Top Twelve TV Series I Recommend for YA/NA Readers

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week, I’m putting my own spin on the topic. I have a major love of television, and, when I’m not reading, I’m usually watching something. Today, I want to share some recs of shows that you might have missed on that YA/NA shippy hearts shouldn’t miss. Most of these are going to focus on the NA age group, but they’re not going to have the sexiness of NA; in fact, these are how I wish NA books were. They will, however, deal with actual issues of becoming an adult. They’re mostly going to be contemporary and mostly going to not be well known and/or foreign.

Coffee Prince

Episodes: 17

Where’s It From? Korea

Where Can I Stream It? Netflix, Hulu, DramaFever, SoompiTV

Why would I like it? Coffee Prince is about a wonderful heroine: strong, silly, and sweet. Go Eun Chan gets mistaken for a boy by Choi Han Kyul, who hires her first to scare off his blind dates by making them think he’s gay and then to work in his flower boy coffee shop. She doesn’t correct his error because she’s working hard to support her family and very much needs the money. The premise is a bit unrealistic, but the characters are all heart. I’ve watched it twice now, the second time with Gillian (Writer of Wrongs), who can back me up in my assertions.

gif coffee prince gong yoo smile
About half the time, you’ll be making this face.

coffee prince crying
Sometimes this happens though.

gif coffee prince shippers
Watch the shipping with these guys!

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

Episodes: 26

Where’s It From? USA

Where Can I Stream It? Netflix

Why would I like it? Don’t Trust the B—- is hilarious, quirky, and sure to appeal to folks who love New Girl or The Mindy Project. It was unfortunately cancelled after only two seasons, but that’s no excuse not to go back and watch now. The performances are stellar, particularly Krysten Ritter and James Van Der Beek (playing James Van Der Beek). The NA elements come in the form of June Colburn, who moves in with Chloe (Ritter). June came to the city with big dreams and a high power job planned, but ends up working in a coffee shop.

gif alcohol is fun don't trust the b gif don't trust the b i didn't want to gif idiots morons don't trust the b
This show is worth it for the truths Chloe utters alone.


Episodes: 24

Where’s It From? Korea

Where Can I Stream It? Hulu, DramaFever, SoompiTV

Why would I like it? This rec goes out to very specific people. Were you a huge fan of The Prince and Me or any other Cinderella story? That’s what Goong is. It’s about a teen girl chosen to marry the hot teen prince, because of a friendship between their grandfathers. They attend the same arts high school, and get off to a rocky start. There are weak points to the drama (namely that it’s too long), but the ship is gold. For an added bonus, there’s a truly hilarious part where “Prince William” comes to visit.

gif goong sassy
Adorable heroine

Two people annoyed by each other

Goong kiss

The Guild

Episodes: 70 (but they’re short)

Where’s It From? Korea

Where Can I Stream It? Netflix, YouTube

Why would I like it? Nerdery abounds. I’m not a mmo player, but I was still charmed by The Guild. It takes a few episodes to really get into the swing of things, but it’s well worth the couple of hours it takes to watch all of the webisodes. Characters range in age from teenagers to adults, but they’re all still struggling with real life, preferring fictional lives. Sound familiar to anyone?

If you can watch this and not want to watch The Guild, it’s not your thing (you monster).


Episodes: 15

Where’s It From? Korea

Where Can I Stream It? Hulu, DramaFever

Why would I like it? Of all the series on the list, this one’s most YAish. The leads are both in school, though they’re 19/20, I think. They’re in a school for musicians, and they’re rivals because she’s into classical music and he’s into rock. The ship is super adorable once it gets going, and you get to see them being a happy couple for longer than is normal. It very much does tug the heartstrings.

gif heartstrings lip curls

gif heartstrings shut up or i'll kiss you

gif heartstrings handholding

Nail Shop Paris

Episodes: 10

Where’s It From? Korea

Where Can I Stream It? Hulu, DramaFever

Why would I like it? I’ll be honest. This one’s not exactly realistic, but I think it will hold appeal for bookish people. First off, the heroine is an author who got popular due to her fan fiction, only to lose her book deal to accusations of plagiarism. She goes out in search of an original story and ends up genderbending to work at a flower boy (hot guy) nail salon. She makes up a completely ridiculous and terrible fantasy story, which delighted me in how bad it was. The whole show was book nerd crack for me, even though it’s not the best out there on an intellectual level.

gif nail shop paris towel drop
Who has two thumbs, loves genderbending, and forgot to hold her towel?

Nodame Cantabile

Episodes: 11 + 2 special episodes

Where’s It From? Korea

Where Can I Stream It? I watched on, which I’m not linking because, if you don’t use AdBlock Plus, it will launch eight million ads. It’s on the internet, but you’ll have to look.

Why would I like it? Another one that’s less set in the real world, though it is set in the real world. Nodame Cantabile is about this really straight-laced guy who dreams of being a conductor of orchestras. He meets Nodame, a talented pianist who acts like a child, and she imprints on him. He gets drawn more and more into her life, and finds his organized life coming apart at the seams. There’s a lot of gorgeous music, and Chiaki’s easy on the eyes.

gif nodame sidestep hug
gif nodame hug
You can only dodge the charm of Nodame for so long.

Please Like Me

Episodes: 24

Where’s It From? Australia

Where Can I Stream It? The show’s available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video. I’m not aware of any free streams, sadly. It’s worth the money, though. I bought it myself.

Why would I like it? YOU GUYS, this show is so fucking cute. Did I mention that it’s LGBT? And awkward in the exact way that the advent of real adulthood is? Seriously, love this show so much. Josh is so completely unable to deal with emotions, and he’s basically my spirit animal.

gif please like me dating
gif please like me dude
gif please like me genitals
gif please like me josh

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Episodes: 100

Where’s It From? USA

Where Can I Stream It? YouTube

Why would I like it? Please tell me you’ve all watched this by now? If not, get on that. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries war with Jane Austen’s original for my favorite version of Pride & Prejudice. That’s how good this adaptation is. They completely capture the original, but it’s the way that they update and change Lydia’s character that makes LBD such perfection. It’s also a perfect portrayal of what it’s like to be in your early 20s: school stress, family stress, money stress, boy stress, and job stress. Also, THAT SHIP.

gif lbd surprise
The surprise is that I won’t stop pushing this until ALL of you have watched it.

The Reason I Can’t Find My Love

Episodes: 10

Where’s It From? Japan

Where Can I Stream It? Hulu, DramaFever

Why would I like it? Only one of the three heroines is in the NA age group, but this is one of those shows that proves that, at all ages, we’re just trying to figure out how to adult right. I’ll warn you that this one isn’t really about the romance. The three women become roommates, and deal with issues of love, sex, and work together. Serious friend feels here.

reason i can't find my love
How they hang out

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Episodes: 16

Where’s It From? Korea

Where Can I Stream It? Netflix, Hulu, DramaFever

Why would I like it? Hot boys playing rock music do anything for you? Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a buffet of adorable for the eyes. The characters are in high school and trying to get their big break in music. There’s a cute romance too! Be warned that I hated the first two episodes, but then one character gets run over by a bus and the rest is brilliant. No, I’m not joking.

gif shut up flower boy band hot gif shut up flower boy band smiles
gif shut up flower boy band cute


Episodes: 13

Where’s It From? USA

Where Can I Stream It? Nowhere, unfortunately, but well worth $20 for the DVD set

Why would I like it? Unfortunately canceled  before it completed a season, they did manage to film enough to give the series a complete arc for future DVD purposes. This show is arguably my favorite show of all time, though it will be arguing with a whole bunch of shows. The plot sounds absurd, and it is, but it is so in a very thoughtful, perfect way. The heroine is Jaye, who feels out of place in her family and life post-college. She majored in philosophy, lives in a trailer, and works at a tourist shop in Niagara Falls. Serious friend feels, laughs, and shippy feels.

gif wonderfalls friendship gif wonderfalls lesbians
gif wonderfalls lee pace
I’ll be in my bunk.

13 responses to “Top Twelve TV Series I Recommend for YA/NA Readers”


    *sigh* I really need to watch Heartstrings and Goong.
    Debby (Snuggly Oranges) recently posted…Top Ten Books for Readers Who Like Geeky/Nerdy ThingsMy Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      Hahaha, NODAMEEEEE. It’s a bit of an outlier on this list, but whateverrrrr. It’s not so much the real world new adulty thing, but it’s close enough. Also, HIS FACE.

      “Watch all the things!” she shouts, aware of the irony that she still hasn’t watched the third season of The Newsroom.

  2. Ella says:

    Oh yes, that ship from LBD? Addictive. Makes you repeat Lizzie and Darcy’s kiss every single time you watch it. Eeeeek!
    Ella recently posted…TAGGED: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers AwardMy Profile

  3. Alessandra says:

    What do you think of The March Family Letters? Are you watching it? It didn’t grab me at first, but now there are Laurie and Joan and it’s gotten more interesting.

    • Christina Franke says:

      I watched the first eleven in a binge, and I’ll catch up to where it is now at some point. The characters didn’t feel all that real for me yet, but I’m intrigued enough to continue. At the point that was out when I went through, Laurie had been introduced, but not Joan.

  4. Paula Stokes says:

    WONDERFALLS IS MINE ALL MINE! (And Dianne and Christina’s). But sorry, Dianne and I are not sharing Lee Pace with you.

    OMG Christina. Thank you for this handy list of Korean guys, I mean shows, SHOWS I should watch 😀


    Paula Stokes recently posted…Finding Happiness as a Writer: ESTABLISH A SUPPORT NETWORKMy Profile

  5. Brigid says:

    Don’t trust the B**** in apartment 13 got canceled? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    The guild is so much fun. The first half of season one is a little rocky. It’s true.

    Plus Lizzie is just so relatable and REAL AS SHIT.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    2. I LOVE The Guild! I haven’t finished Season 4 yet (It feels weird calling them seasons somehow), so I need to get on that. I don’t play any MMO’s either, but I have a lot friends who do (and I play rpg games, so there’s that) and this show is just so delightfully fun and quirky!
    3. I’m sold at genderbending. Thank god for Hulu, it has like ALL the K-Dramas! Netflix needs to get its game on! Speaking of gender bending, have you seen/read Princess Jellyfish? I can’t remember if I’ve already recommended it to you.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Tell Me Tuesday #3My Profile

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  8. Cameron Samuel says:

    Thank you to this particular piece, reading it was a joy.

    I’ve skimmed many articles on the topic, and that one can only be contrasted to concerning quality.
    Keep up the fantastic job, awaiting your books.

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