Bookshelf Tour, Volume 1: Aaron-Avi

People have been asking me to do a bookshelf tour for, um, years. I’ve thought about doing one, but I was held back by laziness and not being sure what, precisely, I was meant to do. My mind definitely pictured something like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or MTV’s Cribs, only with just my library? Which obvs was not going to happen because I am a MESS. Despite that, I’ve finally resolved to do it, only my way.

Because I have a preponderance of books and I figure the purpose of this endeavor is to actually be able to see them, I’m breaking this into a bunch of posts, section of bookshelf by bookshelf. I’ll give you a couple stats, as well as a list of what’s on those shelves. Ready?

My books are sorted alphabetically by author, though I’ve separated out short story collections, plays, and non-fiction for space reasons. I’ll re-interfile someday when space is less of a concern. I may or may not show those. So here’s the first half of my first shelf, with my A authors.


Total # of books: 73

Read: 42

Favorite on each shelf: 1: Six of Crows boxset (yes, I’m cheating); 2: The Upside of Unrequited; 3: Pride & Prejudice (DUH)

Unread Book I most want to read? 2: The Girl Who Chased the Moon; 3: Tiger Lily (so people will stop being mad at me)

The Contents:

[R] means I’ve read all in that section, unless otherwise noted. Absence of an [R] means that book or series is thoroughly unread. Links go to blog posts or GR, depending on if I have a review or not.

I hope you enjoyed that. I’m off to shelf-read my whole collection. BYEEEEEEE.

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