I’ve Got You Covered (8)

All the best (at least by my tastes) in recent cover art.

Middle Grade

1. Anya and the Dragon – Sofiya Pasternack

I actually thought this was YA or adult, but I don’t care because it’s so beautiful.

2. The Portal (Tangled in Time #1) – Kathryn Lasky


3. The Bone Garden – Heather Kassner

Everything the mist touches is our kingdom.

Young Adult

1. The Hand, the Eye & the Heart – Zoë Marriott

Yes, my hand, my eye, and my heart all want this. How did you know?

2. Beyond the Black Door – A.M. Strickland

Why is the keyhole on the ceiling though?!?!?!

3. Year of the Wicked: Summer; Fall; Winter; Spring – Jeff Mariotte

Wicked cool.

4. Red Skies Falling (Skybound #2) – Alex London

They may have gotten the red pen out for this, but not because it was flawed.

5. Songs from the Deep – Kelly Powell

When I look at this, I hear Ursula shouting, “KEEP SINGING!”

6. We Used to Be Friends – Amy Spalding

Anyone else feel a sudden need to rewatch Veronica Mars?

7. Enough Is Enough: How Students Can Join the Fight for Gun Safety – Michelle Roehm McCann

Hard to look at without feeling tired and sad and angry all at once, so that’s on point.

8. When the Stars Lead to You – Ronni Davis

The concept is something I’ve seen before, but I love the title treatment sooooo much.

9. Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1) – Cassandra Clare

Must you be so pretty? Don’t make me read thissssss.

10. American Royals (American Royals #1) – Katharine McGee

Shopping list update: GIVE ME THAT DRESS.

11. The Guinevere Deception (Camelot Rising #1) – Kiersten White

Like most people, I’ve never liked Guinevere in Arthurian legend, but one look at this cover, and I’m ready to stan for her for life.

12. As Kismet Would Have It (Dimple and Rishi #2.5) – Sandhya Menon

Though this is a short story, they didn’t phone it in, and I love that Dimple’s got that iced coffee at the ready. The best covers are references to actual events in the book.

13. Fake It Till You Break It – Jenn P. Nguyen

Hot pink and sassy af.

14. The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan – Sherry Thomas

Let’s get down to business…to defeat THE HUNS.

15. The Rest of the Story – Sarah Dessen

The title’s like the path of a meandering boat, rowed by a ghost.

16. Shadow & Flame (Rime Chronicles #2) – Mindee Arnett

If you zoom in on a really high res version of the cover, you can see all the detail that went into this hanging emblem, and that’s what really makes me love this cover. Also, it’s gonna lure in that GOT fanbase.

17. Scavenge the Stars (Scavenge the Stars #1) – Tara Sim


18. The Memory Thief – Lauren Mansy

A maze ing.

19. Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle #1) – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Kauf in German “buy”, which we’re all going to do because omg look at it.

20. The How & the Why – Cynthia Hand

Ironically, they didn’t half-ass this.

21. Aladdin: Far from Agrabah – Aisha Saeed

Did they just manage to make Jasmine’s outfit EVEN MORE GORGEOUS?


1. The Night Tiger – Yangsze Choo

I want a dress in this color palette, please. The Night Tiger‘s out now; no need to wait to obtain this pretty cover for your collection.

2. The Resurrectionist of Caligo – Wendy Trimboli & Alicia Zaloga


3. The Goblin Emperor (The Goblin Emperor #1) – Katherine Addison

The US cover freaks me out, but this one is soooo pretty. Wasn’t my kinda fantasy but this makes me want to give it another shot anyway.

4. Silver in the Wood – Emily Tesh

I like the little treehouse in his head. It’s like an apartmENT.

5. Not the Girl You Marry – Andie J. Christopher

Not my favorite title, but the illustrations are cute and there’s a pup!

6. The Ascent to Godhood (Tensorate #4) – JY Yang

The whole series has phenomenal covers, but this one’s my absolute fave. God, it’s good.

7. Everybody’s Doin’ It: Sex, Music, and Dance in New York, 1840-1917 – Dale Cockrell

You might want brain bleach for parts of this, but the cover just makes me smile.

8. Time After Time – Lisa Grunwald

Hello, yes, Modcloth, I would like this dress, please.

9. The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday – Saad Z. Hossain

I always love Tor.com’s cover art, but holy wow this is an unusual style for them but still amazing.

10. The Melancholy of Mechagirl – Catherynne M. Valente

Melancholy must be the opposite of how Valente felt on seeing this cover.

11. The Golden Wolf (The Half-Drowned King #3) – Linnea Hartsuyker

The halo crown’s a bit silly but this art is amazing and I always love wolfies.

12. A Song of Three Spirits – J. Zachary Pike

This came out in December, but I wanted to highlight it because small press with an awesome cover.

13. Zero Bomb – M.T. Hill

I’m so curious about this book and what it has to do with a fox on a typewriter.

14. Twice in a Blue Moon – Christina Lauren

The covers they’re getting are improving a thousandfold, and I’m so happy about what that’s going to do to my shelves.

15. Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City – K. J. Parker

The warriors all look like grim reapers, but the medieval flair makes me smile.

16. Meet Me in the Future: Stories – Kameron Hurley

If that massive lobster thing is in the future, I’ll pass.

17. The Stylist Takes Manhattan (Amber Green #2) – Rosie Nixon

This makes my teen self who desperately loved chick lit so happy. I would have picked this up in a HEARTBEAT. Then I would have been confused because it’s a second book in a series but whatever.

18. Snakeskins – Tim Major

Weird af tbh with these people being swallowed by ivy and the title raining orange on their faces, but it’s cool and lbr we want to know what the eff is happening.

19. The Last Tsar’s Dragons – Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple


20. Radicalized – Cory Doctorow

Small press, but big awesome. Although I’m not sure why they’re anti-toast tbh. FYI, out now!

21. Longer – Michael Blumlein

I swear this cover is taller and narrower than usual, and that’s super hilarious with the title.

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  1. These covers are amazing! I def judge books by their covers. My favorites from this list are probably Red Skies Falling and Anya and the Dragon. 🙂

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