June 2018: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:

Reading and not a whole lot else. My boyfriend left me to go on a fabulous trip to Egypt, and I’m trying to destroy my jealousy by remembering how hot it is there right now. That means I’ve spent a lot of time…on my couch. Which, frankly, isn’t a huge change, only now I’m alone on my couch.


There are still under 20 songs in my 2018 playlist, which is absurd. I should start trying to listen to more music, but I haven’t had the energy. I guess I’ll share the video for one of the songs, one you all know because it’s ALWAYS on the radio, but I love it and I especially love the video for being all about an awesome, diverse girl gang being there for each other and wearing comfy pajamas hell to the yes. It gives the song such a message of female friendship and support, and it gives me major feelings. Sorry, watch this while I remove the tree branch from my eyeball.

And as a bonus, if you want to thirst over hot women in suits (I don’t get this video but well IDGAF):

Movies & TV:

My life right now is Project Runway, World of Dance, and So You Think You Can Dance. I know there was a time when I watched things that were not reality TV but apparently I really need stories about diverse people with massive talent being honored and respected for those talents right now. For some reason. Also, I’m super pissed that seasons 1-14 of SYTYCD are NOWHERE. Like, let me give you my money, damn it.

Oh but I DID watch Set It Up, and it was AWESOME. Dear Netflix, keep the rom coms coming, and you will never lose me as a customer. We need more movies like this. It’s adorable, shippy, bantery, but feels modern in a way my older faves do not. I think it will appeal to some people who don’t like rom coms while also satisfying rom com fans. Very much recommended.

Right at the end of the month, I did finally find a new show to watch that wasn’t reality TV, after watching one ep or less of several shows: The Fosters. I’m so obsessed, and I could not ship those moms harder, because they are the best and sweetest and give me all the feels. I don’t usually ship couples who are already together, but perfection is irresistible. Sure, I spend most of each show wanting to shake the kids for making bad choices, but I feel for them all so hard. RIGHT IN THE FEELS.

Reviews Posted:

Remember: I’m pretty much just reviewing my favorites now, but you can stalk my GR (I would recommend following or friending if you’re super curious) for my reactions to everything I didn’t review.

Christina Books:

The books that make my black heart feel. That pretty much sums it up.

You guys, I’m pretty sad to be moving on from Sarah Dessen, but thrilled to finally be loving some books that aren’t by Sarah Dessen. It’s complicated. Much as I loved all of these, damn, The Kiss Quotient was so fucking hot that I think I have to love it the most. Sorry, them’s the rules.

Excellent Reads:

Really good books that I would recommend to most people who are interested in the genre/concept. I have almost entirely positive things to say, but they didn’t give me feels.

I want to especially call out The Radical Element for being perhaps my favorite anthology ever and Mask of Shadows for being a damn good fantasy debut.


These books are pretty darn good. I enjoyed reading them, and sometimes I devoured them way faster than the Excellent Reads. There’s definitely a flaw or more in each of these, but they’re absolutely worth reading, depending on the reader.

Not for Me:

Everything from meh to bored to wanted to set it on fire. It’s safe to say that these books didn’t work for me as a reader. They may work better for you.

I had a few major unpopular opinion moments this month. and I wish I read the same book everyone else did because, man, that was sad. Mostly, the unifying quality these books have is that my predominant emotion was boredom.

2 responses to “June 2018: Month in Review”

  1. Shira says:

    I thought I was the only person who didn’t enjoy The Wedding Date. I’m so glad I’m not alone!
    Also, Sarah Dessen is just the best!

  2. Lana says:

    I loved the sample/excerpt of Tash Hearts Tolstoy real hard, but I think I wanted more of the Making of Unhappy Families and less of the friendship drama. I did enjoy the ace angle, but not the CW show style resolution.

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