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As some of you may know, one of my missions for while I was in California was to force Gillian to join me in one of my obsessions: kdrama. I made her watch Coffee Prince, perhaps my favorite kdrama. It’s got all of my favorite romantic tropes and basically gives me all the feels. On my second time through it, I’m now convinced the show is absolutely perfect. For more backdrop on kdrama, check this post.


In case you’re curious about how this went, here are Gillian’s reactions to Coffee Prince and kdrama:

COFFEE PRINCE, YOU GUYS. COFFEE. PRINCE. I expected it to be fun and silly and entertaining, but I never expected a kdrama to wend itself so deeply into my heart. The characters are so incredible, and I just love them so much. I wish you could have seen what Christina and I looked like, hugging pillows while curled up on the couch, shrieking or squeezing depending on what was on screen. Eun Chan and Han Kyul have reached epic OTP status. You want intensely adorable romance and ALL THE FEELS ALL THE TIME? Then you must watch it. For your own health.

han kyul's happy face
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I’m writing this post today to inform you that Gillian and I will be watching MOAR kdrama, and that, this time, you can be a part of it. Every week, we’ll be watching however many episodes suit us on a particular day. The day will move a bit, but if a bunch of people are following along, we’ll make sure to give advance notice. This week, we’ll be starting Goong on Sunday at 4 PM EST. We’ll be using #GoongWatchalong, if you would like to join us in the feels. Not sure how many episodes we’ll watch; that will be decided as we go along.


Goong is a YA story about a common girl who becomes princess of Koreaβ€”no, Korea doesn’t have royalty, but, for the purposes of entertainment, it does in Goong. This one’s not as good as Coffee Prince (what is?), but it’s still feels-inducing. Expect pain and pretty clothes. Do not hate me for all of the emotions you will experience.


During this week, I HIGHLY encourage watching all of or at least starting Coffee Prince, since that’s where both of us started with kdrama, and, in my opinion it’s one of the best there is. You want to know what wonders are possible before you really dive in, right?

pretty boy

You can find Goong on Hulu or Drama Fever if you’re in the US, and probably won’t have any difficulty in other countries either.

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  1. Sanna says:

    I haven’t watched coffee prince, but have watched a couple of other kdramas and found them very entertaining so many join you guys on this πŸ™‚

  2. alice-jane says:

    Coffee Prince! <3 It was the first kdrama that I ever watched and it's still one of my favorites. I watched Goong soon after Coffee Prince. Have you watched Heirs with Lee Min Ho yet?
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    • Christina Franke says:

      Ha, that’s exactly the order I watched them in: Coffee Prince followed by Goong. It worked for me, so that’s how I’m having Gillian start.

      No, I haven’t watched Heirs yet. I do want to watch it, but, given that most of their shows run for just a season, I don’t see the point in starting an unfinished one and suffering emotionally for weeks instead of binging in a couple of days.

  3. I am definitely tempted to join in on this-I have never watched a kdrama-but am afraid I’d get hooked and never get anything done. Maybe one day I’ll jump into the kdramas…one day. =)
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  4. Gillian says:





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  5. Angie F. says:

    So…I just watched the first episode of Coffee Prince, and LOVE! I wasn’t sure about it at first, because it seemed kind of cheesy, but OMG so cute!

    “It’s a bubble wrap. It relieves stress.” πŸ˜€
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    • Christina Franke says:

      YAAAAAAY! It’s a bit cheesy sometimes, but not too bad. The characters are just the best. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually the best kdrama.

      Eun Chan is my hero. How many heroines are stronger than their love interests? How many of them can eat more than any other character? How many dress in men’s clothes because they don’t give a fuck? Gah, I love her.

  6. Nafiza says:

    I got into Kdrama cuz of a friend, ended up learning Korean (actually minored in it) and now it’s one of the ways I entertain myself. The stereotypes are sometimes awful and there are many Oh Korea moments but they’re addictive and ALL THE PRETTY BOYS. Haha.
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    • Christina Franke says:

      Gah! I am so jealous! I wish I knew Korean, though I’m not motivated enough to take the time away from watching kdramas to actually learn it on my own time. STILL. Not like my school offered Korean anyway.

      ALL THE PRETTY BOYS. Yeah, there are a lot of Oh Korea moments. Like, okay, you have an illegitimate son, but he’s grown and awesome, so you’re not exactly damaged goods. I mean, even I don’t think so and I hate kids. OR when the grandma’s all like “you cannot marry/date him/her” or when the guy is a jerk face. Oh well. Not like our pop culture is all that suggestive of how nice the bulk of the male population treats women though…

      • Nafiza says:

        Or the second male lead syndrome where you are like GIRL, PICK HIM!!! What’s wrong with you?? I hate those cuz I always end up mad when the protagonist picks the main lead (totally going to happen in Marry Him If You Dare). And the Other Woman. Ugh. Though Master’s Sun was super awesome with both second male lead and Other Woman. You need to watch it!
        Nafiza recently posted…A Question of the Utmost ImportanceMy Profile

        • Christina Franke says:

          Noooo, Marry Him if You Dare looks so good. Sigh. I need to train myself to like the asshole one instead of the hotter, nicer one. Somehow. <_< Oooh, I do. I want to watch ALL of the kdramas.

  7. Katie says:

    Omgggggggggg you guys are awesome. Kdrama watchalong sounds SO FUN! But I’m already watching 3, I can’t add another lol
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  8. Elizabeth says:

    Sooo…I MAY have left a super long crazy fangirl rant on Gillian’s blog…I will try and restrain myself here! Coffee Prince was my very first K drama too, and I just couldn’t restrain myself because other than my boyfriend (who I forced to watch it with me when I wanted to rewatch it, and he wasn’t hugely enthusiastic haha) I don’t know ANY ONE who has seen it. And I literally can not express how heart wrenching, and funny, and OH MY GOD THE TENSION. Like seriously. This might be my favourite show of all time. And I stand by my opinion that not only is Gong Yoo a beautiful, beautiful man – I honestly believe he is on par with any A list Hollywood actor you could name. He is so. freaking. good.

    Unfortunately….I didn’t love Goong as much :-/ This is the second drama I watched actually haha! I won’t say anything in case this is a first time watch, but I had some issues with it….AND I was rooting for the wrong guy which of course made it much less fun to watch haha
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    • Christina Franke says:

      Gahhhhh! Fangirling over Coffee Prince is not only accepted here, but PREFERRED. One of my top shows of all time and one of my OTPs, and, even more, having rewatched it I’m convinced it’s one of the best shows ever. MY FEELS. Also, the acting is really good in it.

      Gong Yoo is brilliant. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sold on someone being in love than in that show. MY FEELS.

      Goong isn’t as good, no. It’s a rewatch for me. But this is how I started with kdrama, and it worked okay, so I figured why not start Gillian the same way? She wants to see it anyway, and it’s a good preperation for second male lead syndrome and the main guy being an asshole, which she’ll need to get used to. Also, lots of pretty clothes, and the portrayal of Prince William is hilarious to the max. I was actually rooting for the asshole in this one. It’s interesting to compare the manhwa and the kdrama. In the manhwa, it’s pretty obvious early on that Shin loves her but doesn’t know how to convey that, and his cousin is a total creeper from the beginning.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Oooh I avoided reading the manhwa because COME ON Yul is so much better for her (in the drama). So I might actually read the manhwa now, because I mostly didn’t like the drama as nycg because Shin was being such an ass. And also…I have a feeling that I might have not watched the last couple episodes due to not being in the country or something like that so I should definitely do that! I think it’s when Shin actually starts being nice haha.

        I haven’t found a Kdrama that I’ve liked as much (and I got sidetracked with movies…have you seen Castaway on the Moon? Not a swoon-worthy romance, but DEFINITELY one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and some of the best acting too since it’s a two person cast and they only share screen time at the end. It’s like a moving, but HILARIOUS version of Castaway? Best I can come up with) Any suggestions? I haven’t watched Big yet, which is probably what I’m going to watch next (because YAY Gong Yoo is back!!). Have you seen it?
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        • Christina Franke says:


          Yeah, in the manhwa, Yul was CRAZY. And I think there were some homoerotic undertones for him too. Shin’s more Darcy-ish in the manhwa, like he has feelings but has no idea what to do with them, so he gets even more moody and grumpy. Oh, yeah, at the very end, Shin does get nice and I definitely shipped it. Helped that I don’t find the guy who plays Yul attractive at all. Haha.

          Nope, I’ve not seen Castaway on the Moon.

          Ugh, I wouldn’t really recommend Big. It’s not very good. Gong Yoo has to act really strange too, because he’s playing like a seventeen year old in love with his teacher, because of a body swap. It’s rather unsettling. I think I have an episode or two to go, but I stalled. I need to power through it.

  9. Lynn M says:

    I LOVE this show!! I’ve never watched K-drama, so I took your advice and started with Coffee Prince. It took me a little while to get used to, but now I’m totally addicted! The problem is that I can’t watch it as background while I do something else because I have to read the subtitles, so it’s a total time-suck. I can’t get anything done at all. But so worth it. Thanks for the suggestion. πŸ™‚

    • Christina Franke says:

      Ha, it’s true about kdrama being a timesuck. And they’re SO addictive. They’re really good at ending episodes in such a way that you are like MUST WATCH MORE NAOW.

      And yeah the most multitasking I’ve ever managed while watching kdrama is playing solitaire on my iPod touch. This is both a beautiful and a terrible thing. It forces me to pay more attention, but I also can’t get things done.

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