Cover Snark (64): Snark Is Thicker Than Water

Welcome to Cover Snark, where the people are snarky and the covers quiver in fear. Since I don’t write many snarky book reviews here on A Reader of Fictions, Cover Snark is my outlet. If you click on the title of the book, where possible, I’ve linked to Goodreads. Clicking on the cover itself will show you the cover in a larger size, in most cases. Feel free to love covers I hate and vice versa. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Shiny and New:

1. Tin Star – Cecil Castellucci

Thoughts: Tin star makes me think of sherriffs, which makes me think of westerns, but this is space, so I’m thinking space cowboys? Please? I like the tagline, but I don’t know why the girl’s head is in space or why they chose that title font.

2. Ink Is Thicker Than Water – Amy Spalding

Thoughts: Boo. That’s the coolest tattoo they could devise for this? And the heroine’s the sort of person who wears collared tank tops? The yellow bar with the author’s name isn’t doing the book any favors either. Also, the cutting off the model’s head thing is not my favorite trend.

3. When the World Was Flat (and We Were in Love) – Ingrid Jonach

Thoughts: Title = win. Cover = boring. I do like the spareness of it, but the key with a heart-shaped handle….just no.

4. Wings (Black City #3) – Elizabeth Richards

Thoughts: In Black City, all ice cubes are made of frozen butterfly. It’s an acquired taste. Also, that city is very clearly blue.

5. Two (One Universe #2) – Leigh Ann Kopans

Thoughts: “You call those spirit fingers? THESE are spirit fingers.”

6. See Me – Windy Higgins

Thoughts: Yes, yes, I do.

7. The Life Beyond (The Other Life #2) – Susanne Winnacker

Thoughts: That awesome moment where a blogger designs a book cover and I don’t have to snark it because it’s good. Well, okay, the tagline needs to go, but I love the title font, especially the color.

8. Three (Article 5 #1) – Kristen Simmons

Thoughts: Well, this one’s a bit of a letdown. The first two covers are great, but I don’t think they made enough use of the red. However, it is really amusing to me that it sort of looks like he’s grabbing her ass, though I know it’s that wall BEHIND her ass.

9. Pawn (The Blackcoat Rebellion #1) – Aimee Carter

Thoughts: I liked this so much more when I didn’t know that was an eye in the background. Still, I love the colors and the chess piece in the corner.

10. Off Course (Off Series #4) – Sawyer Bennett

Thoughts: Bonus points for being white people kissing in a library. Bonus points subtracted for his tattoo, which looks like an advertisement for some sort of outdoorsy group.

11. Echoes of Melody – Komal Kant

Thoughts: That awkward moment where you wake up the morning after graduation with no clothes but your boots leads to the invention of the Umbrelladress. Development’s still in progress, but Tim Gunn’s going to love the resourcefulness of this creation.

12. The Nightmare Dilemma (The Arkwell Academy #2) – Mindee Arnett

Thoughts: Oooh, Arthurian legend? Yes, please. I prefer this cover to the one for The Nightmare Dilemma.

13. Swift Runs the Heart – Mary Brock Jones

Thoughts: Okay, I do not like the floating head thing at all, but, damn, her hair is gorgeous. I could never make my hair do that in a million years and it’s just not fair.

14. It Was Me – Anna Cruise

Thoughts: We finally have the answer to the age-old question: Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

15. Lockstep – Karl Schroeder

Thoughts: They do not look pleased about having to lockstep. Also, put that dude in a bowtie and a newsboy cap and it’s Darcy!

16. The Innocent (The Protege #2) – Kailin Gow

Thoughts: Over a hundred Kailin Gow books and they still don’t have the shape of an average book down yet? Fifty lashes.

17. 5 Miles – Nadege Richards

Thoughts: Honey, sit like you have a secret. Ain’t nobody need to see that. Okay, maybe some people do, but I could have lived without it.

18. Reviving Izabel (In the Company of Killers #2) – J.A. Redmerski

Thoughts: This series name is worrisome. On the plus side, it looks like she has brown eyes, which doesn’t happen enough on covers. In other news, why is she pulling her sweater down like that? It’s totally not an off-the-shoulder.

19. Becoming Josephine – Heather Webb

Thoughts: Her hand is in a really weird position. Was that a thing in old school portraits?

20. Sandman: Overture – Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams

Thoughts: Trying to decide which is creepiest: how skinny that guy is, how his limbs curve, or just his face in general.

21. Ravaged – Jennifer Sights

Thoughts: How do you cope? Fainting, obviously. Then the menfolks come save you.

22. The Fall of the Governor (The Fall of the Governor Trilogy #3) – Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga

Thoughts: Oh no, someone’s flu mask fell off! Now the swine flu will get them before the zombies. Tragic!

23. Breach Zone (Shadow Ops #3) – Myke Cole

Thoughts: If your super power was the ability to manipulate lightning but you could only do it between your two palms, that would suck. Like, what if he couldn’t point it at people, and it was solely a close range weapon? Also, I’ve decided that his superhero name is Pikachu.

24. In Love with a Wicked Man – Liz Carlyle

Thoughts: Something tells me she can handle it. I wouldn’t want to mess with her; she looks fierce.

25. Stay with Me (With Me #1) – Elyssa Patrick

Thoughts: If you’re so annoying you’re worried your guitar will try to run away, it’s time to get some professional help.

26. The Burning Dark – Adam Christopher

Thoughts: Oooh, I like it. The soundwaves down to the author name are awesome, though I’m not sure if it’s plot-relevant. Otherwise, this is pretty generic; there are a ton of those shots down a spaceship tunnel.

27. Wolf Bride (Lust in the Tudor Court #1) – Elizabeth Moss

Thoughts: No. NO. NOOO. NOOOOOOOOOO. For shame, The Sunday Times. FOR SHAME.

28. Runaway Groom – Virginia Nelson

Thoughts: Take note, grooms considering a quick getaway, always bring backup shows. For the hipster groom, Chucks are highly recommended.

29. Broken – CJ Lyons

Thoughts: *yawns The shattered heart thing has been done. Also, the blurry-looking title font upsets me.

30. Charmed I’m Sure (Pax Arcana #0.5) – Elliott James

Thoughts: Awwwww, this is so cute.. I love how they made this look like an old school leather-bound fairy tale. Winning!

31. Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (Pax Arcana #0.6) – Elliott James

Thoughts: One of the members of TLC is giving him excellent life advice.

32. Pushing Luck (Pax Arcana #0.7) – Elliott James

Thoughts: In lieu of waterfall chasing, what can one do but gamble and get drunk? That P is a little bit hard to read, like it might be Dushing Luck, which, obviously, makes no sense but sounds like it might be dirty.

33. Panic by Lauren Oliver (March 4th 2014) HarperCollins

Thoughts: A cover with a girl’s face and her hair blowing everywhere! How original! ->

34. The Problem with Promises (Mystwalker #3) – Leigh Evans

Thoughts: When I first saw this, I totally read it as The Trouble with Penises. And, yes, I realize this says more about me than the cover. Yet again, we have a girl shrugging her shirt off. Either wear the shirt or don’t, ladies! Also, I think Freud would have some things to say about how her legs are spread and the dude is running between them.

35. Darkest Fear (Birthright #1) – Cate Tiernan

Thoughts: Oh look, a girl’s face with her hair blowing in front of it! I’ve never seen anything like this before. The title font’s pretty cool with those slashes, but all bonus points lost by that stupid colored eye.

36. Entwined (Darkest London #3.5) – Kristen Callihan

Thoughts: I choose to believe that this is a story about Mary Poppins.

37. Dreamwalker by C.S. Friedman

Thoughts: Dude, I don’t know what’s happening here, but there is a pterodactyl, which is awesome. My childhood self demands immediate Dinotopia.

38. Fallout (Haan #2) – James K. Decker

Thoughts: Possibly a POC? I like how everything, including the MC has taken a beating. I do not like that they cut off the MC’s face. STOP WITH THIS COVER TREND. I know we like self-insertion, but I know that’s not me. I mean, come on.

39. Tomorrow (Yesterday #2) – C.K. Kelly Martin

Thoughts: Another floating head. What is the world coming to? I do like the swirly business behind the title, though. Weeeeeeeeee! That was me spinning through the swirls. Anywho, I don’t these cover elements blend all that well, but I do like the colors.

40. Mad About the Boy (Bridget Jones #3) – Helen Fielding

 Thoughts: So Bridget Jones is skinny now? Or did they not cast her accurately? Not loving this title one bit or the hints at a baby. I also suspect Bridget Jones (was going to abbreviate her name to save on typing and realized that would be BJ – awkward!) would fall on her ass in those shoes.

41. NIL – Lynne Matson

Thoughts: Teen Survivor.

42. Warm Up (Vicious prequel) – V. E. Scwab

 Thoughts: Why is this series not graphic novels? Also, one shouldn’t wear white pants after labor day orrrrr when one’s hands are coated in red. That’s going to be a bitch to clean.

Cover Battles:

1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) – J. K. Rowling

UK Children’s vs. UK Adult Original vs. UK Adult Redesign: Wow, the original adult cover was awfullll. Look, it’s a rock. Old people like rocks, right? They remind them of the grave to which they are so swiftly headed. The colors in the new adult cover are a bit…brash? It just looks a bit more psychidelic than I would expect. Children’s cover for the win!

2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) – J. K. Rowling 

UK Children’s vs. UK Adult Original vs. UK Adult Redesign: Oh dear, this new cover is worse. The pink, orange and blue combo, whyyyy? Also, the UK totally got gypped on HP covers.

3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3) – J. K. Rowling

UK Children’s vs. UK Adult Original vs. UK Adult Redesign: Ooh, this is the best so far for both of the adult covers, but they still don’t really have a Harry Potter vibe, and the kids’ cover has hippogriff riding, so…yeah.

4. The Uprising (The Forsaken #2) – Lisa M. Stasse

Take 1 vs. Take 2: No! Why? It wasn’t broken, so why did they try to fix it. The subtle use of color is a big part of why I love the covers for this series, but now it’s punching me in the face with pink.

5. These Broken Stars (Starbound #1) – Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

US vs. Australia: Sometimes I wonder why they bother making changes to the cover. I think I like the font treatment better on the Australian cover, but I do not approve of the positioning of the series info. Also  interesting is that the Australian cover shifts the picture over slightly so we see more of the dude’s shorts and less of her arm.

6. Storm Glass (Glass Trilogy #1) – Maria V. Snyder

Original vs. Redesign 1 vs. Redesign 2: Blogger is doing crazy formatting things I can’t fix, but this spacing is not making Christina happy. Nor does this redesign. Can you say snoozefest? The random words in the background don’t help either, or that they’re apparently trying to rename the series. Sigh. I personally prefer the purple cover.

7. Sea Glass (Glass Trilogy #2) – Maria V. Snyder

Original vs. Redesign 1 vs. Redesign 2: Second verse, same as the first. Look at the cute little starfish thing. Or leaf? WHATEVER. You’re all going to judge me for not being sure. Sigh.

8. Spy Glass (Glass Trilogy #3) – Maria V. Snyder

Original vs. Redesign 1 vs. Redesign 2: These formations do sort of make me want to go watch Sweet Home Alabama though. That’s sort of like what happens to sand when it’s hit by lightning. Also, all three of these covers make me sad, but I guess I’ll go with the orange one so I can have a matching set.

9. Wait for You (Wait for You #1) – J. Lynn

Original vs. Redesign: The new cover sort of looks like a Janet Evanovich cover. This is a good redesign in that it appeals to a different market, so good job designers. However, that typo makes me want to hurl.

10. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter #6) – J. K. Rowling

US Original vs. Redesign: Hmm, mostly I’ve been digging the new covers, but I think I have to go classic on this one. Dumbledore’s beard goes a bit too Santa on the new one and I like the magic-doing look to the first.

11. Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl – Emily Pohl-Weary

Take 1 vs. Take 2: That’s a good change. The title treatment is adorbs. Also, she looks like she’s howling! Very apropos!

12. White Trash Damaged (White Trash Trilogy #1) – Teresa Mummert 

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Look, it’s Sookie in a world where vampires don’t exist! (Sorry, I’ve been watching True Blood for weeks now)

13. Brazen (Otherworld Stories #13.1) – Kelley Armstrong

Actual vs. Limited Edition: Look at the wolfy! That’s totally more awesome.

14. Fiddlehead – Cherie Priest

WTF of the Week: Ooh, both awesome, but I’m going for the US cover where the heroine’s going all River Tam.

1. Carousel Sun – Sharon Lee


2. Swimming Sweet Arrow – Maureen Gibbon

Thoughts: A crotch shot on a YA cover makes me really uncomfortable.

3. Enders (Starters and Enders #2) – Lissa Price

Thoughts: In the name of all that is bookish, why? I actually liked the redesign for the first book, but this one’s like a demented, drugged up clown. Plus, why is the blurb as large as the author’s name?

4. Stealing the Wind (Mermen of Ea #1) – Shira Anthony

Thoughts: Titty grab! How would mermen even…you know…?

5. Hedging His Bets – Celia Kyle and Mina Carter

Thoughts: Nothing says sexy like a spiny creature near your junk. SNARKLES DOES NOT APPROVE.

Outstanding Cover of the Week:
Charmed I’m Sure by Elliott James

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35 responses to “Cover Snark (64): Snark Is Thicker Than Water”

  1. Riley says:

    – #2… holy shit, that is an ugly tattoo font. The shirt looks super cute, though, very Forever 21.

    – 10’s tattoo I honestly thought was the Arrested Development logo for a moment there.

    – To be fair to 33 I’d panic too if my hair was in my face and I couldn’t see. That’s how murderers sneak up on you!

    – Hedging Sih Bets. (Is this a werehedgehog? PLEASE LET THIS BE A WEREHEDGEHOG.)

    • Christina says:

      2. It’s just boringgggg. I would not wear that shirt, but to each her own.


      33. Good point.

      Hedging: One wonders.

  2. #4 This is my least favorite cover of the series so far.

    #5 LOL wasn’t there enough snark on the first cover? This one is almost exactly like the first and no one liked that one!

    #7 What blogger designed this? Because I saw it this morning and thought it was awesome!

    #9 Agreed. Love this one.

    #18 Yay for more redheads on covers. And wow is she gorgeous!

    #26 I love this too and I love the colors. This may be my favorite of the week so far.

    • Christina says:

      4. Much as I love the color blue, that might be true for me as well.

      5. Meh. I don’t mind the covers for this series really. They’re imminently snarkable but they’re fairly well done.

      7. Icey Books, I believe!

      18. I rather wish I could pull off being a ginger.

      26. Cool!

  3. Difficulty sleeping = Cover Snark playtime at 1 in the morning. My cat is sitting next to me and approves.

    3. I NEED THAT KEY. Key collecting is one of my hobbies. It looks like my Las Vegas keychain after I killed it accidentally by ripping out its dangling innards.

    4. Seeing as two out of three covers involved things shattering like they exploded, I’m led to believe the world of this series? Is run by Michael Bay.

    6. Her expression clearly says WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. I wonder what she’s staring at…

    7. I also approve! The font of the tagline really bugs me. Gotta go. Got. To. Go.

    8. I keep losing track of the title and that’s what bugs me most. Blendy titles: nope.

    9. This is weird and not the good kind.

    11. OH SHIT, UMBRELLAS ARE BECOMING SENTIENT AND GROWING LEGS. Quick, we have to get the flamethrowers!

    12. I loved The Nightmare Dilemma’s cover, but the blue + the sword + more silhouettes = I wish I could marry this cover, but it’s still illegal in Florida. (For now, anyway. This is Florida we’re talking about.)

    17. Thank you for featuring this one! I had no idea she has a new book coming out and now I can add it to my blacklist of doom. Me, still sore over how she was such an asshole to me over something small, fauxpologized, and started babbling vaguely about me on Facebook so her friends could call me names? No! Never!

    18. May I have her hair, please?

    21. Once I use the smellingsalts on her, I’m taking her out to the biggest dinner she’s ever had and unlacing that corset so she can enjoy it. That’s one tiny little waist.

    24. -steals dress-


    33. -zzzz-

    34. I keep getting distracted by WEREJAGUARS. I mean, JAGUARS! (Jaguars, man. The word comes up and I turn into a babbling moron over my sucky yet wonderful football team. And also start laughing over how we’re about to have a damn swimming pool in our stadium because our new owner knows we don’t want to go just to watch our team suck.)

    6-8. OH GOD OH GOD THIS SERIES. The most problematic series I ever loved (but no longer do) and target of some of my fondest snark. The ending of book three will never go away. Ever. And revealing it to people is like playing Horrify the Twilight Noob.

    3. I know, right? Horrible redesign choice and horrible cover. I would have LOVED to see the hardcover style for Starters stay to see how it would change for Enders. Someone once said this redesign was appealing to the MTV crowd and I 100% agree.

    And now time for bed. Cover Snark has appropriately exhausted me.

    • Christina says:

      Gah, I accidentally deleted my comment in response. So here’s the nitty gritty.

      4. Hilarious.

      17. Oh dear. *hopes things turn out okay*

      18. Nope, I called it first.

      34. HUH?

      6-8. Oh dear, I’ve had a love/disappointment relationship with Snyder so far.

      3. Have you not seen the one floating on the interwebs? I’ll tweet it to you.

  4. Judith says:

    1. HOLY SHIT. If you look closely, her eye looks REALLY creepy.

    3. Love the font treatment, hate the key.

    5. *snorts*

    6. “Look, it’s my Bella Swan pose.”

    9. Pretty but THE EYE.

    10. I would say it was like Gossip Girl but then they probably wouldn’t be in a library.

    11. A modern Mary Poppins tale?

    13. It’s a giant Taylor Swift and she’s coming for your heart. Watch out.

    14. Uh, I actually think he’s the one murdering all those girls on book covers.

    21. Dammit girl. Don’t wait for a guy to save you. Save yourself!

    25. Well, she wouldn’t lose the guitar in the first place if she would hold it like a normal person.

    27. Fifty Shades of Tudor Sex. Hahahahahaahaha. Fail.

    33. Why did they use the same font? Did Lauren Oliver only get one font when she sold her books?

    36. Mary Poppins is EVERYWHERE.

    CB 1. 2. 3. I have the UK adult editions (the original) and they are far prettier irl. But I still need the new US children’s editions because THE PRETTY.

    CB 4. Ew. GTFO.

    CB 5. Nooooooo! The font treatment is why I love the cover so much! Well, I suppose I like the Australian version as well but … nope.

    CB 6. 7. 8. Just gimme the original ones and get it over with. I don’t really like them all, but I prefer the first.


    CB 11. Definitely a fan of the second! It looks so original and fun!


    WTF 2. Girl, I really don’t need to see that.

    WTF 3. What the hell happened?!


    • Christina says:

      1. Huh. I wonder if eyes always look like that from the side…

      9. Even more troublesome: the eyebrow.

      10. BURN.

      13. BAHAHAHA.

      14. *snorts*

      25. She’s too hip for that.

      33. That font is called the LaurenOliver. It’s proprietary.

      1-3. I have the UK adult editions for the last couple and I do like them, so…meh.

      5. Really? I really hate the way they did the author names on the US one.


  5. Dana says:

    Ha! Snarkles would not approve that’s for sure. Cover Snark makes my week, Christina. 😉

  6. #22 – Haha! That’s the governor’s eye patch!

  7. 2. I’m really excited for this book, but I am disappointed in the cover.

    5. You call those spirit fingers? Classic. I love a good Bring It On reference in the morning.

    8. I definitely did a double take about where their hands were. It still looks like an ass-grab to me, even though I understand it’s not.

    10. The only thing that would make that tattoo worse was if it was on his neck.

    11. That’s pretty cute. WWTGD?

    13. I love that hair.

    17. Hey, Girl. The city’s on fire. Let’s just lean against the motorcycle while staring off into the distance. I don’t understand this cover design. At all.

    21. Tyra would be all over her ass for modeling 101.

    27. For real: BOO!

    40. There is no way Bridget could walk in those shoes.

    WTF 2. Seriously uncomfortable.

    In general: There’s a lot of floating heads going on here.

    Yay! Cover snark!

    • Christina says:

      2. Same. I LOVED her first one, so I want it anyway.

      5. You are welcome.

      8. Right? It totally looks like one in pertuity.


  8. Well, I had this GIANT comment where I addressed almost ALL the covers, but then Kitty walked across my keyboard and UGH.

    Anyway, my number one thing I wanted to say was that I felt like a leper while everyone was gushing on Twitter about #2 and I’m sitting here like

    • Christina says:

      Ugh. I love cats, but sometimes they are frustrating. Also, aren’t you excited for my impending move to WP? I AM. Except for the fear. Hahah.

      That is how I felt as well.

  9. Lindsay says:

    #38 – What’s with the pinkie raised while holding a gun?! It’s not a champagne glass!

  10. The last one… I can’t even! Hedgehog?!! Bwahaha! Also I had the same question about mermen. How? The outstanding cover for me is TWO. Really really like how neat it is.

  11. GillyB says:

    2. She also has a very weird and shiny pink smile on her half-face. No likey.

    3. Awesome title. Boring cover.

    5. “And THESE? Are GOLD.”

    12. Love the shades of blue on this one. I also like this better than The Nightmare Affair (no dopey-looking phoenix).

    16. *something witty about the shape of an average woman*

    21. Everything about this cover makes me want to stab it. Title, tag line, pose. Everything.

    24. I wish I had a scarlet boudoir I could laze about in exactly so, in my matching silk whatever-it-is-she’s-wearing. I want to be her when I grow up.


    29. Blurry title made me worries my eyes were going.

    30. This is ADORABLE.

    42. I adore this cover. And yes, these would make tremendous graphic novels.

    CB 2. I grew up with the UK children’s version of the Chamber of Secrets and I was always jealous of the kids with the American version. (I got it eventually.)

    CB 4. This one makes me cranky.

    CB 9. I HATE the original cover, so this one is such an improvement.

    CB 10. I’ll always love the original covers best, but I LOVE this new Half Blood Prince one. You crazy.


    WTF1. That rooster looks so pissed off. Who yanked YOUR tail feathers?


    WTF4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha


    • Christina says:

      2. That lip stick is awful.

      3. Agreed.

      5. *high fives*

      12. The phoenix was totally dopey-looking.

      24. Why is that not my life?

      27. They have ensured I will never touch it.

      29. Right? MEAN.



  12. Amy says:

    2. It bothers me that you can see her arm hair. I know that we all have it, but still.

    4. I think that the whole shattered thing is being way overdone. It does go well with the other covers though.

    5. Lol!! I really liked the first book though so I am excited for this one.

    7. I really do like that cover. Very well done.

    9. It’s so hard to focus. The eye is really throwing me off. I do like it though.

    10. That position just looks uncomfortable. I am not a fan of the arm tattoo either. It looks very tacky.

    16. Doesn’t look so innocent to me. Whips don’t usually mean innocence in my opinion.

    17. Doesn’t look like they are going those miles very quick sitting in the middle of the road.

    20. What a creepy and weird looking cover. I like it though.

    25. She looks like she’s checking herself out to make sure she looks hot enough to get picked up.

    30. That cover looks so cute and fun!

    Cover Battles

    1. I love HP, but really, with all the redesigns. I think that it’s just too much with redesigning so much.

    6. I like the first one.

    11. The redesign is really cool. I love the font treatment with the moons.

    WTF of the week

    1. OMG what is the deal with the chicken?!! It’s just weird. I don’t like it at all.

    2. Too much!! I just can’t even look at it.

    5. You should have named this weeks cover snark the one with random creatures!!

    I totally agree with the OCotW. It’s a great cover!

    • Christina says:

      2. I agree! It’s weird to see it in pictures!

      4. Agreed. And it’s always SO RANDOM what’s being shattered.

      17. Goof point. Maybe 5 miles was just too far, so they had to stop to rest.

      20. Sandman is kind of creepy and weird-looking, but AWESOME.

      25. OH HEY, SELF.

      5. Hahaha, yeah, I changed my naming scheme. :-p

  13. 22. Now this is interesting. To a fan of the show or the comics, the “mask” is obviously the governor’s eye patch. His acquisition of the eye patch in the show was a big deal. I can now see how someone who has no clue about the show or comic would see the patch as a flu mask.

    • Christina says:

      well, at least it does make some amount of sense what I saw. I’ve not seen more than one episode of the show or one volume of the comic. X_X

  14. Oh man, I LOVE all of Mindee Arnett’s covers! She seriously must have bribed the cover gods.

    And, dude, I totally thought he WAS grabbing her butt until you pointed out there’s a wall there. Very unfortunate hand placement, that.

  15. Shelver506 says:

    1. The cover says self-pub. The tagline says it may not be total crap.

    2. A very blah effort. Also, I think I’ve seen this before. HOW have I seen this before?

    5. I have a thing for guys in hoodies. I don’t know why. So forgive me while I stare.

    7. STILL flailing over this one.

    12. But but but… There are no beasties.

    13. This looks like a Christian book, possibly Thomas Nelson. Goodreads says it is not, but I find it interesting.

    18. GAH. I refuse to touch this book solely based on how she spells her name. Kill it with fire!

    22. Is that a flu mask? I thought it was an eye patch.

    25. I want to tug her hemline down a inch or four.

    36. The zombies are coming, and only one woman can save us… one spoonful of sugar at a time.

    37. It is my dream to become close friends with a Tara IRL so I can nickname her Tara-dactyl. Totally not relevant, but I felt like sharing.

    38. Oh baby boy, your knee! Put some bactine on that thing. Ow ow ow.

    CB13. So wait, does this imply that the guy IS the wolf?

    WTF2. Ohhhh my gosh, no no no no. NO. Just… no. Plus a title with the word arrow in it makes it that much more awkward. Ugh. No. I could literally write the word “no” for the rest of the day and still not make my point with enough vehemence to satisfy me.

    WTF5. I hope you sent this to the Epic Reads gals.

    • Christina says:

      1. I don’t think it’s a self-pub, but I’m not impressed with the cover.

      2. Stock image?

      5. Hahaha, oh really?

      12. I didn’t like the phoenix on the last one. *ducks*


      22. So I’ve been told. I haven’t seen the show beyond the first episode!

      25. What’s that she asks? My skirt is too long? *pulls up*

      38. I think that’s a girl.

      13. I think so? She does write about shifters.

      2. Right? NOT COOL.

      5. Totally did.

    • Shelver506 says:

      2. No like the WHOLE THING. It’s bugging me.

      12. Oh, I didn’t like the last cover as a whole, but I was looking forward to another beastie for continuity’s sake.

      38. AWK-waaaaaaard.

  16. Yeah crotch shots are AWKWARRRRRD.

  17. Lyn Kaye says:

    12 – this book will push me to read The Nightmare Affair. That cover is BAD ASS.


  18. 27. Surprised no one commented on the whole ‘pearl necklace’ thing. LOL.

  19. Heather Webb says:

    I just laughed so damn hard my husband came in here to see what I kept laughing at. My stomach hurts. Thanks for that! I’ve never seen this site before and now I’m bookmarking it. As for the Becoming Josephine cover–yes, the hand is awkward, as were many of the paintings back then. Art hadn’t evolved yet. By the look of some of these covers, it still has a way to go! Ha! But yeah, that locket portrait was lifted directly from a painting.
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