The Impostor Queen Blog Tour

The Impostor Queen Blog Tour

Hey guys! I’ve been really silent this week because I’ve been taking a mini-break while I’m on a business trip. I just don’t have the energy at the end of the day to put posts together. I’m making an exception for The Impostor Queen, because I’m very excited about this book. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Sarah Fine’s novels, and this one sounds so very much up my alley! These character profiles only increase my need for this book because hello these people sound like villains I want to like.

Character Profiles


Name: Oskar
Title: None he’s willing to claim.
Resides: In the outlands.
Characteristics: Gray eyes, dark brown hair, big enough that you wouldn’t want to mess with him. A hunter by trade. Fears nothing—except the winter.
Magic: None of your business.
Goal: To be left alone to live as he pleases.
Quote: “I’ve already claimed you, so all the other predators are out of luck.”

gif sassy shirtless bellamy blake 100

Name: Sig
Title: Suurin
Resides: In the outlands.
Characteristics: Brown eyes, platinum blond hair, lean, pale as a ghost. Loathes the summer. Doesn’t mind that you’re afraid of him.
Magic: Enough fire to burn down the world. No ice to keep himself from burning with it.
Goal: To destroy the one who scarred him.
Quote: “If I’m a weapon, I’m also the wielder. No one else will ever control me.”

gif draco harry potter

Book Info

Book Summary:

The Impostor Queen - Sarah FineThe elders chose Elli to be queen, but they chose wrong in this beautifully crafted novel in the tradition of Kristin Cashore and Victoria Aveyard.

Sixteen-year-old Elli was a small child when the Elders of Kupari chose her to succeedthe Va ltia, the queen who wields infinitely powerful ice and fire magic. Since then,  Elli has lived in the temple, surrounded by luxury and tutored by priests, as she prepares for the day when the Valtia perishes and the magic finds a new home in her. Elli is destined to be the most powerful Valtia to ever rule.

But when the queen dies defending the kingdom from invading warriors, the magic doesn’t enter Elli. It’s nowhere to be found.

Disgraced, Elli flees to the outlands, the home of banished criminals—some who would love to see the temple burn with all its priests inside. As she finds her footing in this new world, Elli uncovers devastating new information about the Kupari magic, those who wield it, and the prophecy that foretold her destiny. Torn between the love she has for her people and her growing loyalty to the banished, Elli struggles to understand the true role she was meant to play. But as war looms, she must align with the right side—before the kingdom and its magic are completely destroyed.

Publication Date: January 5th, 2015

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Author Bio:Sarah Fine
Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Goodreads
Sarah Fine is the author of Of Metal and Wishes, Of Dreams and Rust, The Imposter Queen, and The Guards of the Shadowlands series. She was born on the West Coast, raised in the Midwest, and is now firmly entrenched on the East Coast, where she lives with her husband and two children. When she’s not writing, she’s working as a child psychologist. Visit her at


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5 responses to “The Impostor Queen Blog Tour”

  1. Oh, I just started this one yesterday! It’s quite good so far, even thought I’m not much far in. I’ve not meet these characters yet but omg now I really want to now, specially since now I’ll undoubtedly picture Oskar as Blake and yeah.
    Deyse @ Bound with Words recently posted…Cress – Marissa MeyerMy Profile

  2. Calla Walker says:

    Fire or ice? I think I’d go with fire. It’s such a beautiful and dangerous element.

    I’m really looking forward to reading The Impostor Queen!

  3. Okay, you totally had my attention as soon as I saw the GIF of Bellamy. Now I want to meet Oskar! He and Sig do sound like villains I want to like as well. 😉
    Hazel @ Stay Bookish recently posted…Halfway Perfect by Julie Cross and Mark PeriniMy Profile

  4. Gina Decker says:

    Bellamy and Draco! Heck yeah 😀 But I would pick fire, Burn baby burn. Thank you for the giveaway, this book sounds absolutely amazing

  5. Holly J says:

    Based on these character profiles alone, I want to read this even more. BELLAMY & DRACO YAS YAS YAS. Also I’d pick fire before ice, because I don’t know, there’s just something about controlling it. It’s so dangerous, but so appealing.
    Holly J recently posted…A Beautiful Friendship: Review of Just VisitingMy Profile

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