The Dark Unwinding Blog Tour: Character Interview

Hello all! I am thrilled to have Uncle Tulman of The Dark Unwinding here today for an interview. He’s the charming uncle of Katharine, the main character of The Dark Unwinding, who was also kind enough to drop in!

Because Uncle Tully is uncomfortable talking strangers, I’ve asked Katharine to be with us and ask your questions, Christina. I hope that’s alright!

1) What was the first toy you were given as a child?

Uncle Tully: Given? Given, little niece? Toys are not given! They are made! I draw the pictures and Lane takes the pictures and brings me my pieces and I make them as they should be and…

Katharine: Then why don’t you tell us about the first toy you made, Uncle.

Uncle Tully: Clocks. I took out the pieces and put them back as they should be, though not where they were before. Fifty-seven clocks, and then I made a cat. A small cat that was not many days. It was not many days but it got too tired and did not wake up, and Marianna said we should not forget so I drew a picture and gave it to Marianna and Marianna got all my pieces. That was before Lane was. And when I got my pieces I made them all as they should be.

Katharine: How old were you…I mean, how many years were you then, Uncle?

Uncle Tully: Six years. Plus one hundred and eighty-four days and sixteen minutes. I do not count seconds. Never seconds.

2) I know you were very close to your mom. How was your relationship with your father?
Uncle Tully: I don’t remember. I forget. It was right to forget. He was not splendid.

3) How did you get along with your brothers as a child? Were they nice to you?
Uncle Tully: Simon watches me play, and he thinks, and he does not touch my toys and he does not like to play. He does not understand. George tells me what to do, and he takes my things. He always touches. He breaks, and I do not like that and so Marianna takes my things from him. That was before the workshop, and Lane, and before my little niece.

4) Did you ever have a girlfriend?
Uncle Tully: Girl? I saw a girl once. A girl comes with my little niece. I don’t understand. I don’t…

Katharine: Never mind, Uncle.

5) Which of your toys in the workshop is your favorite?
Uncle Tully: I don’t understand. What does she mean, Simon’s baby? They are my toys and I make them just right. They are splendid! And she should not touch…

Katharine: Christina will not touch your toys, Uncle. We are only asking questions today, remember? You said you could answer eight questions.

6) What do you plan to make next?
Uncle Tully: Oh! Shall I tell her, little niece? Should I? Shall I? I think I shall! I am making…a garden! It shall have birds, and rabbits and tall flowers that move when the air makes them. Only I shall make them move with pieces on the inside, not with the air from the outside. And when the sun shines the colors get brighter, just like the outside, just so…

Katharine: The flowers are made of colored glass, Christina. He’s connected them to the gas jets and done something to make the gas inside them glow very bright. It’s quite beautiful.

7) If you made a toy featuring Katharine (as you have done for other family members), what would it be like?
Uncle Tully: No. No, no, no! I don’t want to make it. I don’t want to remember, because I don’t want Simon’s baby to get too tired. I don’t want her to go away! No!

Katharine: I’m not going away, Uncle.

8) Tell me a little secret. Should you? Shall you? I think you shall!
Katharine: Can you tell Christina a secret, Uncle Tully?

Uncle Tully: Shall I?

Katharine: I think you should. Christina won’t tell.

Uncle Tully: Then I shall! Are you ready? Are you listening? Do you want to hear? My secret is…I…like…my little niece!

Thanks for stopping by, you two!  

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12 responses to “The Dark Unwinding Blog Tour: Character Interview”

  1. Lilian says:

    Fascinating character interview, mostly because Uncle Tulman is such a unique, open voice.

    Oh that secret was not scandalous! And they were wrong to think you wouldn’t tell, you’ve just announced it to everyone.

    • Christina says:

      Isn’t he? I don’t usually like character interviews actually, but the characters were powerful in this one, so it was fun!

      Also, I totally told. It’s true. Good thing it wasn’t scandalous!

  2. *sigh* I love him. Just love hearing his voice again. Thank you for sharing, Christina. And thanks for asking the questions, Simon’s baby! I hope this somehow gets turned into a series.

  3. Anya says:

    I read the book review, and I’m going to try and nab it at the library… this was an adorable interview! Loved it <3

  4. M.A.D. says:

    I can almost picture the colorful glass flowers inner-filled with gas to make them glow …

    Can’t you just imagine a garden full of these?! <3

  5. Hannah_TBV says:

    Thanks so much for participating in the tour Christina!

  6. Kayla Beck says:

    I just finished the book, so I got around to finally reading this character interview. It made me smile muchly. I really liked Uncle Tully a lot – he was probably my favorite character in the book. 🙂

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