Cover Snark (31)

Welcome to this week’s edition of Cover Snark! You can feel to let your snark flag fly here. Of course, cover loving is also quite appropriate. This is a safe space, and we all know (sort of) that the cover doesn’t reflect the quality of the book therein. Cover Snark is intended to be fun and to increase awareness of forthcoming books.

In the comments, let me know your picks and pans this week, and feel free to point out any hilarious things I missed!

1. Living in the Dark (Darkness Through the Light #1) – Rebekah Campbell
 Thoughts: Oof. Fallen was a pretty cover when it first came out, but I’m really tired of all of the covers that are repeating that. Seriously, they are so similar.
2. Kiss Me (The Keatyn Chronicles #2) – Jillian Dodd
Thoughts: The covers for these self-pubs are among my most loathed. I hate looking at her face. Also, is it just me or is her hair crimped at the very top?
3. Wicked Fate (The Wicked Trilogy #1) – Tabatha Vargo
 Thoughts: Fiery eyebrows have to be the lamest superhero power. Do not cross THE BURNING EYEBROW! Yeah, it just doesn’t work.
4. Rouge – Leigh T. Moore
 Thoughts: I actually really like this. The cover font isn’t right because this isn’t a western, but I love the color palette they went with, the model is gorgeous, and I like the veil a lot.
5. Riptide – Lindsey Scheibe
 Thoughts: Yellow is not my favorite color, but I do like the action in this one and the title font. The tag line’s not adding anything, although it does seem like there should be something in that space. Shouldn’t there be some waves in that water? Otherwise, she’s not a very good surfer.
6. Extracted (The Lost Imperials #1) – Sherry D. Ficklin & Tyler H. Jolley
 Thoughts: Not loving the dude (I think because of his slightly too shiny eyes) and I hate that title font, as it’s really difficult to read. Otherwise, I’m okay with this cover. Ahhhh, except for the surprise lightning eye. Not cool!
7. The Bookman Histories (The Bookman Histories) – Lavie Tidhar
Thoughts: Why is there so much gold and yellow this week? Eesh. This is much too busy.
8. Bird Nerd – Tracy Edward Wymer
 Thoughts: Very cute. I love what they’ve done with the title, so that it’s labeling the two figures.
9. A Box of Gargoyles (Maya and Valko #2) – Anne Nesbet
 Thoughts: Oh, middle grade, how I love your covers. This is totally adorable and creepy. MG covers do creepy forest better than anything else.
10. Hell to Pay (To Hell & Back #3) – Matthew Hughes
Thoughts: Teehee. My favorite part is the dinosaur, but he apparently won’t be around for very long. 
11. Surrender (Section 8 #1) – Stephanie Tyler

Thoughts: No-face muscle man hold gun. He looks like he might be one of those guys whose biceps are so overworked he can’t put his arms down quite all the way. Gross. Also, look at his veins popping out like whoa.

12. The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf – Tia Nevill

Thoughts: Bahahaha, mustache.

13. The Fifth Wave (The Fifth Wave #1) – Rick Yancey

Thoughts: That definitely says ‘The 5 Wave.’ Fail. In other news, boring.

Thoughts: I CAN HAS? My goodness this is gorgeous and blue and creepy and I want it.

15. Make It Last – Bethany Lopez
16. Pieces (The Breakaway #2) – Michelle Davidson Argyle

Thoughts: What a non-embarrasing self-pub cover! My favorite thing about this is that she’s dressed like a normal person in comfortable-looking clothing. How often does that happen on book covers? However, I really want to drag her to the hair salon, because her hair needs help STAT.

17. Emilie & the Hollow World – Martha Wells

Thoughts: Bahahaha, this clearly isn’t quite finished. Honestly, though, I think they should keep that tag line: “‘QUOTE TO GO HERE QUOTE TO GO HERE TO QUOTE TO GO IN HERE’ XXXXXX XXXXXX” In all seriousness, though, I like the map feeling to this and the classy old-timey illustrations in the corner.

18. Fire & Frost – Meljean Brook, Carolyn Crane & Jessica Sims 

Thoughts: Purplish blue and orange…not a winning combination. Plus, where’s the steampunk?


Thoughts: Be-WERE. Hardy-har. Pretty, but nothing out of the ordinary. I do like the backlighting on the title.

20. New Pride – Laura Pauling

Thoughts: You can tell she lives in the forest because she wears camo halter tops. Look at her blending! Where’d she go? I hope the kitty is the new terror, not the new love.

21. Ocean of Dust – Graeme Ing

Thoughts: Decent self-pub effort. I’m not sure why space is so incredibly close to the ground, though, or why the lightning hates that ship so much.

22. My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish – Mo O’Hara

Thoughts: *snorts* If I were a little kid, I would probably pick this up. I am super amused by this.

23. Secrets 3 (Secrets #3) – H.M. Ward

 Thoughts: Surprisingly, I like this self-pub romance cover way more than most I’ve seen. It’s hot. However, his hair is hilarious, as is the fact that the quote is not attributed to anyone, giving me room to imagine that it should say “said by no one ever.” The worst thing, though, is the title. I’m supposed to believe you write amazing and creative books when you can’t manage to come up with a unique title for your books? I don’t think so.

24. Darkness Unmasked (Dark Angels #5) – Keri Arthur

Thoughts: This is the UK/Australian cover. I have two major nits to pick with this. 1) The quote is on her crotch. 2) Charlaine Harris’ name is HUGE. Clearly, they are trying to sell trick Harris fans into thinking this is either by her or at least contains a short story. Then, since it’s book five in a series, they’ll have to buy the previous four. Not cool.

25. The Lies You Told Me – Jessica Ruston

Thoughts: Sort of generic, but for a small press this is good. I like her red umbrella.

26. Who Needs Magic? (Magic #2) – Kathy McCullough

Thoughts: Cute, though I would like to have someone make sure she’s not dead. Since it’s fairy tale-themed, she may be waiting for the kiss to rouse her.

27. The Symptoms of My Insanity – Mindy Raf

Thoughts: Like! That’s so cool and like nothing I’ve seen. Approve.

28. Falling from Eternity – Megan Duncan

Thoughts: Is there a reason she looks illustrated and he looks real? Mostly, I like this, but that creeps me out a lot.

29. Shattered (Shade #3.5) – Jeri Smith Ready

Thoughts: ICK.

30. Clockwork Fairy Tales: A Collection of Steampunk Fables – Stephen L. Antczak & James C. Basset, eds.

Thoughts: Steampunk birdie, you are adorable! The colors seem a little off to me, but this is decent.

31. All That Glitters – Aita Ighodaro

Thoughts: If you look at a small version of this cover, it looks like she’s naked with bad tan lines. Swim suit color fail.

32. Tarnish (The Royal Circle #2) – Katherine Longshore

Thoughts: Meh. I wish they’d done something more unique with this. Girl in a historical dress is all they’ve for for us. Seems a waste of the gorgeous title font. Tag line: acceptable.

33. My Lord’s Invitation to Passion – Bronwen Evans

Thoughts: Dear Sir, I am writing to invite you to Passion, my masculine-destroying pink bedroom this e’en. Do tell my servant whether you intend to come sometime soon, as all the blood rushes to my head in this sexy pose. Also, I’m getting myself ready for you. 😉 XOXOXO, Imogen

34. This Side of Jealousy (The Innocents #2) – Lili Peloquin

 Thoughts: Title = Fitzgerald reference? Wow, they did a remarkable job locating snotty-faced teens. I want to smack all of them, particularly Mr. Bottom Left corner. STOP SMIRKING AT ME!

35. Deceiving Destiny (The Bleeding Heart Trilogy #2) – Nadege Richards

Thoughts: She’s floating, possibly dead, and her dress just exploded into butterflies. O_O Just no.

36. Five Summers – Una LaMarche

Thoughts: Pretty colors. I want to go to there.

37. Sylo – D.J. MacHale

Thoughts: I do not want to go to there. Now that is a tag line I like. It gives me a better idea of the plot, rather than just spouting off nonsense. Is the game being run by aliens? Title font is also a win.

38. Temping Is Hell – Cathy Yardley

Thoughts: Yawn. I do like the tiny devil.

39. Hidden Gates (P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy #1) – D.T. Dyllin

Thoughts: At first glance, this is just another boring close-up of an alien’s eye. Then, though, you notice that this person has been caught reading a cheesy romance novel.

40. Heart of the Ocean – Heather B. Moore

 Thoughts: “Get the fuck away from me, BIRD.”

41. The Moon and More – Sarah Dessen

Thoughts: For the record, I still loathe how the author treatment on Sarah Dessen’s new books. However, I love the picture: the skirt, how carefree she is, the colors.

42. Wethering the Storm (Mighty Storm #2) – Samantha Towle

Thoughts: Let the projectile vomiting begin. So many things bother me about this. 1) The tramp stamp of angel guitars flying in the sky. 2) The fact that it says “Save the Date” above it for no apparent reason. 3) This disgusting shade of pink. 4) That the title is Wethering the Storm, probably a pun on a character’s name, and they decided to write Weathering and then cross out the A. 5) How completely bored the dude looks with everything. 6) Are they the performers at this concert? If so, are they doing it on stage? Is that the act? If they ARE the performers, why are they behind the crowd, which they appear to be? If they’re not, what’s with the guitars in the air? And again, why are they having sex at the back of a concert? 7) She’s making a heart with her overly-manicured fingers.

43. Sure Signs of Crazy – Karen Harrington

Thoughts: Cute! Middle grade covers always make my heart happy. Presumably the final cover won’t have the green circle on it.

44. The Sin Eater’s Confession – Ilsa J. Bick

Thoughts: New Ilsa J. Bick book! *dances* This cover is gross, though.

45. Mystic (The Soul Seekers #3) – Alyson Noel

Thoughts: Pretty. Looks a lot more like it belongs in the Shadow Falls series than in this one, but whatever. Seriously, this series does not match at all.

46. The Age Atomic (Empire State #2) – Adam Christopher

Thoughts: The comic book nerd in me is all over this cover. Also, the lime green will totally jump out at you on the shelves.

47. You Look Different in Real Life – Jennifer Castle

Thoughts: Awesome. This title makes me want to know more. The streaks of magenta in her hair are awesome.

48. Home to Whiskey Creek (Whiskey Creek #4) – Brenda Novak

Thoughts: This GIF expresses how I feel precisely.

49. Biting Bad (Chicagoland Vampires #8) – Chloe Neill

Thoughts: Purple! Love it, despite the leather pants. She looks like a badass, and she has muscles (even if her arms are tiny). The title sounds like a Breaking Bad reference. Also, for reference, this is an appropriate size for Charlaine Harris’ name to be on a book she’s blurbing.

50. Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2) – Jamie McGuire

 Thoughts: You know what, I’m going to let the stupid tattoo business speak for itself. I have two things I want to say. First off, Colleen Hoover’s taking a chance blurbing this. Secondly, the lead up to this cover reveal was HILARIOUS. I hate when pubs make a huge deal out of it and make readers jump through hoops just to see the cover. This time, though, it was the best. Why? Well, the deal was that if Jamie McGuire hit 10,000 followers by November 5, they would reveal it on the 6th. Problem was that she was only at 7,000 or so. They extended the time needed another day. Then they gave up and released it. McGuire currently has 9,358 followers. Desperate bid for followers FAIL.

Cover Battle 1: Pushing the Limits (Pushing the Limits #1) – Katie McGarry
Hardback vs. Paperback: We’re sideways now. Why would this be better? Also, I feel a bit more like a creeper because of how close we’re zoomed in to them. I think being further away fits the story better, because in the larger shot, it’s a lot clearer that the two of them are in their own little world.
Cover Battle 2: What’s Left of Me (The Hybrid Chronicles #1) – Kat Zhang

Us vs. German: Obviously the cover image is the same, but I much prefer the font treatments on the US cover. The blue of the author name just pops and I like the larger title. The pink of the series info on the German cover is too much. A thing I’ve always wondered about foreign covers, which often do this: why is the title changed to the language in question and the series remains in English? Also, why change the series title if you’re not translating to a new language? For those who are curious, the German title translates to The Forbidden.
Cover Battle 3: Haze (The Rephaim #2) – Paula Weston

Australia/NZ vs. UK: I dream of a week with no angel wing covers. Apparently, that’s just a pipe dream. For the record, I loathe both sets of wings here, but the purple are slightly less nonsensical. In general, the colors of the US cover are better. Tag line: Obnoxious. Staccato. Stuff. Blah.
Cover Battle 4: The Way We Fall (Fallen World #1) – Megan Crewe

Hardback vs. Paperback: Sadly, I couldn’t find a larger version of the new cover, which is why they’re so small. The changes are relatively minor, but I like the added detail in the background. It makes the cover much more appealing for me.
Cover Battle 5: The Lives We Lost (Fallen World #2) – Megan Crewe

Take 1 vs. Take 2: This redesign is Christina-approved. I like that they didn’t change much, but the changes they made are all for the better. The cover just generally looks more interesting now with the addition of the snow. While I understand the creepy vibe they were going for contrasting the innocence of the swing with the creepiness of the title, I can’t look at that cover without laughing. Good job, guys!
Cover Battle 6: Hidden (Hidden #1) – Marianne Curley

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Yet again, I very much approve of this cover change. While the feather filigree is not my favorite thing ever, I love the title font and think it’s pretty cool how the one feather is covering her eyes. Most importantly, the original cover sucked balls.
Cover Battle 7: Gilt (The Royal Circle #1) – Katherine Longshore

Hardback vs. Paperback: Okay, so the hardback cover isn’t my favorite cover ever, but it has the virtue of being very unique and I love the way the title pops. The paperback cover just looks so tawdry. The guy even kind of looks like Jonathan Rhys Myers.
Cover Battle 8: Dark Parties – Sara Grant

Hardback vs. Paperback: Honestly, I don’t care much either way, but I think the original cover was a bit more distinctive. I also don’t know why the title font in the new one is rotated 90 degrees, except to make it fit better.
Cover Battle 9: Half Lives – Sara Grant

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Now this one makes me mad. Wrathful. See, I LOVE that first cover. I would have liked the new one fairly well had it come first, but compared to how amazingly cool the first one is, it sucks. I’m sure lots of people will like the new one better because of how streamlined it is, but it’s not for me.

Cover Battle 10: The Sea of Tranquility – Katja Millay

Indie vs. Simon & Schuster: The new cover is really cool, and then you notice that the white space is spilled, melted ice cream and die of laughter.

 WTF of the Week: Kiss of Fire (Imdalind #1) – Rebecca L. Ethington

 Thoughts: Zombie girl falling through space dreams of your fiery kisses! Or your brains. It’s really unclear; moans are a bit hard to interpret.

Outstanding Cover of the Week
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman


32 responses to “Cover Snark (31)”

  1. biochemguy says:

    Just want to let you know how much I love these. They make my day and I laugh throughout. Thank you! ^.^

  2. Giselle says:

    Oops I didn’t mean to “reply”

  3. 42. Is she actually making a heart? A triangle? I’m so confused!!!

    WTFotW: And the little fire to dot the i! It’s the best cover EVER! I’m so in love!!!

    • Christina says:

      It looks like she’s trying to make a heart, though it could also be a triangle. It’s hard to see what shape you’re making through mr. shirtless!


  4. nutschell says:

    Enjoyed reading your book cover reviews! And yes, that first one does look like the cover for Fallen!

  5. Steena says:

    Kiss Me: Beh! I do not want to look at this girl ever. She’s so….vapid, and over make-upped, and I feel like I hate her immediately. And YES, her hair is crimped at the top.

    Wicked Fate: I hope those are heatless flames or else her bangs are in serious trouble.

    Rouge: Yep, yep, and yep. I do feel like the veil is oddly placed though.

    Riptide: Are you supposed to run with the ankle strap attached to your foot?

    Extracted: It took me almost half a minute to understand the title of this book. I dislike that they feel the need to crowd Steampunk covers with too much stuff. If it’s Steampunk it must include no less than six of the following items: gears, timepieces (clockface or pocketwatch), dirigibles, bustles, shadows on rain slicked streets, lightning eyes, old-timey portrait people, flowers, calling cards, teacup Yorkies, rivets, fans, trains, goggles, corsets, walking sticks, old-timey boxing gloves, World fairs, exuberant mustaches, exuberant hats.

    Bookman Histories: Case in point, see above.

    Bird Nerd: I like this. I’m interested as to why they choose to distress the cover. It doesn’t seem necessary.

    Surrender: You know, I’m pretty sure when you learn to shoot a gun they tell you not to grip it too tightly. A firm but easy grip is all that is required.

    The Magic Mirror: Is that Wil Wheaton? I do like the eyebrow quirk. Frankly, I think I’d love this cover if only they’d left the man in the mirror out. They could have made that part reflective.

    Ocean At the End of the Lane: I feel like the title would stand out more if they had not added the white blur in the middle but otherwise I think this cover is lovely.

    Make it Last: Just a few shades away from being mangy. Still not king yet.

    Pieces: I also like that they had the forethought to tuck that tank in, thus preventing unfortunate back exposure. I’m not sure about the double train tracks though. Is she sitting at the train tracks and then daydreaming about train tracks? Or is it a metaphor about how in real life her track is straight but she’s envisioning a curve or something exciting and unforeseen happening?

    Emilie & the Hollow World: This is the least busy old-timey steampunky cover yet this week. I approve of its symmetry.

    Fire & Frost: All I can think is how uncomfortable that squished boob must be.

    Ocean of Dust: I love her dress/nightgown.

    Secrets 3: Maybe “Deliciously Sexy and Intriguing” is the title and Secrets 3 is the series. Also, I’m pretty sure that’s the 10th Dr.

    The Lies You Told Me: A more interesting font would have helped make this less blah.

    Symptoms of My Insanity: I love this cover.I want to sit and analyze everything she’s made up of.

    Clockwork Fairy Tales: Even better Steampunk! MUCH less cluttered but still containing the important elements.

    Tarnish: I imagine Anne Boleyn being less…exotic? She was English and this girl almost looks Spanish. I love her jewelry suite.

    My Lord’s Invitation to Passion: BAHAHAHA! And EW, she totally IS getting herself ready for him. P.S. Those sheets look so slippery and like having sex on them would be taking an unnecessary risk.

    The Side of Jealousy: I like top left girl. She looks surprised to be involved.

    Sylo: What is in the sky? A jet? The island makes me think “And Then There Were None” but I don’t understand the rocket thing.

    Wethering the Storm: Okay, it took me forever to get to Wethering because I thought it was Wexthering, which made about as much sense. I hate that the S of Storm is a completely different shape. That is a piss poor heart. And I think the chain around her wrist is attached to his belt loop. Also, really, shirtless guy? A decorative tooled leather belt? Straight up leather isn’t good enough? It has to have swirls carved on it?

    Sure Signs of Crazy: Cute!

    The Sin Eater’s Confession: I Love this cover. Especially the vintage envelope pattern.

    Age Atomic: FREAKING love. Reminds me of a minimalist Day the Earth Stood Still cover.

    Kiss of Fire: AHAHAHAHAA!

    • Christina says:

      Kiss Me: Thank you for hating her face as much as I do. I am like physically repulsed by this chick.

      Wicked Fate: That’s why she doesn’t HAVE bangs.

      Rouge: Maybe she moved it to take a shot and forgot to replace it?

      Riptide: Can you not? I assumed they were long enough to allow for that. I’ve never been attached to a surfboard, so I have no clue of the mechanics.

      Extracted: The font is painfully bad. What’s worse is they clearly spent time on it and thought it rocked. Which sort of goes for the cover as a whole. They had so many good ideas and had to include ALL OF THEM.

      Bird Nerd: Distressing rarely seems necessary, but I’m not bothered.

      Surrender: I totally thought he looked a little too tense on that gun, but I’ve never fired one or anything, so the eff do I know?

      Magic Mirror: Bahahaha, he does rather resemble Wil Wheaton! Yeah, it is a shame. The mirror itself could use some editing too, but I like the lower half.

      Ocean: Good point, though I love that shade, so I don’t mind. What is causing that, though? *ponders*

      Make It Last: All for you.

      Pieces: Hahaha, yes, I noticed that too. Otherwise, that would have been very not flattering. I’m not sure what the deal is with the train tracks. I couldn’t decide, so I ignored it. Haha.

      Emilie: Steampunk at its least busy, which is still pretty busy.

      Fire & Frost: Squished boobs are NOT sexy.

      Secrets 3: That is so not David Tennant. *dreams of David Tennant*

      My Insanity: Yes! Me too. This one’s awesome.

      Clockwork Fairy Tales: I like when they just put gears on the edges. Clearly says steampunk, but doesn’t overdo it.

      Tarnish: Bahaha, she does look Spanish. For sure.

      Invitation: Right? I was like, honey, you’re on a cover, chill out for a lil’ bit. Bahaha, awesome.

      This Side of Jealousy: “Why am I surrounded by dickwads?”

      Sylo: I was thinking space ship, but maybe it’s a jet?

      Wethering the Storm: Yeah, I was really confused also. Why does the S look like a sassy snake? Who knows! There’s a swirl for every inch of his manhood!

      Sin Eater’s: Well, there you go. There’s a cover for everyone.

      Age Atomic: Yes, delightful it is.

  6. Nori says:

    Love the Neil Gaiman cover!!! Also, love Marianne Curley. She wrote some of my favorite books in my childhood. The Named was like my favorite book until I was 16 and read the Golden Compass. Seriously. And I had no idea she was coming out with anything new. It has been years! Thanks for sharing that.

  7. I really dislike the cover for Kiss Me. Its terrible. She seems kinda stuck up..
    The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a amazing cover. Really pretty, and blue is my favorite color!
    The Symptoms of My Insanity is so unique, it makes me want to see what the story is all about.

    Cover Battles:
    Pushing the Limits: Definitely the hardback. I do not like the zoomed in look.
    Whats Left of Me: Usa edition. I agree about the fonts. I do not like where they are in the German edition.
    Gilt- Hardback is way better then the softcover.. I do no like the whole guy kissing her neck thing..
    Half Lifes- NOO they are changing the cover?! That sucks I love the original one.. SO much more unique.

    Thanks Christina for letting showing us all these covers! Sometimes I do wonder about some of them tho lol!

    • Christina says:

      She definitely seems stuck up. Ugh!

      Blue’s totally my favorite color too!

      I added The Symptoms of My Insanity to my shelves based solely on the awesomeness of the cover.

      Half Lives: Right? WHY WOULD THEY? *weeps for humanity*

  8. Kayla Beck says:

    4. She looks like a dead hooker in a 1980s crime drama. *sigh*

    6. Surprisingly, I like this cover. Weird…

    9. Middle grade covers should set the standard for ALL books. *pets it*

    10. I wonder why YA hasn’t been putting dinosaurs on covers yet… I bet there’ll be an indie one next week now that I’ve said it.

    11. He’s about to shoot himself in the foot. Or lose a thumb.

    12. *gags*

    14. Did I really not know that Neil Gaiman had a new book coming out? I am so ashamed. This is what YA is doing to me. 🙁

    16. When your name is Argyle and you’re self-pubbed, you could have at least went there. (Yes, I’m an awful person.)

    17. I like this just as it is.

    18. Carolyn Crane is a lovely lady, so I’ll move along.

    22. I can never let Bug see this. She will demand it.

    30. It’s BoBo! I want this book!

    32. Wow, I really like this cover, even though it doesn’t match Gilt. Why do they always do that?

    35. I’m getting you an exploding butterfly dress for Christmas.

    37. This is me being impressed. I think the purple won me over.

    44. I’m intrigued, but I don’t want to touch this book.

    47. In Real Life, she is a 48 year old balding man who has sent that picture to all the other weird, creepy guys on Craigslist.

    48. Really? I just want to slap the hell out of that guy because he’s obviously not taking her out to dinner often enough.

    Cover Battle 6. I approve, though I hate feathers.

    CB 7. Here’s the Gilt thing. I’m so glad that I have the original hardcover. I think it’s beautiful and it’s one of my favorites. 😀

    I just can’t go there for the others. They were bad, but I’m trying to behave until I get my stripper business sorted out. *sigh*

    • Christina says:

      4. Bahahaha, I think this is set in the 1980s. LOL!

      6. Well, you are weird. And there’s nary a pastel.

      9. Seriously, mg has been showing up the others like whoa.

      10. Bahaha, we need a Dinotopia reboot!

      11. I will not cry for him. At least he didn’t stuff it down the front of his pants?

      14. I know! I had no idea either. He’s so sneaky!

      16. I love argyle. In fact, I’m wearing argyle knee socks RIGHT NOW.

      17. Yup, keep that quote. I’m telling you.

      22. Hahaha, they understand kids.

      30. BoBo?!?!?

      32. I don’t like that she looks Spanish.

      35. You are just too sweet. No really.

      37. Purple on a boy book?! Shocking and intriguing!

      44. Why not?

      47. Bahaha, probs.

      48. She does look skinny.

      CB 6: Yup. It’s better than one feather on a white background.

      CB 7: Unfortunate cover change is unfortunate. I have the hardback too.

  9. Favorite covers are The Ocean at the End of the Lane and Bird Nerd.

    Least favorite covers are the Shattered novella and New Pride. Ridiculously corny.

    Mustache guy cracked me up as did your comments like 5 times. I love these posts. I cannot imagine how much work they are. <3

    • Christina says:

      You must also like the color blue.

      The Shattered novella is the strangest crappy one. They don’t match the series at all and she’s a fairly big name. What the fuck happened there?

      🙂 They take several hours to put together. It’s a commitment.

  10. KM says:

    Totally agree about the Neil Gaimon cover. SO COOL! And I’m also with you on liking MG covers. I think I like them so much because a lot of them are illustrated, and illustrated covers are often my favorite. So I also liked the EMILIE AND THE HOLLOW WORLD one (despite the ‘quote goes here’ parts). But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by most of the Strange Chemistry covers – I’m impressed with a lot of them!

    • Christina says:

      I wasn’t a huge fan of illustrated covers, but they’re definitely growing on me.

      Me too with Strange Chemistry. They’re doing some good work, though occasionally they just try to walk it in, like with The Holders.

  11. Hell to Pay and the Zombie Goldfish… *snort*

    Kiss of Fire: That girl looks possessed. It’s creeping me out.

    Gilt and Tarnish: I actually like those new covers. And I thought I was the only one who noticed how the guy on Gilt looks like Jonathan! Yay, I’m not alone!

    Great post! I love these. 😀

  12. Lynn K. says:

    Kiss Me – I want to redesign the covers for the whole series… >.>

    Wicked Fate – The flames would have been cool, if only it weren’t her eyebrows on fire. It reminds me of Chinese dragons and oddly, Incarnate (Jodi Meadows). Probably because of the colors.

    Rouge – The font does not fit but it’s pretty! Also reminds me of Belladonna’s (Fiona Paul) cover.

    The Ocean at the End of the Lane – I like! I still haven’t read anything by Neil Gaiman, maybe this will be my first…

    Falling from Eternity – *cringe* The painted on clothes and hair are awful.

    Mystic – The cover model reminds me of the one on the recent Soul Screamer covers 😀

    Walking Disaster – Oh wow, I did not know about the whole follower fiasco. But I do like the cover a lot and would have picked it up in the bookstore…if only I didn’t hate the first book. On second look, did they blur out his nipple? *squint*

    The Sea of Tranquility – LMAO! I did not notice it was melted ice-cream until I read your comment (too busy being reminded of Across The Universe/ UK Starcrossed covers). But that aside I do like it, hopefully it’s related to the story in some way.

    Half Lives – Nooooo, why did they redesign it??? D:

    • Lynn K. says:

      Slightly unrelated:

      The cover for Symptoms of My Insanity reminds me of gorgeous collages done by Derek Gorres! I stumbled across it when I was researching art styles for my project and I fell in love with his work. The attention to detail is amazing.

    • Christina says:

      Kiss Me: I kind of just want to erase all the covers in the series. Burn them with fire!

      Wicked Fate: Hmmm, odd.

      Rouge: I see that. I like this one better, I think.

      Ocean at the End of the Lane: My fave Neil Gaiman is the Sandman graphic novel.

      Falling for You: This is just so awkward!

      Mystic: I see that.

      Walking Disaster: I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.

      Sea of Tranquility: ICE CREAM!

  13. 1. I, like you, am getting sick of all these Fallen-esque covers. Publishers need a new stock photo to fuck over!
    2. Hate these covers so, SO much. Even if I were remotely interested in reading these books (which I’m not) the covers would drive me away. (Yes, I know… Whatever, those things are fugly and I’m not touching them.)
    3. I like this overall, but seriously, flaming eyebrows of doom, oh no! Whatever shall I do! *eyeroll*
    4. Meh. I don’t know what it is about this cover – it just doesn’t really work for me. *shrugs* Whatcha gonna do.
    8. Clever usage of labeling the cover elements while spelling out the title, but otherwise I’m bored.
    9. THIS is why I love MG covers.
    10. *snorts* No, but nice try.
    11. *snorts even louder*
    12. *snorts even LOUDER*
    13. Yaaaaaaawn. And come ON, The 5 Wave
    14. Oooh, I really like this one! So mysterious and eerie!
    15. Booooooooooooring.
    17. It’s a cute enough cover, but I think the font used for the title just ruins it. No me gusta.
    18. No comment.
    22. Um….
    26. I like it! It’s cute, and I like the pink swirls.
    27. Interesting, but I don’t particularly like it.
    28. She DOES look illustrated! It’s the hair that really makes it stand out.
    29. Really? THAT’s what that cover looks like? REALLY?
    32. Bleh.
    33. LOL.
    34. Wait, the boy on the bottom left is smirking? … Oh. I thought he was constipated… And what the hell is up with the girl in the top left’s face? I can’t look at it without laughing.
    35. Yeah, no…
    36. I don’t like how the teenagers on the dock is tilted, but nothing else. It makes me dizzy.
    37. I actually like this one. Not sure why, but I do.
    38. Nope.
    41. I like the treatment of the author’s name but nothing else. I can’t look at the model without giggling. It looks like she’s a little child doing the airplane pose. WEEEEEEEEEE!
    44. I don’t like this one very much. It’s just… odd…
    46. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this cover…
    47. Not much of a fan of this one, either, unfortunately. Phooey.
    48. Of all names, why Whiskey Creek? Oh well, I’m sure they have rocking parties.
    49. And squat! And squat!
    50. This is… actually pretty good… I like how the butterfly is rising up from his arm. Well done. But there’s still no way in fucking hell I’m touching this.
    CB 1. I prefer the first one. The second one looks weird.
    CB 2. Definitely the first one!
    CB 3. None. I think they’re both cheesy and boring as hell.
    CB 4. I actually prefer the original for this redesign. I’m not a fan of how you can kind of see the rest of the background behind the yellow. Looks kind of yucky to me.
    CB 5. Oh, I actually really liked the first cover, but I love the second cover. Redesign: approved.
    CB 6. DEFINITELY the second cover. Love the font and love the filigree as well, actually.
    CB 7. I’m not a fan of either, actually. *shrugs* If I had to choose I guess I’d choose the second, though. I don’t like how I can see up her nostrils in the first one, and I don’t like the blue used.
    CB 8. None, they’re both boring.
    CB 9. What?! No! The first cover was so awesome!
    CB 10. I actually like that the spilled ice cream on the pavement makes the two faces. Clever.
    WTFotW. OMG. Bahahahaha!

    *phew* That was a lot of covers! And just because:

    • Had to delete some of my thoughts because Blogger’s an asshole and apparently my comment was ‘too long’.

    • Christina says:

      Sorry for Blogger being a hater!

      1. Stop making your heroine look like a whiny weakling. We’ve learned our lessons!
      2. I’ve never read a blurb or anything, because the covers are so bad I hardly want to touch them with a pole. Ugh.
      3. Right? I can’t take her seriously.
      7. I have NO idea.
      8. Yeah, but simple can be nice. Still not interested in the book personally, but…
      9. Right? They’re SO cute and wonderful and magical.
      13. Oooh, you gave me a gif!
      14. Also Neil Gaiman!
      17. Huh. The title font is just boring for me.
      27. Lol. This one’s been popular, but I can see how it might be off-putting.
      29. Right? I think she tweeted about it, so it’s not even a fake. O_O
      34. She’s lost. Or on a bad acid trip.
      41. Really? We have completely opposite reactions to this cover. Weird.
      48. Whiskey is icky, though!
      49. BAHAHAHA.
      50. Oh man, I don’t like that, actually.
      CB1. Yeah. Why is it sideways? WHY?
      CB3. I try to always choose one as better, but, yeah, they both suck.
      CB4. Ha, I think it’s so much more interesting. Lol.
      CB5. But then the two wouldn’t match?
      CB6. Very much. White feather on white background was always a bad choice.
      CB7. She definitely looks dead. But oh well. I just like that it doesn’t look like too many other covers.
      CB8. Right? This is like when they redesigned Sisters Red. I feel RAGE.
      CB10. I like it, but it also makes me laugh.

      Bqahahahaha, this gif. That is AWESOME.

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