Manga Review: Ugly Duckling’s Love Revolution

Manga Review: Ugly Duckling’s Love RevolutionUgly Duckling's Love Revolution by Yuuki Fujinari
Series: Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution,
Published by Yen Press on August 16, 2011
Genres: Contemporary
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Welcome to the prestigious Saint Leaf School, where, among other things, the boys are so pretty they give the girls a run for their money! Amidst this bed of flowers exists one Hitomi Sakuragawa, a sweet girl with a not-so-little weight problem, who lives in a nearby apartment owned by her doting older brother. Hitomi also happens to have pretty much the best luck on the planet: Her neighbors are some of the hottest guys in school! But will she need to steel her willpower, cut out the cookies, and slim down before they'll even give her the time of day? Or will they be charmed by her kindhearted, genuine personality? It won't be long before Hitomi discovers that the road to a healthy lifestyle is paved with hilarity!

This was one weird manga, and believe me I know. What’s weird is that it’s a shoujo manga with no romance. It’s hinted at, but never goes anywhere. Hitomi loses the weight and, Bam!, that’s the end of the story. Shoujo is all about romance, so it’s very strange for it not to be included. Stranger yet, this is a reverse harem manga, and she still doesn’t get to have one of the like eight bishounen surrounding her.

What was cool, if not incredibly realistic, was how popular Hitomi was, regardless of her appearance. All of the hottest guys in school were friends with her and wanted to spend time with her. One of them even seemed to have a crush on her. Everyone in the manga was pretty nice, even the ones that were gruff on the surface. It would be nice if people really were this encouraging and focused on internal beauty.

Of course, I do think it undoes some of that message that Hitomi was depicted as a chibi character a lot, like on the cover of volume one. Also, she didn’t get to have the typical large pretty eyes of a manga character. Fat people get little dots for eyes. Umm, what is that about? People’s eyes stay the same size no matter their weight, but, sure enough, when she got skinny, she got pretty girl eyes. Uncool.

If this manga does anything at all, it endorses working out and staying healthy, perhaps suggesting that you will get yourself a bunch of sexy friends if you do so. I will not be revisiting this one, but it was interesting enough, so long as you know what to expect from it.

One response to “Manga Review: Ugly Duckling’s Love Revolution”

  1. Krispina-The-Derp says:

    I agree on the entire fat vs skinny design. Granted this may be a shoo but I think the entire point was them to just be friends. Hitoshi I enjoyed as a character , she didn’t have to be love stuck to make her loose the weight she just did it for her self.

    I did find it cute that the first year classmate had a crush on her and liked her just the way she was . This story I believe set a more positive motivation then ” Kiss him not me” but that series is still going and I’m going to see what that one has in stored .

    Remember fokes fat or not you can still make good friends!

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