November 2017: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:

With the coming of winter, I’ve entered hermit mode. I’ve pretty much stopped going on dates because I don’t feel like it, for example. Aside from some holiday events with friends and family, I’m happily spending my time on the couch with books.

Blogging-wise, I had a tough couple of months. Remember when I took that three week break without saying anything? Yeah, truth is I was actually seriously considering closing my blog down for good. At this point, I’m like 95% decided I’m going to keep it going, but odds got down to about 25% there for a while. I couldn’t talk about it at that point, because I felt so pessimistic. Sometimes I struggle with how little I feel like I matter in the community anymore, and it’s also just so much time. But I had a really great reading month in November, I’ve got my blog scheduled almost a month ahead, and I’m feeling much more positive and in control.

Movies & TV:

I caught up on all the iZombie on Netflix and, man, I’d forgotten how much  I love that show, even if it’s massively frustrating ship-wise.

I rode that high directly to Rose McIver’s christmas movie, Christmas Prince, which I watched with Gillian. Nothing has ever been more up our alleys. Nothing has ever been more absurdly bad and predictable. Well, okay, that’s over-stating it a bit, but I definitely would not have finished if I’d watched it alone. I know from iZombie that McIver can act, but wow.

Due to accidentally spoiling myself (reading Twitter) on series 7 of GBBO, I’d never finished. I rewatched the early episodes and finally finished. As per usual, I wept my way through the endings of all the later episodes. This show is EVERYTHING.

Now I’ve started the massive undertaking of watching New Girl. I’d seen up to when Jess and Nick get together initially and then quit out of fear. Since I hear it’s going to end soon and likely on a good note, I’m biting the bullet and binging. So far I’m thrilled with this choice. I’d forgotten how much I loved this show too. Nick ♥♥♥.

Reviews Posted:

During November I read 43 books. It’s maybe the most I’ve read in a single month this year, though I’m not positive, because I’m not going back and counting yet. My stats posts at the end of the year will be fun, though. I read SO much good stuff this month, and I couldn’t be more chuffed (even if Jessie stubbornly remains 8-9 books ahead no matter how little or much I read). At the end of November I was at 402 books read.

I’m slowly but surely turning into a romance blogger, because I need even more kissing books to deal with the world right now.


In a lot of months, I DNFed about half as many books as I finished, and I would have been way happier if that had been the case in November too. Especially towards the end of the month, I read a bunch of books that bored me most of the way through, but for various reasons I didn’t DNF, mostly that I decided I wasn’t into them too far in to quit.

I want to call out Piecing Me Together, because I do think that books is very beautifully-written and lovely, albeit very much not the right sort of narrative for me personally. So if you’re interested in that one, absolutely do not let me put you off.

Sleeping Giants and Storm Front I both DNFed because I couldn’t handle the portrayal of women. Books by men, I s2g.

Everything else gets either a shrug or a decisive headshake of nope.

3 responses to “November 2017: Month in Review”

  1. Leah says:

    I’m glad you’re sticking around the blogosphere, at least for a little while longer. You’re one of my favorite bloggers. 🙂

    Happy December!

  2. Nori says:

    I’m glad you are still blogging!

    Also, we have the same tv brain. I like all of the same shows as you. I need to catch up on Great British Bake Off. But, I adore it. I love New Girl. And I love iZombie.
    Nori recently posted…Compass South by Hope Larson and art by Rebecca MockMy Profile

  3. I would have to say I got down to 25% odds of keeping my blog going too. This was a rough year, but I’m glad we’re both still at it.
    Oooh I just started watching GBBO! Like from the very beginning. It’s so fluffy and wonderful. I also started watching Top Chef too because I never watched the first few seasons. I love food shows. I also need to get caught up on New Girl.. I don’t even know where I’m at at this point.
    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday – The Past Is Never by Tiffany Quay TysonMy Profile

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