August 2016: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:


IT WAS MY SIXTH BLOGIVERSARY (or is it blogoversary? blogaversary?)! I posted some rambling thoughts about how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned. Woo!

For the most part, August was a GREAT month blogging wise. I did check my stats once and they are way down, but I’m so happy with reading and writing up reviews right now, so who gives a fuck? I only ended up reading 26 books in August, but that’s way better than earlier in the year. I say only because I get so competitive with myself, and I read 34 in July. But whatever self, that’s awesome.

During August, I read a bunch of books for myself, and the star of the month was romance, both adult and YA. All of my favorite books were romance novels. If you’re curious about what books those were, check down below.

Here are the book haul photos I posted in August:


My blogging game was so strong in August. I was scheduled ahead and reading bunches. BUT THEN. Oh, but then. You may have noticed that I just didn’t post yesterday or the day before, and that I have no reviews scheduled. Well, Monday night, I was driving home down 85, and there was a loud clunk sound. Long story (and seriously it is, involving an arrest and tow truck shenanigans), the transmission in Barnum, the PT Cruiser I’ve been driving since I was sixteen is shot. I really wasn’t expecting it and it threw me for a total loop.

I took two personal days off of work and went car shopping with my parents (because I had no fucking clue what I was doing). The boyfriend was also very helpful, though, due to work and new kitten Jolly getting neutered, he couldn’t be there the whole time. So yeah, Wednesday afternoon I bought a car. I’m finally feeling happy with the decision I made, and I’m thrilled I made it through all of that without crying. ADULTING.

Here’s a pic of me with my new used 2016 Kia Optima Hybrid. Regularly scheduled blogging will return next week!

Speaking of new acquisitions, after July’s tragic loss, the boyfriend decided to get a new kitten. Jolly’s such a little sweetheart, and he and Ollie became the best of friends after a couple of days of hissing at each other. Ollie has seemed so much more kittenish again, and he clearly needed a new cat buddy.

Movies & TV:

After finishing all the completed series of GBBO, I’ve been a bit hungover. Though, thankfully, there’s a NEW SEASON of GBBO that gives me life once a week.

gif paul hollywood smile gbbo

Otherwise, I’ve been churning my way through That ’70s Show, which I’d only seen a handful of episodes of ages ago when it was originally airing. It’s cute, though doesn’t really hit me in the feels. It also worries me a bit that Kitty is my favorite character by FAR. Am I so old that I relate to adults instead of teens now????

gif kitty laughing that 70s show

I’ve also started a The 100 rewatch, inspired by Meg and Natalie’s excellent podcast and the need to catch up on season three. It’s nice to revisit the show and pick up on things (Bellamy) that I didn’t pay enough attention to before (Bellamy).


gif bellamy 100

In addition, I binge watched the Legally Blonde movies and Jenny’s Wedding. The second Legally Blonde wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Jenny’s Wedding was fun, in that I got to watch Alexis Bledel and Katherine Heigl be a lesbian couple, but it wasn’t the strongest or most original f/f story.

gif jenny's wedding kiss

Reviews Posted:

I reviewed a bunch of books in August, ranging from delightful to complete crap. If you made me pick an absolute favorite, I think I’d have to go with The Unexpected Everything. But don’t make me pick a favorite.


I finished 26 books in August and DNFed 12.

Radiance - Catherynne M. Valente
The Graces - Laure Eve
Absolutely Positively Not - David LaRochelle
Vicarious (Vicarious #1) - Paula Stokes
Diplomatic Immunity - Brodi Ashton
South of Sunshine - Dana Elmendorf
Daughters of Ruin - K. D. Castner
Lucy and Linh - Alice Pung
Essential Maps for the Lost - Deb Caletti
Dark Horses - Cecily von Ziegesar
Pasadena - Sherri L. Smith
Every Falling Star - SungJu Lee & Susan McClelland


2 responses to “August 2016: Month in Review”

  1. Heather says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa…arrest?! Okay, your transmission going out was officially way more crazy than when mind did 🙁 i am so excited you got a new car, though!

  2. Hmm, there are two books I’m interested in that you DNF’s, Diplomatic Immunity and Pasadena.

    I just read The Graces, and there was a lot of setup to get to the good stuff, and some very forced dialogue, but the ending still hooked me enough to keep an eye out for the sequel. Though when it comes to books about towns with mysterious and possibly magical groups, it’s definitely not as good as The Lynburn Legacy books or How to Hang a Witch.

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