My Top 5 Favorite Kissing Tropes

Gillian (Writer of Wrongs) did a mega excellent post when she fell down a TV tropes hole one day on all of her favorite tropes. I’m going to do something similar, but I’m only talking about kiss scenes because they are like MASSIVELY IMPORTANT OKAY. And also why would I bother doing all tropes when my opinions almost 100% align with Gillian’s selections anyway. Just read her post for that.

Forehead kiss

My love of forehead kisses comes primarily from kdrama/manga. Ditto for hand kisses or hand holding. There’s less kissing in that media in general, so any sort of physical contact becomes just the swooniest thing ever. Of these, hand holding and forehead kisses are very much my favorites.

forehead kiss

Much as I love sexy books and shows, and I DO love sexy books, these little moments can often be the most touching ones. I also really love when one character is asleep, and the longing gaze and possibly forehead or cheek kiss that they’ll give. Just oh my lord. OBVIOUSLY this is only adorable when the two clearly have a thing going. There tends to be a fine line between creepy and romantic in shippy things.

goong almost touch

Somehow these small moments, these little kisses and touches, really convey how much the person is feeling, more so than the makeout sessions. I mean, I love those too obviously, but these are the scenes that turn me into a mass of emotional goo.

Shut-Up Kiss

So the shut-up kiss is when one person is talking and the other person kisses them in the middle of what they were saying. My VERY favorite kind of shut-up kiss is when it’s to end an argument before it begins. Like, we could fight about this or maybe I’ll just kiss you and we’ll get over it a happier way. There’s this line in Much Ado About Nothing, the Kenneth Branagh one, where Beatrice at the end is trying to pick another fight and he says “I’ll shut your mouth,” and they kiss. It’s so great and swoony. I mean, that happens in the play too, but I hear it in my head in Branagh’s voice so anyway. WHY IS THERE NOT A GIF OF THAT?

no you're not gif star wars han leia kiss

So obviously I’m all about this. I like the Shut-Up Kiss because often it’s a result of tension and YES TENSION. The UST goes realized and hollaaaaaaa.

gif room with a view end kisses

This one actually isn’t the result of a fight, but Lucy’s trying to read a letter, and he keeps kissing her, and it’s so sweet and sexy and I can’t.


Leveling up from the shut up kiss, we have the full blown mid-fight make-out session, which also is very yes. I’m into hate to love ships, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone whatsoever.

gif slap kiss

I’m not even into this movie but this is an excellent slap-kiss scenario. Like the tensions are so high and the spill over into kissing and omg this forever. Again, this is only hot if they’re both into it but if they are BEST THING.

gif snap out of it moonstruck

Love love love this super ridiculous ship of Nicholas Cage and Cher. This trope is excellent okay. It makes things better.

gif buffy spike kiss

Just leave me here.

Surprise Kiss

Corellary to the Shut-Up Kiss is the Surprise Kiss, which I fucking adore. It’s basically when the passion comes out of NOWHERE. Like, you weren’t really shipping it and things weren’t really romantic and then holy moly such passion. The classic one, of course, is A Room with a View.

room with a view kiss

Sometimes you’re just standing in a field and this guy you don’t really know gives you the best kiss ever and it changes everything. I mean. Like. The way she’s like wait what and then she gives into it, which you don’t really see in this gif so I guess you should watch the movie and also there’s more because YAS.

gif new girl kiss

Oh hey everything’s normal BAM MAKING OUT OH MY GOD. Like I know that there was tension here before that with this one, but the kiss was so unexpected and doesn’t really fit in any other category so whatever.  I will never forgive this show for what happened after.

gif logan and veronica first kiss

My feelings can’t take it dear god I have to stop. If you enjoy this sort of thing, definitely read Uprooted by Naomi Novik.

This is basically what I like my friends to lovers ships to do. I want there to be no tension there and then FOR SOME REASON they kiss or even just something else happens to change the dynamic unexpectedly. This sort of ties in to the Spin-the-Bottle trope, because hey there’s an excuse to force you to make out. It could also stem from a fake-out make-out. Or mistletoe.

(Aside: in college, my roommate and a male friend pretended to be making out when I walked into the room as a prank. It didn’t work because I knew it was a joke because lol no. But then he ended up with a massive crush on her as a result. It didn’t end well, but hey it happens!)

My favorite one of all time is in a book, so I don’t have a gif for you but seriously EVERY BREATH. It’s a gift from the kiss trope gods. They just had to kiss for science. And my mental health. The kiss wasn’t a surprise but the FEELINGS were so whatever also shoving it in here.

Fake-Out Make-Out

In the last few weeks, I’ve read SO many of these and it has been fucking glorious. These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly, These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas, The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman, and Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton all had classic “we’re kissing to avoid notice” kisses. And Act Like It by Lucy Parker had a “fake relationship kiss” thing going. Yes to both categories. Yes yes yes. A million times yes.

gif fake out make out miss fishers


gif it crowd roy moss kiss

They’re even fun when they’re not romantic. :-p

What are your favorite kissing tropes? Do you have any book recs for these?

6 responses to “My Top 5 Favorite Kissing Tropes”

  1. Ellie says:

    OMG I love all these. The fake out one in Rebel of Sands. Guuush And the k-drama sweet secretive ones~ so adorable
    Ellie recently posted…Brenda Drake’s Signing at Porter Square BooksMy Profile

  2. hahaahahahahahahaahhahaha FOREVER TWINSIES because seriously all of these are my fave

    Hand holding and forehead kisses because of Asian dramas and manga = hell yes. Also because Whoufflé but okay.

    Shut Up Kiss: THE FREAKING BEST.

    Slap-slap-kiss: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WATCH SUITS you’re gonna go nuts


    Fake-Out Make-Out: you gave me two of these books and asdfjkl; now I am def excite.
    Debby (Snuggly Oranges) recently posted…Top Ten Books On My Spring 2016 TBR ListMy Profile

  3. Gillian says:


    shut up kiss, slap slap kiss, all my fave kissesssss

    Nick and Jess *sobs* god that kiss was epic



    nothing trumps the fakeout makeout. nothing. SIIIIIGH

    *stares at jack and phryne foreverrrrrr*
    Gillian recently posted…Are You a Visual Reader?My Profile

    Deyse @ Bound with Words recently posted…March TBRMy Profile

  5. SO true!!! I am very pleased that you included the Moss & Roy makeout 😛

  6. Matt says:

    Great article!
    My gf and I are kissing fanatics!!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Matt recently posted…When should you have your first kiss in a relationshipMy Profile

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