha Saeed
Thoughts: This is trying to be Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, but it’s failing.

11. The Cemetery Boys – Heather Brewer
The Cemetery Boys - Heather Brewer
Thoughts: Why is this cemetery on such slanty ground?

12. Etherworld (Elusion #2) – Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam
Etherworld - Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam
Thoughts: The kandy-kolored aquamarine-flake streamline cover.

13. My Heart and Other Black Holes – Jasmine Warga
My Heart and Other Black Holes - Jasmine Warga
Thoughts: Love the title; do not love the cover. They used a ♥ instead of the word heart. I do like the coloring in the O of holes, but this is not the kind of illustration I like. I’m running with the “if I could do this, it’s not good” theory.

14. Shutter – Courtney Alameda
Shutter - Courtney Alameda
Thoughts: I think you mean SHUDDER. Also, this.

15. Everything That Makes You – Moriah McStay
Everything That Makes You - Moriah McStay
Thoughts: I adore the left half of the cover, but it doesn’t match the face in the eyes and not so much loving the font.

16. The Boy Who Lost Fairyland (Fairyland #4) – Catherynne M. Valente
The Boy Who Lost Fairyland (Fairyland #4) - Catherynne M. Valente
Thoughts: Where did my absurdly long title go? Also, is that an evil care bear?

17. Operation Pucker Up – Rachele Alpine
Operation Pucker Up - Rachele Alpine
Thoughts: They’re sooo young. I don’t know how to feel about this.

18. An Ember in the Ashes – Sabaa Tahir
An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir
Thoughts: Not a hundred percent sold on the people (especially the one in the title), but I love the cover otherwise.

19. First, There Was Forever – Juliana Romano
First, There Was Forever - Juliana Romano
Thoughts: Then there were denim shorts.

20. Waistcoats & Weaponry (Finishing School #3) – Gail Carriger
Waistcoats Weaponry (Finishing School #3) - Gail Carriger
Thoughts: That fan is badass. Not loving the black and white on color effect, though.

21. Wickedly Wonderful (A Baba Yaga Novel) – Deborah Blake
Wickedly Wonderful (Baba Yaga #2) - Deborah Blake
Thoughts: I will never be comfortable with covers about romance and attraction that have a person and an animal. Never ever.

22. The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl – Leigh Statham
The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl - Leigh Statham
Thoughts: I feel like this could be awesome, but the fonts are incredibad.

23. The Wrong Side of Right – Jenn Marie Thorne
The Wrong Side of Right - Jenn Marie Thorne
Thoughts: Pretty colors. Also, all the different kinds of handwriting are sort of like looking at my notes from high school. Especially filling in the D and O.

24. I Want It That Way (2B Trilogy #1) – Ann Aguirre
I Want It That Way - Ann Aguirre
Thoughts: Actually, I want this cover another way. A way that is remotely interesting or original.

25. The Shape of My Heart (2B Trilogy #2) – Ann Aguirre
The Shape of My Heart - Ann Aguirre
Thoughts: That’s not his heart.

26. As Long As You Love Me (2B Trilogy #3) – Ann Aguirre
As Long As You Love Me - Ann Aguirre
Thoughts: So what’s going to happen if I don’t love you? I don’t, so let’s find out. Are you blue from sadness?

27. Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? – Ella Martin
Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up - Ella Martin
Thoughts: I’m now imagining Eminem cast as Prince Charming. Also, I usually love pretty dress covers, but this dress is a bit Big Bird.

28. City of Halves – Lucy Inglis
City of Halves - Lucy Inglis
Thoughts: Ooooh, I’m very curious as to the way the dragon tail and White House will combine. Looooove the art and the font swirlies.

29. First World Problems – LeighAnn Kopans
First World Problems - LeighAnn Kopans
Thoughts: Face palm, indeed.

30. Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction – Judd Trichter
Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction - Judd Trichter
Thoughts: The days of robot love are coming! Also, I judge myself for the fact that I now have the Reproduction song from Grease 2 playing in my head.

31. The Rabbit Back Literature Society – Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen
The Rabbit Back Literature Society - Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen
Thoughts: I have no idea what that title means, but LOOK AT THE ILLUSTRATIONS. Love. Of course, if I ever got this book, I’d have to pronounce the author’s name in a book haul, which would be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.

32. House of War and Witness – Mike Carey, Linda Carey, Louise Carey
House of War and Witness - Mike Carey, Linda Carey, Louise Carey
Thoughts: Ooooh, this almost looks like it could be for Tor dot com. That’s how neat this art is.

33. Tether (Many-Worlds Trilogy #2) – Anna Jarzab
Tether (Many-Worlds Trilogy #2) - Anna Jarzab
Thoughts: Yeah, I still don’t love the face in bird thing. BIRDFACE.

34. The Boy with the Hidden Name (Otherworld #2) – Skylar Dorset
The Boy with the Hidden Name (Otherworld #2) - Skylar Dorset
Thoughts: Ooh, I’ve got this. His name is Rumpelstiltshoodie.

35. The Sorcerer Heir (The Heir Chronicles #5) – Cinda Williams Chima
The Sorcerer Heir - Cinda Williams Chima
Thoughts: The background color is sickly. Otherwise, ehhhhh.

36. The Box and the Dragonfly (The Keepers #1) – Ted Sanders
Dragonfly (The Keepers #1) - Ted Sanders
Thoughts: So very detailed. Just look at the wings on that dragonfly. Whoaaaaa.

37. A Cold Legacy (The Madman’s Daughter #3) – Megan Shepherd
A Cold Legacy - Megan Shepherd
Thoughts: Once again, the background and the dress are completely drool-worthy. However, I am not convinced that she’s actually there. Photoshop fail.

38. Island of Shipwrecks (Unwanteds #5) – Lisa McMann
Island of Shipwrecks (Unwanteds #5) - Lisa McMann
Thoughts: Seriously, book five and they’re still using that horrific Hunger Games meets Harry Potter blurb? No one has praised any of the other books since is what I get from this.

39. The Map to Everywhere – Carrie Ryan & John Parke Davis
The Map to Everywhere - Carrie Ryan & John Parke Davis
Thoughts: What I love about this are the details, like the scheming orange kitty and the octopus attacking the ship. Oh, and the skull candles.

40. Seamonster – Amalie Howard
Seamonster - Amalie Howard
Thoughts: That looks more like something I would see on a slide in biology class. I did also look that concerned any time I was in biology because fuck that class.

41. The Unimaginable – Dina Silver
The Unimaginable - Dina Silver
Thoughts: Love the paper lanterns in the sky, but the boat is underwhelming. Still, very Tangled.

42. There Will Be Lies – Nick Lake
There Will Be Lies - Nick Lake
Thoughts: Is it just me or is this a bit like an inverted Star Wars scroll?

43. Quake (Pulse #3) – Patrick Carman
Quake - Patrick Carman
Thoughts: Well, if you want to create a quake, then just turn gravity back on and that floating ground will fall and then BOOM EARTHQUAKE.

44. What Waits in the Woods – Kieran Scott
What Waits in the Woods - Kieran Scott
Thoughts: Oooh, ooh, I know. It’s Stephen Sondheim!

45. The Emissary – Kristal Shaff
The Emissary - Kristal Shaff
Thoughts: Dis bitch clearly stole the king’s purse.

46. The Third Twin – CJ Omololu
The Third Twin - CJ Omololu
Thoughts: Wait, hold up. This title is TAKEN. My high school self has intense feels about this.

47. Pretty Wanted (Pretty Crooked #3) – Elisa Ludwig
Pretty Wanted - Elisa Ludwig
Thoughts: This title sounds like a personals ad.

48. City of Savages – Lee Kelly
City of Savages - Lee Kelly
Thoughts: Enjoying the tagline, but I totally thought this was adult, not YA, based on the cover.

49. Plague of the Undead – Joe McKinney
Plague of the Undead - Joe McKinney
Thoughts: This land is their land. Ahahahahaha. From brain to tasty brain.

50. Soulless – Amber Garr
Soulless - Amber Garr
Thoughts: I’m confused by the flipping of the grim reaper and the fact that the one on top appears to be wearing a wimple, but otherwise not so bad. Fantasy bird seems to approve.

51. Lifer – Beck Nicholas
Lifer - Beck Nicholas
Thoughts: Definitely going for the Across the Universe vibe, only with a freaking paragraph of a tagline.

52. Persona – Genevieve Valentine
Persona - Genevieve Valentine
Thoughts: Looks like death is dealt out Cleopatra-style. Asp them no questions.

53. A Unique Kind of Love – Jasmine Rose
A Unique Kind of Love - Jasmine Rose
Thoughts: Look at the umbrella and the heart rain. I should be raining on its parade, but it’s so damn cute.

54. Forged (Taken #3) Erin Bowman
Forged (Taken #3) Erin Bowman
Thoughts: Well, hello, Aria! Also, the orange/purple combo really doesn’t mesh for me.

55. The Game of Boys and Monsters – Rachel M. Wilson
The Game of Boys and Monsters - Rachel M. Wilson
Thoughts: Is the game boys hunting monsters or the other way around?

56. Lie for Me: Griff’s Story (Find Me #0.5) – Romily Bernard
Lie for Me - Romily Bernard
Thoughts: It bothers me that Griff’s Story is larger than the actual title. Why would they do this?

57. Skandal (Sekret #2) – Lindsay Smith
Skandal (Sekret #2) - Lindsay Smith
Thoughts: I was on board until I noticed the eye was crying. I was going to let this eye cover slide by nature of being different but the tear trail is TOO MUCH.

58. The Glass Arrow (Untitled Trilogy #1) – Kristen Simmons
The Glass Arrow (Untitled Trilogy #1) - Kristen Simmons
Thoughts: LOOK AT THE PRETTY. *drools at illustrations*

59. The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight #1) – Melissa Grey
The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight #1) - Melissa Grey
Thoughts: So it’s The Nightmare Affair, only less adorably illustrated?

60. Monstrous – MarcyKate Connolly
Monstrous - MarcyKate Connolly
Thoughts: Very adorable. Particularly enjoy the way the S of the title turns into a snake monster thing.

61. The Book of Days – K.A. Barker
The Book of Days - K.A. Barker
Thoughts: No idea what it’s about, but look at the pretty font. Also, are the waves a hint that there will be a mighty ship?

62. Solitaire – Alice Oseman
Solitaire - Alice Oseman
Thoughts: You mean a novel wasn’t written about the year life stayed the same for Tori, Michael, Becky, Lucas and Charlie? SHOCKING.

63. The Last Time We Say Goodbye – Cynthia Hand
The Last Time We Say Goodbye - Cynthia Hand
Thoughts: Dumping by Post-It. HARSH.

64. Liars, Inc. – Paula Stokes
Liars, Inc. - Paula Stokes
Thoughts: This person’s invisibility cloak has a flaw.

65. Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover (The Rule of Scoundrels #4) – Sarah MacLean
Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover (Rule of Scoundrels #4) - Sarah MacLean
Thoughts: I only judge ladies by their book covers.

66. Breaking the Ice – Gail Nall
Breaking the Ice - Gail Nall
Thoughts: I wish I could ice skate mostly for the costumes. So cuuuute.

67. M10: Unlikely Beginnings – Lola Dodge
M10 Unlikely Beginnings - Lola Dodge
Thoughts: Is M10 her superhero name? It sounds like a highway in England. Maybe that’s where she was hit with a truck of radioactive waste and got powers.

68. Wild (The Ivy Chronicles #2) – Sophie Jordan
Wild (The Ivy Chronicles #2) - Sophie Jordan
Thoughts: White people hugging. HOW WILD AND DARING.

69. Heartlines – Nicole Maggi
Heartlines - Nicole Maggi
Thoughts: That heart kind of looks like the head of a stag.

70. Cold as Ice (Whatever After #6) – Sarah Mlynowski
Cold as Ice - Sarah Mlynowski
Thoughts: She’s about to get up to some snowball shenanigans. Maybe throw it at a boy she hates and then will end up kissing?

71. The Steampunk User’s Manual – Jeff VanderMeer & Desirina Boskovich
The Steampunk User's Manual - Jeff VanderMeer and Desirina Boskovich
Thoughts: Fantastic minus the three photos at the bottom.

72. Everybody Knows Your Name – Andrea Seigel & Brent Bradshaw
Everybody Knows Your Name - Andrea Seigel & Brent Bradshaw
Thoughts: Very 90s. Much Cheers. Such paper dolls.

Cover Battles:

1. How to Love – Katie Cotugno

How to Love - Katie Cotugno hardback
How to Love - Katie Cotugno

Hardback vs. Paperback: This makes fine marketing sense in that it appeals to a different audience, but the schmoopy couple is no me gusta compared to the pretty illustrated one.

2. The Art of Wishing (The Art of Wishing #1) – Lindsay Ribar

The Art of Wishing
The Art of Wishing (The Art of Wishing #1) - Lindsay Ribar
The Art of Wishing (The Art of Wishing #1) - Lindsay Ribar german

US Hardback vs. US Paperback vs. German: Forgot to snark this one initially, but here you go: I wish the cover art were still the original hardcover, but sadly I do not have an Oliver.

3. The Graham Cracker Plot – Shelly Tougas

The Graham Cracker Plot take 1
The Graham Cracker Plot - Shelly Tougas

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Awww, I love the colors. The people and animals in the background, though, are horrifying. Maybe because they have HOLES THAT GO THROUGH THERE BODIES WHERE THEIR EYES SHOULD BE. That’s some Neil Gaiman nightmare shit right there.

4. Murder Is Bad Manners (Wells & Wong #1) – Robin Stevens

Murder Most Unladylike
Murder Is Bad Manners (Wells & Wong #1) - Robin Stevens

UK vs. US: Interesting that the US title has changed to remove the gendered nature of the title. I like the US cover better too. Way to go, US.

5. Geek Girl (Geek Girl #1) – Holly Smale

Geek Girl UK
Geek Girl (Geek Girl #1) - Holly Smale

UK vs. US: I am torn between no face and the ugly tagline on the US cover.

WTF of the Week:

Due to the sheer mass of covers in this week’s post, WTF of the Week is on a temporary hiatus.

Outstanding Cover of the Fortnight:

City of Halves

The Outstanding Cover of the Week is chosen by a Cover Snark reader. They are free to pick any of the week’s covers, whether they’re to my personal tastes or not. If you’d like to choose the cover for a week, either email or tweet me. You will need to be available Wednesday evening to consult.

City of Halves - Lucy Inglis

Today, welcome Gillian (Writer of Wrongs), who has selected City of Halves by Lucy Inglis. Here’s why:

“Well, this was an intensely difficult choice! How did I end up with the week with SO MANY gorgeous covers? I really struggled between The Distance Between Lost and Found, The Keepers, The Glass Arrow, and my final choice, but I ultimately went with City of Halves for originality reasons, and because I let out a little “Whoaaaaa” when I first saw it. The lovely swirls, the font, the pop of the green against the black, the diagonal composition the eerie, smokey figures… I want to know what’s happening (and why there’s a dragon tail because DRAGONS).”

To learn more or purchase:Goodreads|Amazon|TBD

18 responses to “Cover Snark (108): The One Where I Harper On and On”

  1. Tez Miller says:

    Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen = PAHzi illMAHree YAHskeLIEnen

    That would be my best guess. Pretty sure I’ve got the surname right. The middle name I’m really not sure.
    Tez Miller recently posted…26th June 2014 ReleasesMy Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      Definitely would not have gotten that last name correct, though the middle is about what I would have guessed.

  2. Rachel says:

    What have they done to The Lunar Chronicles???? Is this a cover change?? Or just this book?? And WHYYY??!! Also, I lol’d at the “dumped by a post-it note” – everyone has seen that episode of Sex and The City, yes??

    Step One – Get Mad –

    Step Two – Tell the Girls –

    Step Three – Tell His Friends… –
    Rachel recently posted…Bloomsbury Spark Book Blitz, Author Interview and Giveaway!My Profile

  3. Dahlia Adler says:

    I have to say, I’m in love with a surprising number of these, which makes me SO freaking happy. There have been some amazing illustrated covers lately, and MOSQUITOLAND, MONSTROUS, and SIMON VS. THE HOMO-SAPIENS AGENDA are all on my faves list. (I also read MONSTROUS back when it was a manuscript and have extra love for what a perfect fit this cover is for a book.)

    I understand the cover change for THE ART OF WISHING so it’s a little more clearly paranormal, but I’m so attached to the original, I’m glad I have a hardcover!

    I’m obsessed with the SKANDAL cover and its red-ness and creepiness. I actually love the blood tear, even if it freaks the hell out of me.

    Had never heard of THE UNIMAGINABLE, CITY OF HALVES, or the RABBIT BACK LITERATURE SOCIETY before this post, but I love all three covers a LOT.

    THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOST AND FOUND is gorgeous, and I love the one for MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES, too. (Possibly more than I otherwise might have if I weren’t dying for the actual book, but who knows.)

    Ugh so much gorgeousness everywhere I’ll shut up now
    Dahlia Adler recently posted…BEHIND THE SCENES, Out in the World!My Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      Soooo many pretty covers this week, I agree. I want many of them. I’m actually having to resist some of my auto-add bc cover urges for some that are likely not Christina books. TDBLAF for example is SO pretty, but also it does not sound like my thing, but sooooo shiny. A pretty cover is damn good marketing.

      Same. Though I don’t think I’ll ever come around to the Pepto Bismol Wish. Why did they doooo that? I love the original cover best too.

      Skandal does the eye thing well, but I’m so tired of eye covers, no matter the excretion or lack thereof.

      Not sure if any of those three are Christina books, but I hope so because again the prettyyyyyyyy.

      I want My Heart and Other Black Holes, but I’m pretty legitimately not a fan of that one, rather than just snarking for humor.

  4. Katie says:

    A. Your puns were on. point. this week. Like seriously. I snort-laughed multiple times.

    B. Every time I see that Ann Aguirre book, I start humming Backstreet Boys. This time, I had to pull them up on Spotify and rock out to “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart).”
    Katie recently posted…Top 10 Favorite Bookish FriendshipsMy Profile

  5. 1. So I assume her bus is going to Florida? We’re known for three things: batshit people, beaches, and mosquito plagues.

    2. I think someone bent her sword. She miiiiight want to get that looked at before her next battle.

    3. I need this book, but I’m getting it as an ebook or removing its jacket if I get a hardcover. If there are bees UNDER the jacket, fuck everything. FUCK YOUR BEES.


    5. I like it! This cover reminds me of this one game where the woods are bright and happy until everything gets dark suddenly and Slenderman starts hunting you. Also, main character has my last name yesssssss. I totally could have seen my religious grandfather naming a daughter Hallelujah if he’d had a daughter, but nope. Four boys.

    8. Those things hanging off the sides look deadly. An imposter tries to put the crown on and BAM. Impaled through the head.

    12. At least it’s not as ugly as the first book’s cover. This one reminds me of the covers for Dan Wells’ YA series but zoomed out and given shiny colors.


    21. I think that dog feels the same way you do because it looks veeeeeeeeeeery disturbed.

    28. But isn’t that the Capitol? I’m confused! Dragon destroys Congress?

    29. The Photoshop faaaaaaaaaaaail. It burns me. It’s kinda cute, but at the same time, it hurts.

    34. I like this a lot more when I look at the cover for the first book and realize it’s the same image but we’re on different sides of the pond for each book. Now THAT is cool.

    35. Is that one of the wallplugs from Bath & Body Works? What does it smell like? I MUST KNOW THINGS.

    37. Very Photoshop fail, but I’m happy she’s not stripping this time.

    40. That… looks like a piece of female anatomy to me. I have a dirty mind and need to go drown myself in soap.

    44. This is the kind of photo I’d Photoshop a knife into like that time I took a photo of my mom being enthusiastic during a football game and put a knife in her hand.

    56. I’m grumpier about the fact Griff HAS a story to tell other than the one of his disappearance from Wick’s life forever. Fuck that guy.


    60. I honestly can’t tell if this is MG or YA.

    3. I’m glad for this redesign because I’d be worried for the kids of the first cover. If he so much as had a spoonful of beans that morning…

  6. 2. Yes! I was trying to figure out what this cover reminds me of, but I couldn’t come up with it. Teardrop, that’s it.
    3. Haha, I actually quite like this.
    4. This is looking good.
    5. Oohh, very pretty.
    7. These covers always make me wonder what I’m actually looking at.
    8. Eh.. The tiger in the mist is okay, I guess.
    14. CREEPY.
    15. I like the idea.
    16. I’m in love with these covers.
    18. I have a feeling this one is gorgeous in real life.
    20. I like what they are doing with the covers from this series.
    22. Agreed. If you take those fonts away, it would look amazing.
    28. That is beautiful.
    31. The old cover wasn’t bad either. I would completely butcher his name.
    36. AWH, stunning.
    39. Love it.
    53. That is pretty cute.
    58. I would buy this for the cover.
    60. I like this drawing style. MG covers are (almost) always so pretty.

    A lot of pretty covers this week!
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Let it go #3. Once we were, Stepsister’s tale & Finnikin.My Profile

  7. Oh my goodness.. So many covers! I can’t wait to get my hands on Fairest. I love that cover! The cover of The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl is cool, but I agree with the font though. I can’t wait for the 4th Fairyland book. I agree though that the title is way shorter than we are use too!
    Laura @ Laura in Bookland recently posted…Where Life Takes You by Claudia Burgoa BLOG TOUR (Claudia’s Top Ten Favorite Words)My Profile

  8. 2 – First thing I thought – Is that book 2 for Teardrop?
    3 – Hell. No. Screw that. It looks like it has a dragon mouth O_O
    7 – I still don’t understand what the mechanism is supposed to be, but I really like this cover
    12 – Elusion’s cover was nice, and I don’t mind the green so much for this one, but the PINK hurts
    13 – I love this one, because of the homemade feel. The watercolor of the heart and O is so pretty. And I just read the synopsis – I NEED IT NOW *grabby hands*
    14 – *runs to the Sahara*
    23 – Also gorgeous! My 2015 wish list is quickly filling up, thanks a lot!
    35 – There’s another book??? YESSS DAY MADE
    40 – The covers for the series are okay, but wtf is this? That eyeball looks creepy. Also: I laughed pretty hard at your comment xD I LOVED bio! Although I alienated a friend when I threw crawdad guts at her.
    54 – Aw, I actually like the orange and purple. The gradient is lovely; it reminds me of a sunset almost.

    Cover battles:
    1. WHY change that beautiful cover?? WHY?
    Kayla @ The Thousand Lives recently posted…Fierce Reads San Diego Stop: Leigh Bardugo, Ava Dellaira, Emmy Laybourne, and Jennifer MathieuMy Profile

  9. Gillian says:

    1. I love this, mostly because it does NOT HAVE A MOSQUITO ON IT THANK KANYE


    5. Pretty pretty pretty gorgeous gorgeous

    6. That is one intense game of laser tag

    8. Oh kanye and the tiger look at the ghost tiger

    10. SO CLOSE. Sooooo close.

    12. I don’t know why I like these kandy-kolored (KARDASHIAN!) kovers, but I kuite do.

    13. I actually don’t like the coloring of the O in “Holes” at all


    16. Why did they decide to half-abandon the title trend in this series??

    18. I really like this but arrrrgh i did not notice the little shitty people

    20. Whomp. Worst of the series, becuase I love the others ones, but HOLY SHIT THAT FAN GIVE IT


    23. Pretty! This is also one of those covers that will probably look even prettier in person depending on the quality of the cover paper.


    28. Pretty pretty pretty but also does that fellow look a wee bit like Bentobox Lumberjack or is it just me

    29. I like the chalk world. I HATE the figures.

    30. Ooooooo

    31. Yessssss

    35. At first glance I thought this was a heart and ew

    36. LOVE.

    37. The hard edge of the top of her head wounds me. Such poor photoshopping.

    38. GORGEOUS cover. Stupid blurb.

    39. I love everything about this but the actual people.


    49. This land is their land, this land is my land, from California, to the zombie iiiiisland

    53. Adorbs.

    58. Love this want this need this

    59. Appalling.

    60. ADORABLE!

    61. Pretty font is prettyyyyy

    62. Beyond stupidly hideous. What a misfire.

    72. I like.

    CB1. Murder it. Burn it to the ground. It looks like an Urban Outfitters ad.

    CB2. Hahahah “snark” Did someone forget?


    CB4. Oooh, I actually think I like the UK one better, but both are fabulous
    Gillian recently posted…The YA PromMy Profile

  10. Lesley says:

    Do you think the 2B Trilogy is using Backstreet Boys’ lyrics on purpose?
    Lesley recently posted…BEFORE I FALLMy Profile

  11. Angie F. says:

    2. I really have no feelings about this cover, but I do agree that it looks like Teardrop. I’m still excited to read it though.

    3. That is kind of interesting…but creepy.

    4. Definitely creepy. Also excited.

    8. I do not like. It looks weird.

    12. *hypnotized by pretty colors*

    22. I am greatly intrigued…

    24-26. Backstreet Boys!!!! 😀

    29. I love the chalk Earth, but everything else…no.

    51. Spaaaaace!!!

    52. *pets the pretty snake*

    53. Adorable.

    53. The colors remind me of these jeans I had in middle school…

    65. Historical Romance with a woman in trousers!!!

    67. M10=Manhattan Ten, a group of super heroes. She does not remotely resemble any of the three whose stories are included…


    1. Hardcover.

    2. Hardcover.

    3. Take 1! LoL

    4. US.

    5. I prefer the no face, but I also prefer the math and doodles…
    Angie F. recently posted…Review: Goddess of the Underworld (Goddess Test, #2.56) by Aimee CarterMy Profile

  12. The Rabbit Back Literature Society wins this round for me.

    Also, I am so far behind on what is new so like all of the good looking ones just got added to my goodreads. Yay!
    April Books & Wine recently posted…Crash Into You by Katie McGarry | Book ReviewMy Profile

  13. Lyn Kaye says:

    2. This was almost, ALMOST, pretty.

    4. HOLY HOT HELL. No fire, thank you. But the STORY! YES PLEASE.

    12. My eyes are assaulted.

    14. NO THANK YOU

    18. LOVE

    27. Cheese factor is cheese.

    30. A non-white person on an MG cover!! BUYING IT.

    49. Love the video game zombie. /sarcasm

    53. Begrudgingly loving.
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #91My Profile

  14. 2. *whispers* Everyone on Twitter thought this cover was so cool and I… don’t get it.

    3. NOPE NOPE NOPE KILL IT WITH FIRE AND A MILLION CANS OF RAID. (Also, bees don’t HAVE bones, so what the heck?)

    5. The trees are quite lovely.

    6. The Hatchery hmm? That sounds like Jurassic Park. Are there dinosaurs? Because I would read this book if it had dinosaurs, esp. dinosaurs PLUS LASERS.

    7. I hear Tim Curry in my head, pointing out constellations to a wee cabin boy Jim.

    13. Sigh. There are so many cool illustrations of black holes made by scientific artists. Couldn’t they have used something like one of those?

    14. *KILLS IT WITH FLAMETHROWER* Oh my word, that’s terrifying.

    18. Oh wow. This looks like it could be an epic, make-Shae-very-happy fantasy. I’m in.

    20. Haven’t all the covers been like that? Regardless, MORE SOPHRONIA AND SOAP GIMME GIMME GIMME.

    21. Awwww, hiiii puppy. You look so soft and floofy.

    23. Points for the map in the background. Can’t lose with maps.

    28. Is that… Benedict Cumberbatch?

    31. I hope you get it just so we can watch.

    34. I do like how this is a flip of the other cover.

    36. and 39. Boom. On the TBR. Don’t even need to know what they’re about.


    46. Triplet. The word you’re looking for is “triplet.” You’re welcome.

    48. It’s NOT?! *suddenly interested*

    62. Ugh. I sense rotating POVs.


    67. I dunno, but I like her mask. I wonder if it’s comfy.

    68. White People Hugging sounds like a Tumblr feed.
    Shae/Shelver @ Shae Has Left The Room recently posted…Review: PRISONER OF NIGHT AND FOG by Anne BlankmanMy Profile

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