15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day 7: Blogging Quirks

Okay, so I’m late boarding this train, but I want to be part of the fun too. I asked on Twitter for buddies, so that I wouldn’t be alone in taking this epic journey. Thankfully, bloggers are awesome people, so I quickly found three friends to travel with me through the book blogger challenge: Lili of Lili’s Reflections, Mickey of I’m a Book Shark and Jessie of Ageless Pages Reviews, so make sure you check out their responses too! We’ll be doing one challenge a week every Friday for fifteen weeks. For more information on the challenge itself, go visit Good Books and Good Wine‘s explanation post here.

It’s the funniest thing how asking me to sit down and list my quirks makes me feel like the most average blogger in the world. It’s like when someone asks me what my pet peeves are. I have like eight bajillion, but I can’t bring any to mind the moment someone asks me that question. Listing my favorite books tends to go like that too. So, yeah, let’s see how this goes. Also, I just switched to WordPress, so I’m sure that I’m going to be developing a brand new set of quirks.

  • Even though I adore gif reviews, I only write them very occasionally. Basically, I’ll only use gifs if the book strongly reminded me of something in pop culture, and I NEED to use a certain one.
  • Though I have a list of discussion post ideas, I never actually write one unless something happens that I feel I need to react to, whether it’s drama or something in a book I read, or something I observed on the street. Again, I need strong motivation. Also, I don’t like to wait to post them. So what if I already posted twice that day.
  • I may actually be more fascinated with the ratings/reviews written by blogger friends who usually don’t agree with me. Going to Respiring Thoughts, Pretty Deadly Reviews or Birth of a New Witch, I can pretty much guarantee I will see well-thought-out reviews that say the total opposite of my opinion. It’s just fascinating to me.
  • This doesn’t seem quirky to me, but based on what most of my friends do, I think it is: I’m never behind in writing reviews because I HAVE to write them immediately on completion of the book. On vacations, if I can’t, I write out a shorter version in a notebook or leave the last chapter for when I have time to write the review. If I’m too tired to review a book, I leave the last chapter for the morning.
  • Because I review right after, a lot of my ratings would be different if I did them now. I’m debating changing some of them as I go through every post to format for WordPress, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. I will definitely add ratings, based on what I said on GR, to the reviews before I had ratings, because why not.
  • For the most part, I read strictly by publication date. Once an ARC’s publication date passes, I either give it away or add it to my stacks for consumption whenever I feel like it. Thus why I try so hard to make them happen by the date.
  • I dislike digital review copies of print books, but love digital review copies of audiobooks.
  • I will be going through every review to edit the formatting, because not doing so would make me bonkers. Also, I can make use of more Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin features that way. Sadly, it will take roughly half my life.

And that’s all I can manage, which surely only covers about 3% of my blogging quirks. Mention some more quirky blogging things in the comments and I will tell you if that’s totally a thing I do!

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  1. Siiri says:

    I find your quirk of reading opposing reviews the most fascinating. I somewhat have the same quirk since I love them because they’re good for further discussion and I’m intrigued by them and they usually point out things I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. At the same time, it’s always fun to see how others found the same things cute, emotional, frustrating, realistic etc as I did.

    I’m the type of reviewer who has a good memory (on most days) and I usually write my reviews when I feel like it. I write them in blocks–about 3-4 ones at a time.

    I love that you are too anal to leave the post the way they are LOL. I’d do the same šŸ˜€ I hope it won’t take too much of your time and it’ll be over quickly:)
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    • Christina Franke says:

      I’m not going to lie, reading opposing opinion reviews can be painful sometimes, but that’s another reason why I like reading friend reviews that differ so much. With these people, I know they’re not going to hate me forever for feeling differently than they do, and it helps make me better at reading reviews from people I don’t know that totally rip apart a favorite, you know? And it’s not like I haven’t been that person for other people’s favorites. It’s just so fascinating to see how people come at books from such different angles.

      My memory is awful. I envy you this ability. However, actually, my memory is only part of the reason why I write the reviews immediately after. The other reason is that I’m really lazy, and if I didn’t do it right away, I would probably procrastinate my way out of blogging. :-p

      I’m not fixing EVERY post. Mostly just the reviews, though I am checking everything, and, if some other post type looks TOO awful, then I’m fixing that too. It will, however, take forever. This is what happens when you move after you’ve written 1300 posts.

  2. I agree – I love reading reviews that say the total opposite from my opinion. It’s always fascinating to see all the things that they didn’t like or that bothered them. Sometimes I’d find myself agreeing, or I’d find that I never actually noticed the things they pointed out.

    I’m admittedly a total procrastinator when it comes to reviews. And everything else. But anyhow. I normally go through a handful of books in a day or two, sit on my thoughts for a while, and then as the release date for one of the books come up or if I realize that it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve received the copy and maybe now would be a good time to post that review, I’d sit down and write them all out at once. It’s not the best system, I know *ducks head sheepisly* but I’m working on it! xD

    Your last quote – I can totally relate. I used to deck out my posts with all kinds of little image labels and things that I’d change every time I change my blog design (… frequently), and I’d always go back and fix up all my posts with the updated images because it would drive me crazy if I left them like that, regardless of whether or not people actually read those years-old posts anymore. I use the tag on blogger now instead of images, but I can imagine what it would be like when I make the switch to wordpress… Eep.
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    • Christina Franke says:

      Very true. Sometimes I agree with what they’re saying, even though I had exactly the opposite reaction to what they pointed out. Like, I may have found the dialog hilarious and someone else thinks it’s trying too hard to be quirky. Or when they hate it because it’s pretentious and I love it for the same reason. Other times, I’m like OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO RIGHT, and wish I could change my review, because I feel like an idiot.

      Bahaha, I couldn’t work like that. But it’s cool for other people. I don’t necessarily think my way is better; it does have its own drawbacks. This method is the only one I think could work for me, though.

      Switching to WP is a pain. All of your posts will reformat themselves in the move, so that they look frickin’ stupid. Christina is NOT PLEASED.

  3. I love the idea behind April’s 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge and would love to complete it at some point, but now it almost feels as though it’s too late to participate šŸ™

    In terms of your blogging quirks, I could really relate to one in particular – I have to write a review immediately after finishing a novel. If I don’t write it in a matter of hours, or a day at the most, the review will tend to languish, half-finished until I eventually end up deleting it. I’m currently facing that exact problem with my review for Kasie West’s The Distance Between Us. I desperately want to finish it, but because so much time has passed since I read the novel, I find I’ve lost all motivation to revisit it *Sigh* As of right now it’s 75% complete and I seem to keep pushing back the review interminably without a completion date in sight.

    Like you, I do have a tendency to change ratings as time passes. Sometimes I’ll be extremely passionate about a book in the moment and will rate it four stars, only to find later that it hasn’t stood the test of time in my memory or heart as well as I expected and will reduce it to three stars. I think it’s perfectly natural that our feelings change over time, both as we reflect on the novels further and because of the passage of time. Your first reaction might not always be the most accurate, or your tastes might simply change. Plus, I don’t know about you, but if I read a review with an opinion contrary to my own that makes a well-reasoned argument, I might find my own opinion changes as I look at the work in an entirely new way, and will change my rating to reflect that.
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  4. BEFORE I FORGET (oooh wow, such pretty fonts in the new layout too! NO NO I CAN’T GET DISTRACTED), I just wanted to say that I’d read Attachments and I thought of your post on what it was actually like to be a NA. I remembered also that you’d said that you were waiting on reading Attachments… But that book speaks to your post really well. It’s got a bit of fluff in it, but MAN. I can’t quite remember if I commented on your post then and 3:30 a.m. Christina isn’t going to go search (sorry!) but it seemed very appropriate to at least say that it was a touching post, and I thought of it long after you’d written it. Also, read Attachments.

    ME TOO. When I was writing my list of quirks, I couldn’t think of them. And the same with pet peeves. They’ll come up as I’m reviewing a book, or if I think really hard on typical books in a genre, but if you ask me on the spot… nupe. Ha, if your quirks are going to change b/c of WP, maybe you should write about them again soon šŸ˜€ and compare.

    BUT BUT YOU HAVE THE BEST GIFS. You and Gillian. Is that why? because the thing in pop culture that you’re reminded of, you can find gifs for easily?

    Hey, posting twice a day is fine. The only time I’ve ever been concerned that someone posts too much is when I opened Feedly to find one blog with 10 posts that day. Not importing posts, but all different ones o.o. I’m surprised you didn’t write a post about GR. I’ve been seeing a bunch of those around the blogosphere and I could picture you writing one too.

    Hehehe. I haven’t done a thorough comparison of reviews with Renae or Ashleigh, but I have agreed with them on occasion – like with Origin – so maybe I’m somewhere between y’all for reading tastes. I see that Siiri commented here; I’m kind of like that with her too because she loves NA novels that I’m pretty sure I would not like at all o.o.

    “Iā€™m never behind in writing reviews because I HAVE to write them immediately on completion of the book.” YES. THAT IS QUIRKY. Also, I wish. I wish I could do this. I would actually be more on top of things if I did instead of daydreaming about random crap. I like that you leave the last chapter for later — I imagine that’s especially helpful with epilogues in reminding you of what happened, etc.

    “Because I review right after, a lot of my ratings would be different if I did them now.” <– Yep. So yep. I am actually going to go through my early reviews and start beefing them up a bit – not changing the impression, but at least explaining my thoughts then better because now they'd be so different and a part of me itches to at least explain why instead of "LOL GO BUY THIS BOOK." :O ALSO ALSO ALSO YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH EVERY POST FOR WP? WHUT.

    You do a really good job of reviewing by pub date. Here's a reading quirk: YOU READ REALLY FAST. Ehem. "I dislike digital review copies of print books, but love digital review copies of audiobooks." <– Agreed. Except the part about actually getting many of either ;).

    "I will be going through every review to edit the formatting, because not doing so would make me bonkers." <– Me too. At least with Booklikes, if not the blog too. And I imagine that if you changed to BL, that'd also take a while since you have so many reivews o.o.

    Dog-earring! Eating while reading! Taking notes! Using bookmarks! Uh. E-reader ness – have one?


    also you may be getting several comments from me soonish. just fyi. attack of the christina as I catch up.
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  5. Jessie says:

    I completely understand about discussion posts. They are hard to write and the fear of how people will take what I have to say… well, I end up deleting them and pretending I never wrote them.

    Opposite-opinion reviews ARE SO HELPFUL. I don’t know anyone who is consistently opposite of me (like with you and Renae), but there are a few that I check often. Blythe and I don’t always agree, and I’ve bought several books she hated just because her reviews intrigued me.

    SO IMPRESSED YOU’RE NEVER BEHIND. I see you write reviews immediately after finishing books and I say to myself, “be more like Christina!” and then I go watch a Castle marathon.

    If I were ever to switch to WP (which is unlikely because your move terrified me), it would be for the UBB. That sounds so helpful and awesome. Le sigh.
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