March 2019: Month in Review

In some ways, not much happened in March. Certainly nothing exciting I can report to you guys, like vacations or visitors or anything. But, emotionally, this month was all over the place. Opportunities arose and were quashed. Decisions were made for one reason which proved false only to be right because of another reason. Weather warmed up only to cool back down again. I’m ready for the spring, you guys.

March Posts

Blog-wise, I’ve scarcely been posting. I’ve decided to stop trying to force myself to post X times a week and to just post when I feel like it. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit more motivated than I was in March, but I think it’s the right choice for me right now. But here’s what I did post.

That said, I read A LOT, so let’s move on to that portion of the round up.

March Reading

In case you haven’t checked in before or in a while, I don’t review most of what I read anymore. I try to review my new favorites, but there are a lot I enjoy that I don’t talk about here. I’ll be breaking the 38 books I read in March down into categories, based on how good they were for me personally.

Christina Books

As the category name suggests, these books are so right for me. They’re the books that make me feel, the books I’m going to buy for my own shelves, if I don’t already have them.

Excellent Reads

These are the books that I really enjoyed and that I would recommend to most anyone, even if I didn’t have quite enough feels to make them permanent favorites. (With the exception of Magic Triumphs, which I have complicated feelings about as a series ender.)

Enjoyable Reads

This category is a catch-all for all the books I liked but didn’t love or necessarily want to broadly recommend. They’re all books I had a great time reading, so, if they interest you, jump on it.

Favorites from this group: Prince’s Gambit/King’s Rising (but seriously don’t read this series unless you’re prepared to read a lot of rape), A Chance Encounter, The Right Swipe, Virtually Yours. These were all books I debated putting into the prior category.

Not-for-Me Books

Every book doesn’t work for every reader. These books didn’t work for me for a whole hose of reasons. Some I mostly enjoyed reading; some I didn’t. Many of these were actually entertaining, quick reads, but I left them with mixed feelings.

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  1. Gina says:

    The not letting yourself force a post thing…totally freeing, right? As for your reading…well done…looks like a nice mix, and several titles I’ll have to look further into. HAPPY READING!
    Gina recently posted…Happy BOOK BIRTHDAY to… SMOKE AND KEY by Kelsey Sutton!My Profile

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