June 2016: Month in Review

What I’ve Been Up To:

Blogging: It’s taken me months but I finally seem to be back in the swing of blogging again. After taking a month off in April/May, I’ve had my most productive reading month so far this year (26 books read), and I’ve regularly had several blog posts scheduled ahead of time, which hasn’t been the case in all 2016.

I attended ALA last weekend for the first time since I went as an MLIS student in 2010. Going as a blogger was interesting, because there were a couple of moments where the tensions were felt, but mostly it was really great. I got a ton of great books, and I got to spend time with Kara and Lyn of Great Imaginations, which was awesome (even if one of Kara’s dogs hates my face). I’m not doing a book haul of everything, but I will be doing Instagram posts with them a few at a time. I’m trying to get a bit more into Instagram, and this is good inspiration. Here are the new books I’ve gotten and Instagrammed so far.



The last couple of months, I’ve not been listening to as much new music, because of travel and a lack of energy for new things. I’m finally getting back into it, and here’s my playlist for the last several months.

Favorite new find: Vaults. Seriously, check them out.

Movies & TV:

Let’s see. I finished Parks and Recreation. It was bittersweet finally getting to the end because a) I was not ready to say goodbye to everyone and b) season 7 was disappointing. I know people were generally happy with it, but the tone felt a bit off. It improved when Ron and Leslie made up, but, with the season being so short, that was a lot of time.

I went to see The Lobster with Sung, Jordan and Emily, and cheesus that was the most depressing, emotionless movie I have ever seen. If you are into characters, FLEE THIS. Basically, only see this if you’re into penis feels, pretentious, Literary white dude shit because fuck. Sung and I argued fiercely about whether it was a good movie. No one won because we both refused to cede our points.

I binged Don’t Trust the B which is amazing, though Netflix had the episodes all out of order. I’m not sure if that’s because they AIRED out of order or because Netflix fucked up. If the former, I can see why this show got canceled.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was funny but did not live up to the original. I guess I should have seen that coming given the gap between the two, but somehow I really was not emotionally prepared for that.

Zootopia, however, was what I was promised. Somehow I’d never even heard of it when it was out in the theaters, but Gillian and Morgan convinced me I NEEDED to watch it, so I purchased it on Amazon and even Sung (who likes shit like The Lobster) thought it was fabulous. MUST WATCH AGAIN.

Just a couple days back, I finished Greek, which I’d started ages ago and not been able to finish before it expired off of Netflix. Dahlia informed me that it was available on Freeform and HOLLA I was able to finish. What is it with American TV though? That ending episode was not satisfying. I WANT MORE.

Currently binging: Answer Me 1997, That ’70s Show

Reviews Posted:


It’s probably not a coincidence that I DNFed so much during a really productive reading month. If I’m not feeling something, I move on. Some of these were painful, though, because a fair number were enjoyed by people whose opinions I trust (see: Long Lankin, Winning, Bitter Greens) and some were clearly good books but done in styles I could not appreciate. If you’d like to know why I DNFed a particular title, ask in the comments.

Your Brother's Blood - David Towsey
Seven Black Diamonds - Melissa Marr
The Smell of Other People’s Houses - Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
Liars and Losers Like Us - Ami Allen-Vath
Dear Emma - Katie Heaney
Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor
Bitter Greens - Kate Forsyth
At the Edge of Empire - Daniel Kraus
Unplugged - Donna Freitas
Traitor Angels - Anne Blankman
Mirror in the Sky - Aditi Khorana
Long Lankin - Lindsey Barraclough
Winning – Lara Deloza
Run - Kody Keplinger
The Great Hunt - Wendy Higgins
A Drop of Night - Stefan Bachmann

4 responses to “June 2016: Month in Review”

  1. Lyn Kaye says:


    Never forget the ragepoop.

    I had to DNF Into the Dim as well. It was a heaping pile of mess. Just….UGH. And I am sad to see Mirror in the Sky and Winning on the DNF list. I’m going to have to go into those two with some caution. Why were these two DNFed?
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Book Review: The Lucky FewMy Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      Lol who could forget.

      Mirror in the Sky and Winning were both on the better side of the DNF spectrum; I just didn’t connect with the voice, so I didn’t see either being higher than a 3 star read for me.

  2. I’m o jealous that people are already getting The Diabolic! I really enjoyed Kincaid’s Insignia trilogy.

    I recently read The Walls Around Us, but found it frustrating, and not nearly as good as Suma’s Imaginary Girls. Orianna in particular is a difficult character to connect with.

    The only DNF book I’ve read is Unplugged, and I actually really liked it. Why was it DNFd?

    • Christina Franke says:

      I’m really excited to try Kincaid! She’s super sweet, and all of her books sound amazing.

      Sad to hear that you struggled with The Walls Around Us, but I hope I like it more than you did. *fingers crossed*

      I’m pretty burned out on dystopian, and I already had some world building issues with it in a few pages, and I also didn’t get a strong sense of character. I didn’t have major issues but I tend to DNF quickly if something doesn’t grab me, because I have a lot to read.

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