Top Ten Things I Would Ask the Bookish Genie For

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

I’ve always been a brat, so obviously I’ve got some wishes ready to go.

speed reading

Yeah, I totally wish I could speed read. I’m a pretty fast reader, but I could be reading so much more if I read a page in a few seconds, you know? That would be super helpful with my reading goals, which are pretty epic. Sure, I could like try to learn how to do it, but I’d much rather just ask the genie because lazy.

indestructible books

Obviously I would wish for my books to remain in perfect condition no matter what. A friend borrows it and spills coffee on it, and the coffee veers away from the book to splatter something else. You can open the book as wide as you want and the spine will never break. Since I love trade paperbacks the most, this is very important for me.

memory control

I’m going to require from the bookish genie the ability to perfectly recall every book I’ve read. If someone asks me about a book I read in college, I want to remember more than that I think I read it. I want to be able to discuss themes and wow people. However, I also want to be able to turn off the perfect recall before a reread, in case I want to start fresh. At my discretion obviously.

gif sorry i don't have a photographic memory


I’m drunk on power, you say. Well, I say go home, blog reader, YOU’RE DRUNK. I control this world, and in this world I say what pop culture things get adaptations. If I were in control, we wouldn’t have had a Beautiful Creatures movie or a City of Bones movie. We would definitely have Grisha movies already. Also an Illusive TV show. I totally would have let The Selection show get the greenlight though, because sometimes we deserve really terrible, wonderful things.


The genie’s going to need to magic my shelves so that all my books will fit super nicely. Like, basically, if they could operate by the physics of the Tardis or Mary Poppins’ bag, that would be really fucking great.

review archive

I love the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin, except that I can’t get my mini reviews in my review archive. It only lets you put in one book per post, which means my archive is now inaccurate, which bothers my sense of order, even though I think I’m probably the only one who ever uses it. Bookish genie can snap her/his/its fingers and make it so.

gif make it so


Alright, I know I’ve been asking a lot, but this is a way smaller magic. I like to support book and mortar bookstores, but my biggest stumbling block is that they never have the books I’m willing to impulse buy. It’s a damn shame. The selection is so small that I end up ordering on Amazon. Yeah, I could order it at the store and wait and then come back to pick it up, but omfg do you know me at all if you’re asking this. So I want the bookish genie to make it so that the book I want will always be there waiting for me.


You guys, sometimes I buy a book and then it gets redesigned with a better cover. I don’t really care if my series match, but I DO need to have the prettiest covers but rebuying is expensive. Thus, bookish genie can just swap them all out for me. Thanks, bookish genie!


Also, I do what I can with Cover Snark, but it rarely (if ever—leave me in my delusions here) gets covers redesigned. I would ask the bookish genie to give me the power to get incredibad covers redesigned. The moment I curl my lip or laugh hysterically, BOOM, it’s sent back to the design department to do better.

gif project runway concerns me enormously


Listen, trolls suck, and they are all over. I want the ability to make them look at their life, look at their choices with a well-timed burn. This would be the best power of all probably, since I’d be helping others and stuff.

What do you think of my wishes, guys? You want the same things?

7 responses to “Top Ten Things I Would Ask the Bookish Genie For”

  1. Meg says:

    What would life be like if I could actually remember the details of everything I read/watch for more than a day or two? I can’t even wrap my head around it.
    Meg recently posted…Buzz Worthy News: October 19th, 2015My Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      I have no idea but I’d like the chance to find out. WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE TO WALK AROUND IN GILLIAN’S BRAIN.*

      *this got creepy

  2. I really need the speed reading and memory!!! I don’t want to read fast at the expense of not being able to remember a book, I’m greedy and I want both superpowers!! MARY POPPINS SHELVES, you are a genius!!!! And the film adaptations one is great. I need to fast track a few favorite books please and thank you. Redesigns and edition swap, yes please. The bookstore one is SO crucial. I’ve been trying to support stores more too but their selection really is limited in a lot of cases and I am not always a patient person!!
    Morgan @ Gone with the Words recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant MeMy Profile

  3. Allyson says:

    As someone who just had to purchase new copies of Broken and Stolen by Kelley Armstrong, so much yes to indestructible books!
    Allyson recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Genie WishesMy Profile

  4. Kelly Polark says:

    I would love more time to read from the bookish genie! 🙂

  5. Lyn Kaye says:

    This list is…..I have so much love.

    Speed Reading would be #2 for me, right after my BIG HONKING LIBRARY!

    I never thought to wish away trolls, but now I am adding that to my Bookish Wish List!

    Totally yes on the editions issue. There is a Hunger Games edition that cost an arm and a leg out of Australia that I want more than life.
    Lyn Kaye recently posted…Blogger Trick or Treat Day 2My Profile

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