15 Day Book Blogging Challenge, Day 8: Blog Appeal

Okay, so I’m late boarding this train, but I want to be part of the fun too. I asked on Twitter for buddies, so that I wouldn’t be alone in taking this epic journey. Thankfully, bloggers are awesome people, so I quickly found three friends to travel with me through the book blogger challenge: Lili of Lili’s Reflections, Mickey of I’m a Book Shark and Jessie of Ageless Pages Reviews, so make sure you check out their responses too! We’ll be doing one challenge a week every Friday for fifteen weeks. For more information on the challenge itself, go visit Good Books and Good Wine‘s explanation post here.

So this week, April has commanded that we write down 15 things that appeal to me on blogs. Let’s see if I can do it.

  • Negative Reviews: Every single blogger I follow regularly is one that will be completely honest and rip a book apart if they need to. They don’t all often dislike books, because some of us are better at picking books or less particular readers, but I trust all of them because I know that they’re not afraid to slam a book if that’s how they feel.
  • Humor: If a blogger can make me laugh, through gifs, sarcasm, pop culture references, or some well-placed swearing, you can bet that I will be back.
  • Powerful Voice: While I can appreciate the skill in a well-turned-out, professional review, I prefer blogs that are confidently not professional. For example, April (aka the host of this) is straight up and silly and totally owns everything she does. Her reviews don’t sound like anyone else’s, which makes her blog such a pleasure to read.
  • Similar Taste: I’m always on the hunt for my bookish soul mate who loves all the same books I love, but I’m pretty sure they’re fictional. Still, I’m assembling a list of bloggers who I almost always agree with in particular genres.
  • Strong Writing: Now, since this is a hobby, we all have typos and stuff pretty regularly. We’re not writing essays for school, so that’s fine. However, even with that, talented writers with a strong grasp on grammar really shine. For beautifully written reviews, I don’t think you can beat Wendy Darling (The Midnight Garden).
  • Totally Different Points of View: A recent obsession is finding bloggers who read for different factors than I do. I’m a HUGE character reader, so my reviews tend to really delve into characters. Bloggers like Kara (Great Imaginations) who reads for world building and Bekka (Pretty Deadly Reviews) who reads for writing really interest me. They react to things in such a wholly different way and it fascinates me.
  • Adult Books: Much as I love YA, I’m pretty well-educated on YA offerings, so I’m always excited when I find a blog that does adult as well. These are the ones that really swell my TBR. Audra (Unabridged Chick) and Jessie and Danielle (Ageless Pages) are great examples.
  • Great Discussion Posts: Much as I love reviews, I can’t always comment on those because, hard as I try, I haven’t read EVERYTHING. Discussions are always so much fun. Gaby (Queen Ella Bee Reads) does an amazing weekly discussion for example.
  • Twitter Presence: Though this isn’t really on the blog, I like when bloggers are around on Twitter, because it makes them less faceless and more human. Also, it makes them seem like part of the community.
  • Responsive: I already mentioned that I love discussions so it’s no surprise that I like to see bloggers interacting to comments, either on their blogs or in a comment back or on Twitter. Bloggers who just post and let people come admire don’t much interest me.
  • Creativity: The fact that people still manage to come up with unique ideas when there are so many of us just awes me. I’m so not-creative that I’m struggling to hit fifteen bullets here. Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) has consistently creative graphics, blog posts, and outfits. Seriously, I am consistently impressed by her.
  • Shinies: A pretty blog is an inducement, not gonna lie. I certainly don’t rule a blog out on not having a fancy design, because I had a standard Blogger background for three years, but they do appeal.
  • Blog Name: A blog with an original name will always have more appeal than one that’s probably on more than one blog. For example, Cuddlebuggery‘s a great name and I love Great Imaginations as a name too.
  • A Passion: We all love books obviously, but it’s so much fun to find out about something more specific that sets the blogger apart. Think Kat (The Aussie Zombie) and how she’s read pretty much every zombie book written. Or Lyn and her knowledge of Norse myth. Or Katie (One Page at a Time) and her posts on kdrama. It can be anything, but it’s great seeing those unique obsessions.
  • Great Commenter: Okay, so I find most of my new blogs to follow/bloggers to befriend, I find them when they comment on my blog. Bloggers who leave amazing comments make me want to know more about the person and to not miss anything they say. The star of commenting is Christina Reads YA hands down. Similarly, if someone leaves really half-hearted comments that are obviously just left to get a comment in return, I’m going to be less interested in that blog.

Wow, that was really hard. What appeals to you guys in a book blog?

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  1. A blogger’s personality is very important to me. When I go to their blog, I need to see a part of them inside their blog posts. It just makes them feel more like a person that you can get to know and makes reading their entries more enjoyable.

    Also similar opinions, I know not everyone is going to have the same opinions as me but if I don’t know I can trust their reviews or opinion, I’m going to be less likely to read their reviews unless they’re very concise with them so I’ll be likely to read them if I want to check out a book sometime. I’ll probably pop back and see what they thought about it.

    Oh definitely, Christina is one of the best commenters out there, getting a comment from her is like a mini Christmas present in itself, I just love reading her comments!

    • Christina Franke says:

      I’m pretty sure about half of my points add up to that one. Personality! I want to see the person behind the review, and get an idea for what their personal biases and favorites are. If I know that, the reviews are so much more helpful to me. Also, more fun and unique.

      While there are reviewers I enjoy who I rarely agree with, the bulk of the time I’m trying to find reccs and to eliminate books I definitely won’t enjoy.

  2. Katie says:

    Whoop! I got mentioned! *dances*

    I like bloggers with a distinctive voice, too. Also, I’m totally with you on Wendy Darling. Her reviews are just so well written. I also think she does a great job with discussion posts and responding to things like the whole Goodreads debacle. She says something, and I’m like, “PREACH IT, SISTER!”
    Katie recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Best SequelsMy Profile

  3. Molli says:

    I was nodding my head at most of this, Christina! I love when bloggers aren’t afraid to be completely honest in their reviews. I unfollowed several blogs this year who were consistently 4 and 5 starring everything they read, because those reviews started to feel dishonest to me. Similarly I unfollowed someone who was consistently negative in most of their reviews, because frankly it’s a drag to go to a blog time after time and never see anything positive.

    I also love well-written reviews, and people who can write DIFFERENT reviews. I adore Gillian’s GIF reviews, and I love that you’re a character reader, like I am.
    Molli recently posted…Review: New Money by Lorraine Zago RosenthalMy Profile

  4. Pretty much agree with everything you said here. And thank you for saying you loved out blog name. You’re the first to grace us with that compliment.

    And I love so many of the blogs you mentioned for the exact same reasons. April’s voice. Jamie’s creativity. Wendy’s reviews. Christina’s commenting. 😀
    Kara @ Great Imaginations recently posted…Book Review: Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn AndersonMy Profile

  5. Of course, I agree with everything you said! I especially love reading bloggers who are more educated than I am about certain subject – like Lyn and her love of Norse mythology. She can tell you when a book is accurate in its portrayal of old Norse gods, and that’s awesome because I know NOTHING about that stuff.

    Discussion posts are my favorite to read. Reviews are great, but like you said, we can’t read everything so sometimes we don’t have much to say. But bring up a controversial (or even a NOT controversial) bookish topic, and everyone has an opinion. Comments on my own discussion posts have opened my eyes and have even made me take a look at WHY I feel the way I do.

    And of course creativity and originality play a huge part with blogs I love. Features like your Cover Snark or Gil’s Baking the Books are huge hits for me.
    Bekka @ Pretty Deadly Reviews recently posted…City of Bones Project: I Quit!My Profile

  6. Siiri says:

    Christina is the best commenter in the world, I agree! Another commenter that I love is Jenny from Supernatural Snark who always brings a positive attitude even to negative reviews of mine and cheers one up on every blog that I’ve visited and noticed her comments under certain posts.

    I always comment back on blogs when someone has left a comment on mine, but I don’t necessarily always reply on mine as much as I did before. I know people have daytime jobs and most of us are pretty busy on a daily basis and they still manage to reply to comments, but lately I’ve been replying mostly when a direct question is asked. Or, if I don’t answer on my blog, I always tweet to the person to let one know my answer. Why? Well.. It’s my final BA year in college and I’m just wayyyy over my head right now with school and work and studying and if I have to choose between reading posts and commenting on other people’s blogs vs. replying to comments on mine? Yeah, the choice is pretty clear;)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE discussion posts. Such as yours, which I’ve only recently discovered :), Christina’s, Debby’s or you know.. the good ole BGDC posts–they’re all a blast to read and usually make me nod my head in agreement or sometimes even shake in disagreement–whichever it is though, it always stirs up a reaction in me and I love to know what other people think. Plus, as you pointed out–we haven’t read everything to say our feelings in the comments regarding the book. Also, sometimes I can’t even read a review because I just want to go into it without knowing anything at all and it’s one of the worst feelings to say that “sorry, I didn’t read you review or skimmed it since I don’t want to know anything about it, but good for you for liking it so much”. Nope! Not good at all. I always try to leave meaningful comments, even in book hauls, and those comment-seekers are really.. annoying 😀 I still always comment back though. Hopefully it makes them happy.

    I like Jenni’s negative reviews since she usually always slams a book in class, you know? She uses her snark and sarcasm well and really makes you think with her rather than just laugh at how ridiculous a book was. Which she often does. Make one laugh–that is.

    So yeah, I basically agree with most of the things you said and good job for managing to write down so many points:)
    Siiri recently posted…Review and Giveaway: The Darkest Part by Trisha WolfeMy Profile

  7. Fantastic list!! I pretty much look for the same things. Though lately I have been a horrible blog commenter. I am trying to get used to my new schedule being at work all day instead of home with the kiddo. It’s definitely an adjustment. I love reading negative reviews that are humorous. I don’t tend to post a lot of negative reviews on my blog because I don’t think I pull off the snark very well, and I just sound mean. I’m also not usually patient enough to finish a book I don’t like unless it’s really short. (or I keep hoping it will get better)

    I tend to sometimes say that I only skimmed the review, but I mention that I just want to leave some comment love. I only do that on blogs that I visit regularly though, not on blogs I only comment on once in a while. I have been getting away from that though.
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  9. […] Bahahaha. Yes, that Chelsea Cameron.Christina at A Reader of Fictions talks about what types of blogs she is drawn to.  Ashleigh Paige at Birth of a New Witch explains why she is deleting her Goodreads […]

  10. […] Bahahaha. Yes, that Chelsea Cameron. Christina at A Reader of Fictions talks about what types of blogs she is drawn to.   Ashleigh Paige at Birth of a New Witch explains why she is deleting her Goodreads account. […]

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