Review: Nearly Found by Elle Cosimano

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Review: Nearly Found by Elle CosimanoNearly Found by Elle Cosimano
Series: Nearly Gone #2
Published by Kathy Dawson on June 2, 2015
Genres: Mystery, Paranormal, Thriller
Pages: 384
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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The sequel to the highly praised and intricately plotted Nearly Gone--a YA urban mystery that's perfect for fans of Bones, Numbers, and The Body Finder

After Nearly Boswell starts working as an intern at a crime lab, a girl from her trailer park turns up dead. Then the corpse of a missing person is discovered, buried on a golf course, with a message for Nearly etched into the bones. When Nearly finds out the corpse is the father of Eric, a classmate of hers, she starts to worry that the body is connected to her father's disappearance five years ago. Nearly, Reece, and Nearly's classmates--Vince, Jeremy, and Eric--start a dangerous investigation into their fathers' pasts that threatens Nearly's fragile romance with Reece, and puts all them in the killer's path.

Nearly Gone surprised me by being a mystery with strong voice. I ate it up. Nearly Found on the other hand, I tripped through in stops and starts. I finished four other books before I made it through this one. I wasn’t in the mood, and it didn’t suck me in the way the first book did. Where I hoped Nearly Found would improve on Nearly Gone, I feel like it was a big backwards step in terms of believability.

Right at the beginning, I became concerned for Nearly Found. Though Nearly’s voice is still great, she wasn’t changed enough. It’s a couple months after the events of the first book, during which a classmate killed a bunch of people close to her and tried to frame her for it, and Nearly is fine. Actually, she’s totally blissed out on her relationship with Reece and excited to start a new internship in a forensics lab.

There is no way that Nearly could go through the events of Nearly Gone and be so unaffected. She should be in counseling, a subject that’s broached by Gena a couple of times but solidly rebuffed by Nearly. She’s fine, she swears, and she actually is. I found that completely unbelievable. I kept waiting for it to hit her, but there was no trauma lingering from those events. This made the novel feel so much less character-driven.

I also thought it was absurd that a girl who had just been through all that would be accepted for that forensics internship so soon after, especially since they had never taken a high school intern before. While Nearly’s definitely smart enough for it and forensics might be a great career for her in the future, this didn’t work for me at all. Plus, it’s so obviously a plot point, since nothing in this book would have happened without her access to stuff in the forensics lab and police station. She is constantly given tasks she shouldn’t be: assisting with a corpse on the first day, putting prints into the database unsupervised, and assisting on a crime scene.

In Nearly Gone, Nearly having to do her own research made sense. She was being framed for the murders of the people she tutored, and the cops had ignored her when she went to them early on with her suspicions. In Nearly Found, however, she has connections in the police and in the forensics lab, yet she still decides to research the new murder and mysterious notes herself. She doesn’t ask for help, and, even though she solves it, she should probably go to juvie for the things she did. Most notably, she steals evidence in a case from the forensics lab, a theft for which she magically does not get caught; in fact, when it’s discovered, no one ever even considers that it could have been her. Apparently, they didn’t even bother to investigate that she was close to the suspect in the case.

The romance bothers me even more in Nearly Found too. Reece and Nearly remind me heavily of Tris and Four in Insurgent. They do not trust one another, so they keep fighting when the secrets out. They keep promising to do better but continue to keep secrets. Nearly alternates between complete trust and mushy love feelings for Reece and suspecting him of murder or infidelity. These two are not going to make it, so I really wish this ship had been put out of its misery.

As much as I wanted to like Nearly Found, I really couldn’t get behind the teen-led investigation in this book. It felt way too orchestrated and like they conveniently had all the skills they needed.

Favorite Quote:

“How’s Spanish class?”

“I can count to ten and say good-bye. Want to hear?”

Tl;dr – Review in a GIFfy:

gif i've made a huge mistake arrested development
The realistic version ends with Nearly doing this.

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  1. fakesteph says:

    The first one sounds so good, but this second one sounds like… it isn’t going to work for me either. I’m sorry you couldn’t believe it.
    fakesteph recently posted…Top Ten (Tuesday) Most Anticipated Releases For the Rest of 2015My Profile

  2. Oh noooooooooo. This makes me sad. I haven’t read FOUND yet, but you know how much I loved GONE.
    Shae/Shelver @ Shae Has Left The Room recently posted…Cover Love #99My Profile

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