December 2018: Month in Review

We made it through 2018, which in and of itself really feels like an accomplishment this year, even though the days turned all by themselves like usual. It’s been a hell of a year, in basically all possible interpretations of that.

I spent my new year the way I like to: at home in pajamas, reading a great book and watching TV. I did wear a sparkly shirt, because that is the degree to which I am actually a festive human being.

December’s a great month, not so much because I care particularly about Christmas or New Year’s, but because there are three work holidays (at least for me—my boyfriend’s a teacher, so he had like half the month off). I enjoyed the extra reading time a lot, which allowed me to make it to 310 books read, rather than 305, which was my projection. Not bad considering I had a challenge of 100 this year. Turns out reading only a little bit just doesn’t feel like me.


In terms of writing, I finished out December feeling pretty good about myself. I did take a couple of days off my daily writing goal without making them up, but otherwise I stayed on track. The goal of 500 words a day does feel much more manageable, so I hope to continue that on in 2019. It doesn’t sound that difficult but…

I’ve got three projects I’ve been working on, and I’ve managed to stay a bit more on task than I was at the start of 2018, where I worked on something different everyday basically.

  1. My Twelfth Night historical is at 28k, and I basically need someone smart to give it a quick look and tell me if anything is salvageable and bounce some ideas with me. Or I need to wait for a lightning bolt of inspiration. Currently mostly on hold, but I do get an idea here or there.
  2. My P&P modernization is at 17,500, and I mostly really like it, which is nice. The voice is super judgey, which comes naturally to me lol. I still have a few things to figure out, but I do like how certain aspects are unraveling.
  3. The third project is a historical about a strong mother/daughter bond, since you really don’t see that often. I’ve only got 5k written, and I have no plot yet, but it’s the one I play with when I feel stuck on the others.


Maintaining content three days a week is surprisingly difficult when I only review the books that I’m really impressed by (or at least liked quite a lot and have many words I want to say about). Still, I’m managing, even though the last thing I want to do is write a review after writing my words for the day.

Here are the reviews from December 2018:

Without planning on it, I’ve apparently turned my blog into a Deanna Raybourn and Ilona Andrews fan blog. I’m okay with it. But, hey, a full three of these were review books, so I’m still good at this book reviewer thing, right?


Since I’m clearly not reviewing all the books I’ve read anymore, here are all the 36 books I read in December, broken down by my very personal level of enjoyment.

Christina Books

These are the books I loved, the books of my heart. I tend to review these anyway, but I like looking at their beautiful book faces and also I reread a bunch of amazing books that you should probably read if you haven’t already succumbed to my shouting about them.

Really Liked

These books are really, really excellent. They’re ones I’m pretty comfortable recommending. For a reason or two, they weren’t quite Christina books, but they were awesome without doubt.


I liked these for sure but might be more hesitant to recommend them for various reasons.

Not for Me

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that there’s a book for every reader and these are not for this reader.

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  1. You celebrate New Year’s Eve exactly like I like to hahah. I’m all for sparkly tops and staying at home! I love the sound of your writing projects and I’m glad they are going well for you! I’m making it a goal this year to write 400-500 words a day… I should get on that… but it seems like a good starting point. Enough of a challenge for me at this point haha. As always, I’m impressed with how much you’re able to read in a month!!
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