Book Slumps and Audiobooks

Last year, I read over 400 books. This year, I’ve read 28, and many of those have been in the last couple of weeks. In the month of February, I read a grand total of 4 books. FOUR. In March, 5. And, in that time, all but one of those 9 books was an audiobook. Of the 28 books I’ve read, 14 have been audiobooks.

I went through easily the longest and most intense book slump since I started book blogging. I’ve talked a bit in the past about that and about the reasons for it, and I’m not planning to get into that again today. Though I am happy to say that the slump seems to be over finally. I’m reading again and finding balance.

2018 was meant to be a year of change for me, but, as is often the case, the changes haven’t gone how I expected. In both amazing and not so great ways. With everything that was going on, I didn’t have the mental energy for reading or the real desire to. TV and I got reacquainted big time.

Sometimes I read on Twitter or hear in real life someone saying that audiobooks don’t count as reading. Obviously, you’re listening to words rather than taking them in with your eyeballs, so it is a disparate experience, but I will forever be on Team Audiobooks Totally Count. I mean, they actually take longer to read for one thing, and it uses another part of your brain. Audiobooks can be life savers for people (hiiiii Levi) for just this reason.

When I couldn’t bring myself to pick any books up, I did manage to keep an audiobook going. They didn’t get my full attention, but for long drives or occasional boredom, I turned back to my old friends. For me, listening to an audiobook is a bit easier, because I can multitask enough that I don’t need to devote my full attention to follow the story and characters. I can’t grocery shop, but I can play Candy Crush while I listen. Audiobooks are part of my evening and morning routine once I’m too tired to read anymore and need to be winding down for bed.

Were it not for audiobooks, I’d have been even more disconnected from the book world, and it was picking up some new review audiobooks that inspired me to come back and really commit to this blog (*cough* Again *cough*).

In addition to listening to a bunch of audiobooks, I also let myself reread some favorites (Illuminae and Gemina) and finish the trilogy (Obsidio), and that very much helped too.

Being the nerd that I am, I also came up with a new plan for working through review copies and other books too. I know a lot of you are mood readers who pick up whatever you feel like in the moment, which I admire, but I really do well with a schedule of some sort. As long as I’m free to DNF anything that doesn’t click.

How do you guys deal with books slumps? Do you have any audiobooks to recommend? Any awesome titles I’ve missed out on so far in 2018?

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  1. Katie says:

    I think you’re DNF resolution is a great step toward the balance you referred to. I hit a major reading slump last year when I started a new relationship. I definitely started relying on audiobooks more, as you did. I also built little book dates into my life. For an hour on Saturday mornings, I read. I read on my lunch break on certain days of the week. I intentionally got to my boyfriend’s apartment after work before he got home so I’d have 20 minutes to read in the parking lot. I also switched genres from contemporary romance and fantasy to cozy mystery. I hadn’t read widely in that genre before. Mysteries were easy to get sucked in to but were also soothing and didn’t require much of me mentally or emotionally. After I got engaged, the mysteries I read became more robust and complicated because I needed to be really invested in a lot of details to give my brain a break from wedding stuff. I’ve really enjoyed listening to audiobooks by Agatha Christie and reading Karen White paperbacks from my local second hand bookstore. My favorite new book find has been The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey, listened to on audiobook.

  2. Heather says:

    I’m so jealous that you can listen to audiobooks! I’ve tried so hard, but my mind wanders way too much. They definitely count as books!

    Usually when I’m in a reading slump, it’s because I’m way too overextended or exhausted, so l’ll binge-watch my favorite shows while in a blanket burrito, or I’ll do a jigsaw puzzle and listen to music. I still try to get in at least an hour of reading every day (I wake up an hour earlier than necessary for work so I can start the day more calmly with coffee and a book), but after work, it doesn’t always happen because of the exhaustion I feel, unfortunately. Reading something really light often helps me out of a slump, too. Nora Roberts’ Stars of Fortune was just what I needed for the slump I had in February 🙂

    I’m so happy to read that you’re finding balance. That is such a tricky thing to do because adulting is hard and exhausting. Yay!

    I think I’m way behind with the amount I normally read, too, but in all honesty, I’m okay with it. I’m really trying hard to practice more self-care, so if I want to watch tv or crush candy, I’m going to do it and I’m not going to feel guilty. I’ve been able to find more balance with a lot of the new things I’m bringing in to my life, and it feels so good. Keep doing you, my friend!

  3. I’ve read 27 books this year, which is decent for me! But I feel less pressure this year than ever before because I’ve learned when I do go through slumps, the best thing to do is to listen to my brain and just… wait it out. Watch tv, read magazines, organize my book lists. And reread! Rereading almost always helps me. I also find I tend to go a couple weeks without reading and then read 3 books in 5 days. Done that a few times this year haha.
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  4. I haven’t been going through much of a book slump but I have been reading far less than usual and spending a lot more time watching things due to work being so hectic. For a while there it was just hard to focus. I wish I could rely more on a schedule rather than my brain always deciding what to read based on mood… which means most of my review books have fallen by the wayside. And most of them end up getting unreviewed for large periods of time. I need to really figure out a way to get back into the swing of things.
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