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Morgan (The Bookish Beagle) tagged me to do the Book Cake tag from suddenlylorna on BookTube, and it sounded fun, so I’m doing it. I’m also adding a category because that’s how I roll. I’ll be limiting myself to books read so far in 2017, because otherwise this would take me HOURS of going through all my books ever. Besides, I’ve read 218 so I’ve got plenty of material to work with

Self Rising Flour: a book that starts out slow but really picks up as you go along

Because You’ll Never Meet Me – Leah Thomas: For much of the book, it’s just this chill epistolary novel, and then at some point things get bonkers and really incredibly emotional. Also, there’s this super complex and dark plot hidden under the charming letters.

Summers at Castle Auburn – Sharon Shinn: This one’s not slow in a bad way; it’s more like you’ve gone on a summer picnic, and you take some naps. This book is relaxing and calm in pace, but then towards the end, things get surprisingly dark and the ship sets sail and it gets unputdownable.

Soggy Bottom: a book that starts out strong and ends poorly

The Rose and the Dagger – Renee Ahdieh: I adored The Wrath and the Dawn, but The Rose and the Dagger is a bit of a mess. It’s like two books squished into one, meaning that none of the plots are resolved in a satisfactory manner. Everything also ends in a mega predictable way, and it’s a waste of the world and characters tbh.

A Conjuring of Light – V.E. Schwab: Coming off the high of A Gathering of Shadows, I was super thrilled to start A Conjuring of Light. The stakes are high, and this book should have been mega intense and sob-making. Instead it’s predictable, convenient, and had me laughing at the death scenes. I still enjoyed it but in a crack way, rather than a quality way.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Mackenzi Lee: Like with A Conjuring of Light, I did really enjoy this book…but it was also disappointing in the end. I didn’t like the fact that the plot went in an alchemy direction and the book is a bit overlong, so the middle drags.

Butter or Margarine: a book that had a really rich, great plot

Windwitch – Susan Dennard: Susan’s one of the best YA fantasy authors, and, if you haven’t read all her stuff, you should rectify that. Windwitch moves slowly as gears turn and pieces move around the board, but it’s also a masterclass in plotting. Everything’s done with intent, and rereading Truthwitch before diving in I could appreciate the way Susan set things up.

Eggs: a book you thought would be bad but turned out to be quite enjoyable

Well, That Was Awkward – Rachel Vail: I’ve read a couple of other Rachel Vail books, and I wasn’t massively impressed. They were fine but nothing special. Imagine my surprise when I found this book entirely charming. There’s a completely adorable middle grade ship, and the voice is fantastic (at least in the audiobook).

Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined – Danielle Younge-Ullman: Again, it’s not that I expected it to be bad, but I didn’t have high expectations and didn’t really think I’d be a big fan. This does not sound like a Christina book at all, but I loved the narration and the voice. Mega feels.

The Best Kind of Magic – Crystal Cestari: Today in shallowness, I thought the cover looked cheesy and there haven’t been good paranormal witch books in a while, so I really didn’t think I was going to be impressed with this one. Instead, the world building is clever and fun, the witchery unique, and the ship totes adorbs.

The Love Interest – Cale Dietrich: I requested this book because LGBT romance, but the plot sounded kind of stupid tbh with the Nices and the Bads. Instead, this turned out to be a clever send up of love triangle tropes.

Sugar: a very sweet book

The Upside of Unrequited – Becky Albertalli: Becky’s the sweetest person ever, and her books are also just the sweetest things ever. If you can read either Simon vs. or The Upside of Unrequited without having a massive smile on your face through the bulk of it, your heart is harder than mine. My cheeks hurt from the giant grin I had on my face for an extended period of time.

Chocolate/Fruit Filling Layer: a book that surprised you or a character with hidden layers

The Madwoman Upstairs – Catherine Lowell: Aside from romance novels, I have not really been in the mood for adult fiction, which tends to be staid and slow. The Madwoman Upstairs is voicey, shippy, and really fun. I’d been dreading reading it a little bit, but I loved it all the way through.

City of Saints & Thieves – Natalie C. Anderson: I’d heard absolutely nothing about this book, so my expectations were low. I ended up being unable to put this book down, which, with an audiobook, basically means I did nothing but listen to it for a couple of days. Oops!

Done Dirt Cheap – Sarah Nicole Lemon: Never would have thought I’d be in love with the writing in a book about a motorcycle club, but oh I am. Lemon’s book is oddly compelling, and not at all what I thought it would be.

Baking Time: a book with a slow burn romance

Summers at Castle Auburn and Troubled Waters – Sharon Shinn: Shinn is a romance queeeeeeeen, and the ships she writes, my god. I’ll have you know I called both ships on the very first meeting, and I shipped them for several hundred pages before the ship set sail. SHIIIIIIPPPPPPP.

Icing: a book that you’ve read that covered every single element you love in books

The Dark Days Pact – Alison Goodman: This series has EVERYTHING. Regency, Austenesque romance that’s a murderous slow burn hate to love of pain and intense desire. People with powers! Badass plot of oh no you did not just! And sucker punches right to my heart.

The Upside of Unrequited – Becky Albertalli: As already discussed, Upside is sweet and happy-making. It’s got three great ships, A+ banter, and manages to be thoroughly fluffy while also being about real shit. Albertalli’s books are as close to perfect as basically any book can be.

These Ruthless Deeds – Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas: Once again, Tarun and Kelly bring the ship and the paranormal historical power awesomeness. They also completely wreck you emotionally with shit I did not remotely see coming. They lull you into a false sense of security with an expected twist and then RUIN YOU.

Sprinkles: a book series you can turn to for a little pick me up

The Others – Anne Bishop: This series is just so charming and shippy. I love the whole cast so much. I’ve read the first couple books in the series every year, and I regret nothing.

Brothers Sinister – Courtney Milan: Every single novel (ignore the novellas) in this series is strong, bring the humor, delightful historical details, and shipppppppppppp. Milan immediately became my favorite historical romance author, closely followed by Tessa Dare. Besides, romance novels make for the best pick-me-ups and I find I can reread them more regularly since they’re not plot-dependent.

Cherry on top: favorite book so far this year

The Duchess War – Courtney Milan: I debated between The Duchess War and The Upside of Unrequited for this honor, so really pretend both are here. The Duchess War is the most perfect romance novel I’ve ever read. I was squeeing with joy so hard that I got Gillian to immediately pick it up, and she loved it just as much. PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS ROBERT AND MIN.

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  1. Yayyy you did the tag! I loved that you added a category 🙂 And you picked stellar gifs OF COURSE. I really need to read Summers at Castle Auburn and agree about Gentleman’s Guide. The Madwoman Upstairs is on my TBR too; I feel you on adult fiction. In theory I want to read it but haven’t been in the mood lately. Sounds like I need The Duchess War!
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