September & October 2017: Months in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:

Blogging-wise, September and October were rough months for me. Though I’ve been reading a ton this year, I barely read for almost three weeks. Some of that time was because I was on vacation, but it was still weird for me. I intended to take a two week hiatus, but ended taking just over three. Coming back from that was really tough. You know, I never took hiatuses in the past because I feared I’d quit altogether because not blogging is easier, and it turns out I know myself well lol.


Well, I saw Rufus Wainwright with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra which was awesome.

I also, you know, went to the Netherlands and hung out with Debby for almost two weeks. She was so kind as to put up with me, and it was great catching up. I also completely love the Netherlands; in some alternate universe, I move there. :-p

Reviews Posted in September:

During September, I read 30 books, which makes it a not-great reading month for me in 2017, which admittedly means it’s still a phenomenal reading month.

Favorite September read: In Other Lands (which may end up being my fave of the year for realsies)

Favorite ship: In Other Lands (this isn’t fair)

Favorite everything: In Other Lands

Favorite Reread: Lockwood & Co.

Broke My Heart the Most (But I Loved It): A Poison Dark and Drowning

Favorite Binge: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Reviews Posted in October:

During October, I read 35 books, but I didn’t review most of them yet. Whoops.

Favorite Book: No clear winner this month but in the running are The Empty Grave, The Hearts We Sold, and The Soldier’s Scoundrel

Most Ow My Feels: The Hearts We Sold

Favorite Ship: The Empty Grave (Lockwood and Lucy ruin me OKAY)

Most Disappointing: Carry On

Affected Me Most Personally (aka anxious heroine with anxiety like mine): I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Worst Sex Scenes: Lady of Skye

Worst Overall: Otherworld


Obviously, I did a lot of DNFing. Most of these books just were not for me; I read a little bit and could tell I was in no way the ideal audience. Though I will call out You Drive Me Crazy, which I DNFed because the heroine wasn’t a feminist and immediately said something racist upon meeting her Asian love interest. For the most part, I’m just lacking in the energy to read books that aren’t grabbing me early on. I’m okay with that.

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  1. That’s so amazing you got to go to the Netherlands!! And see Debby!! That appletaart looks amazing, omg. Ironically I just took an uninteded 3 week reading break myself. It’s a strange feeling! Yessss In Other Lands and To All The Boys! I still need to read Poison, I’m scared. Might reread the first book first.
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