YA Meets Kdrama: Premeditated

A group of us lovers of both young adult fiction and kdrama had a brilliant idea on Twitter, a way to bring our two loves together. We’ll be alternating through our five blogs with one post a week in our new feature YA Meets Kdrama.

Kdramas cast since my last post:
Gayle Forman’s If I Stay, cast by author Rachel Carter
John Green’s Paper Towns, cast by Laura J. Moss
Holly Black’s White Cat, cast by Katie M. Stout
Kristin Cashore’s Graceling, cast by Corey Wright

For my second book, I chose Josin L. McQuein’s Premeditated, both because I read it recently, thus can remember it well enough to actually cast it, and because I think it would make an awesome kdrama. Revenge is a really popular theme in kdrama, and this story of vengeance and betrayal would definitely be popular. Plus, school uniforms!

Premeditated Header

After an attempted suicide left her cousin Claire in a coma, Dinah researched what happened and is now out for revenge on the boy who hurt her. Dinah transfers from her school to an elite prep school to find Brooks Walden and destroy his life. With the help of her friends, Brucey and Tabitha, she systematically destroys the psychopath with a friendly exterior. A romance burgeons with Dex, who pursues her from day one.

Lee Min Jung
Lee Min Jung as Dinah
Go Ah Ra
Go Ah Ra as Claire (in flashbacks)
Choi Si Won
Choi Si Won as Brooks
Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho as Dex
Lee Dong Hae
Lee Dong Hae as Brucey
Kim So Eun
Kim So Eun as Tabitha

About the Cast:
For Dinah, I wanted someone with a bit of steel in her, and I really liked Lee Min Jung’s first couple of episodes in Boys Over Flowers. I think she has it in her to play Dinah and to have a core of rage, even if she’s generally made to play airheads. Plus, she looks awesome in that smoky eye makeup for flashbacks.

For Claire, I wanted someone really sweet-looking and adorable, the kind of person only a monster would want to hurt. I also wanted her to look really youthful, which is why she’s the youngest in the cast.

Brooks needed to be someone who looked like a sardonic kid of privilege, and Choi Si Won totally fits that. Choi Si Won’s also really good at acting cold. Also, abs.

With Dex, my reasons are spoilery. Look only if you dare. View Spoiler »

Lee Dong Hae’s a bit of a weird choice. One of Brucey’s strongest attributes is his height, and Lee Dong Hae’s not very tall. However, with both of the other male leads being above 6 feet, it would be hard to find a Korean actor who fit the bill. Thus, I went for someone I thought would make a convincing edgy nerd

For Tabitha, honestly, I just grabbed a young actress I liked. She just needs to be able to pull off edginess and this picture showed a quirky style that made me think she could do it.

12 responses to “YA Meets Kdrama: Premeditated”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ahhh I love Lee Min Jung! I’d totally forgotten about her role in Boys Over Flowers (definitely one of my favourite characters). I ended up watching Big and I love her in that. I’m only a few episodes in…but I maaaay have looked up the episode descriptions only on the Hulu blurbs (I can’t help it! I HAVE TO KNOW!!) and I can’t say I’m going to feel all that comfortable with this story line..we’ll see..
    Elizabeth recently posted…A Cat Named Dog – Jem VanstonMy Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      Interesting that you really like Big. I think I’m 10 episodes in or something and I’m gearing up to force my way through it when I finish forcing my way through BOF. The plot is just so creepy. I cannot ship them because he’s actually her student and just yuck. I’m hoping it gets better past the point I got to. The best thing for me so far has been watching for Vitamin Water product placement. It’s EVERYWHERE.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Yeah that’s what I mean about the story line – I mean I’m only like 3 episodes in, so there’s no lovey stuff going on yet, it’s just them goofing off. I don’t think I realized he was a high school student when it started, and I don’t think I believed she was going to end up with him (I don’t know why, it’s pretty much the only way that story line would go haha) I mean I’m right there with you – he’s her student!! It’s why I only watched an episode of Flower Boy Ramen Shop…I want to watch it buuuuttt…..I feel weird with teacher/student relationships (Even student teacher) because I student taught for a while. Weird. *Shudders* So who knows, if I make through Big, maybe I’ll try FBRS

        I am not going to be able to stop seeing Vitamin Water now hahah
        Elizabeth recently posted…A Cat Named Dog – Jem VanstonMy Profile

        • Christina Franke says:

          Oooh, I think FBRS is worth it, and way better than Big, at least so far. The worst thing with that one, aside from the student/teacher romance is the fact that the second guy is SO HOT. AND NICE. And she’s like, no, I’ll date my student, thanks. GIVE HIM TO ME.

          Anyway, I am a little curious to see if she does end up with coma boy or if she follows the doctor. I’m guessing coma boy, but…bleh. He’s not even a cute teen. O_o

          • Elizabeth says:

            Well I’ll check it out then (although I’m now expecting a replay of my frustration of shipping the wrong guy in Goong haha)

            I’m pretty sure she ends up with coma guy….meh…I’m just going to pretend it’s Gong Yoo. Here’s hoping coma boy doesn’t start doing most of the screen time, because as long as I have Gong Yoo on my screen, I can ignore all else (and you’re right…he’s definitely not the cutest boy I’ve seen. ESPECIALLY in comparison to Gong Yoo)
            Elizabeth recently posted…October ObsessionsMy Profile

  2. Meg says:

    Alright, it’s official, time to check out the kdrama stuff as I have no idea who these pretty people are and I HATE MISSING OUT ON AWESOME. I agree with all your reasoning for your picks. (Also COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THE SPOILER! The last quarter of the book was me basically yelling at it, all ‘DINAH WHEN DID YOU STOP BEING SMART?!’)
    Meg recently posted…Review: Parasite by Mira GrantMy Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      YES YES YES. I am excited. SO excited. HURRAH!

      With regards to spoiler, I thought it was well done until he got so overtly grabby. I mean, like, OBVIOUSLY. But oh well. It was still fun to read, but omg duhhhhh.

  3. Katie says:

    THIS IS MADE OF SO MUCH WIN! Gosh, I freaking loved this book, and your casting choices are perfect!!!
    Katie recently posted…Cover Reveal: Wish You Were Italian, by Kristin RaeMy Profile

  4. Josin says:

    Okay, I don’t make a point of visiting blogs when my books are mentioned unless it’s something I’ve been asked to participate in, but someone tweeted me a link to this one and I couldn’t resist.


    Tall or not, Brucey’s face has officially changed in my mind. That image is friggin’ perfect for his personality! Now I want to go back and rewrite it so that he has a hat.
    Josin recently posted…The “Other” Ending to PremeditatedMy Profile

    • Christina Franke says:

      I do not blame you for not clicking most of the links. In fact, it’s a rather wise policy. But I’m glad you couldn’t resist. I’m pretty excited about my Premeditated cast, and I truly think it would be fabulous. I want kdramas to start being based on YA novels. I think there IS a drama based on Gossip Girl, but I’m not sure if it’s Korean.

      It was his style in that picture that convinced me he had to be my Brucey, and I think Brucey would like that hat. 🙂 I also wanted someone who could look menacing if he had to, particularly in the right get up, but was essentially a big, friendly goofball.

  5. This is an awesome idea. I like all your castings especially Lee Min Ho because he is beautiful, but also as I think this would be a cool challenge for him. It’s always great to see actors strive to a challenge.

  6. Gillian says:

    OOOOOO I LOVE THIS CASTING. Hello, Brooks, you sexy bastard. HUBBA HUBBA. Brucey’s pretty darn attractive, too.

    Oh, wait, you cast girls, too. Okay. OO LOVE THE GIRL FOR DINAH. Claire is perfect. I pictured Tabs a little less adorable, but whatever, that last girl is the cutest. I love this feature.
    Gillian recently posted…Top Ten Sequels I Can’t Wait to Get My Hands OnMy Profile

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