October 2016: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:


Blogging’s been mostly okay, though I’m tired of being behind on ARCs. I’m still churning through my October ARCs. Thankfully, I have way less for November, and I hope to get caught up this month. Due to the Harper drop, I have Cover Snark scheduled several weeks out, so my blog should basically run itself for the next month or so. Woo!

I still have a bunch of undocumented arrivals, but I did post some book haul photos this month.


I went up to visit Lenore Appelhans this past weekend, and we had a great time as per usual. Aside from that, it was a pretty low key month, which tbh I do not mind whatsoever.



Since I visited Lenore, I’ve gotten back into a music-seeking phase, so I have some awesome new songs on my playlist for this and last month.

The Chainsmokers I actually found several months ago but missed getting on my playlist so I stuck them in here. Whatever.

Favorite new song: Beneath the Brine, courtesy of Lenore knowing my musical tastes veeeeeerrrrry well.

Movies & TV:

In trying to get caught up on my ARC pile, I’ve actually mostly given up TV for the moment. I barely know myself. However, I tried a couple of the new HBO shows with Sung: High Maintenance and Westworld. The former’s alright, though episodic shows just are not for me, so I don’t think I’ll be watching any more of it really, especially as the fourth episode was such a dud. Westworld is totally just Jurassic Park with robots instead of dinosaurs so far, and I’m unsure how they’re going to make this concept last for seasons. Already I’m kinda bored with the show, though I hear there’s some sort of giant twist in episode five, which I have yet to watch.

Reviews Posted:

I read 29 books in October, a few of which are not yet reviewed. My favorite books this month were Gemina and This Adventure Ends. It’s been a month full of backlist though, something that doesn’t happen too frequently these days.


Stalking Jack the Ripper - Kerri Maniscalco
The Women in the Walls - Amy Lukavics
Rose Daughter - Robin McKinley
Bright Smoke, Cold Fire - Rosamund Hodge
Queen of Hearts - Collen Oakes

5 responses to “October 2016: Month in Review”

  1. Joanne Levy says:

    Love the book hauls. *cough*
    Joanne Levy recently posted…How to Show Love to an AuthorMy Profile

  2. Heather says:

    Jeremy wants to watch Westworld with me. I’ll give it a try, for sure, but I have a feeling it won’t be my thing. Oh well!

    29 books this month?! Get it, girl!

    I really need to stalk your playlists so I stop listening to musicals and cheesy 90s music only. lol!

  3. I am forever in awe of your productivity and all you’re able to read in a month and review.

    I def need to listen to some of these songs!
    April Books & Wine recently posted…This Adventure Ends | The Amateurs | The Rest Of Us Just Live HereMy Profile

  4. I’m always impressed with how much you read- I know it can feel stressful being behind but you’re never *really* behind, you know? 😉 Hahahaha I love that you and Gillian love that MG series. It’s hilarious to me. Low key months are good! My October was really busy with family visits and stuff, which was fun but tiring. This Adventure Ends was my favorite October book too! It was amazing <3
    Morgan @ Gone with the Words recently posted…Review: Timekeeper by Tara SimMy Profile

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