Review: Magic Under Glass

Review: Magic Under GlassMagic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore
Series: Magic Under #1
Published by Bloomsbury USA Childrens on December 22, 2009
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Steampunk
Pages: 225
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
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Nimira is a music-hall performer forced to dance for pennies to an audience of leering drunks. When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to do a special act - singing accompaniment to an exquisite piano-playing automaton, Nimira believes it is the start of a new life. In Parry's world, however, buried secrets stir.

Unsettling below-stairs rumours abound about ghosts, a mad woman roaming the halls, and of Parry's involvement in a gang of ruthless sorcerers who torture fairies for sport. When Nimira discovers the spirit of a dashing young fairy gentleman is trapped inside the automaton's stiff limbs, waiting for someone to break the curse and set him free, the two fall in love. But it is a love set against a dreadful race against time to save the entire fairy realm, which is in mortal peril.

The opening chapters did not interest me immediately, and I feared that I would not care much for this book or the sequel. Then Nimira went to Parry’s house and suddenly, without noticing the change, I realized that I was reading voraciously, completely wrapped up in the story Dolamore created. From that point, she didn’t let me go.

Nimira is not the typical strong heroine, nor is she a shrinking violet. She lacks in physical strength and she cries several times. Still, she is a powerful girl to be reckoned with. When the chips are down, she does not let fear stop her. She fights for those she loves and for herself.

Okay, who would have thought that an author could make this work so well? I mean, Erris can’t say anything but “Mmm,” and can communicate solely by piano. His movements are similarly limited. Yet, Dolamore manages to make him come across as a real, dynamic character with a personality, rather than a static one. Wow. Just wow.

The inside flap compares Magic Under Glass to Libba Bray and Charlotte Bronte. My initial reaction to this was skepticism. I definitely didn’t see the Bronte at all. When I found it, my like for the book became even stronger. This was pretty much the deciding factor for loving this book over merely liking it.

This book has everything. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Cinder or A Long, Long Sleep, other recent favorites. I am so incredibly excited to read Magic Under Stone.

15 responses to “Review: Magic Under Glass”

  1. I hadn’t heard of this book before today but it sounds like it really captured you! I love books that have magic and faeries, and I can’t quite believe that a character in a book can’t say more than ‘umm’, but I guess it’s the prose not the conversation that carries a story along. Think I will check this one out!

    • Christina says:

      Yeah, poor guy, right? He’s stuck in that clockwork body, so he can’t move. He’s lucky he can make any sound! But he still manages to have personality. That is some skill.

  2. Christina K. says:

    Oh this one sounds awesome! I love the magician aspect and how it’s part steampunk. I love how communication is so unique in this:)

  3. Yiling says:

    I haven’t heard much about Magic Under Glass, but I would love to read it!

  4. Lei says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this series but it sounds interesting! I like the whole “classic” feel of the setting. Reminded me a little about Phantom of the Opera, only with more magic and with a different story. OKay, so it’s not really like Phantom at all. Haha. But it seriously reminded me of it. 🙂

    I like the second cover better, too. Pretty!

    • Christina says:

      Hahaha, I love this comment. Yeah, I’m not seeing the Phantom connection, but I’ve not read Phantom, only seen the movie, so I won’t say it’s not there!

  5. I haven’t read this book…but it sounds interesting!
    Great review!! 🙂

  6. Stephanie says:

    I had never heard of this series before, it sounds really interesting! Thanks for reviewing it!

  7. tjmetz says:

    Thanks for the introduction to a new series, it sounds great!

  8. crystal says:

    I had not heard of this book before finding your site..sounds like i might need to check it out.

  9. Sonia says:

    I have recently purchased this book and am looking forward to reading this. I prefer the paperback cover with white blackground, a couple and a piano. Have you seen that? Great review! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      I have seen that one, and it’s very cute for sure. I probably do like it best, but it doesn’t match book two, at least not yet. If they released a matching one, I would like that best definitely!

  10. This sounds amazing! Thank you so much for the great review. 🙂

  11. Janita says:

    I’ve never heard of this book before, but now I want to read it!

  12. Christina says:

    All of you, the series is well worth checking out! Thanks for the compliments!

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