Cover Snark (54): This Side of Ugly

Welcome to Cover Snark, where the people are snarky and the covers quiver in fear. Since I don’t write many snarky book reviews here on A Reader of Fictions, Cover Snark is my outlet. If you click on the title of the book, where possible, I’ve linked to Goodreads. Clicking on the cover itself will show you the cover in a larger size, in most cases. Feel free to love covers I hate and vice versa. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Shiny and New:

1. Shadowhunter’s Guide: City of Bones – Mimi O’Connor

Thoughts: Just what the world needs. More books about Shadowhunters.

2. City of Bones: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion – Mimi O’Connor

Thoughts: Can we all agree that this is TMI?

3. Are You Mine? – N.K. Smith

Thoughts: It’s like the New Adult version of P.D. Eastman’s Are You My Mother?, in which a girl walks around grabbing guys by the arm and asking if they’re her boyfriend.

4. The Demon’s Song – Kendra Leigh Castle

Thoughts: I didn’t realize sin had a flavor. And I would have guessed it would be more spicy. Now I want some cake.

5. The Awakening: Aidan – Abby Niles

Thoughts: If it’s that guy who’s going to be in love with me for all time, then I’m thinking a curse.

6. Gone with the Wolf (Seattle Wolf Pack #1) – Kristen Miller

Thoughts: Learn to embrace the duckface.

7. Contagion (Toxic City #3) – Tim Lebbon

Thoughts: Eh. I’m pretty amused at the fact that their poses are pretty much identical. Otherwise, I do like that the girl is very much not standard cover girl.

8. Searching for Someday (Love Spells #1) – Jennifer Probst

Thoughts: Maybe you left someday in Flashdance where you picked up that shirt?

9. The Marriage Merger (Marriage to a Billionaire #4) – Jennifer Probst

Thoughts: I love the phrase “breakout novelist.” It makes authors sound so daring, like they just escaped from prison or a dystopian government. In other news, I hate this. It’s boring, looks like a pamphlet on an STD, and has a terrible tagline.

10. The Enchanter Heir (Heir Chronicles #4) – Cinda Williams Chima

Thoughts: Is this knife hanging out underneath a bridge? Silly knife.

11. Wildfire Gospel (Habitat #3) – Kenya Wright

Thoughts: Girl, your eyebrow is on fire. You might want to fix that.

12. MaddAddam (MaddAdam Trilogy #3) – Margaret Atwood

Thoughts: I LOVE this color combo (which totally matches my blog btw). I am, however, confused by handprint egg.

13. City of Lost Dreams (City of Dark Magic #2) – Magnus Flyte

Thoughts: I do like this, but not quite so much as the first cover.

14. Remnants of Tomorrow (Ashes Trilogy #3) – Kassy Tayler

Thoughts: This is officially the weakest cover of the three. The other two were so pretty, but this isn’t working for me. Something about how we’re looking through a circle down to another circle with the ubiquitous “hey, this is steampunk” dirigible. Plus, girl with hair in her face and feather. So many cover tropes presented awkwardly.

15. Untold (The Lynburn Legacy #2) – Sarah Rees Brennan

Thoughts: Pardon me while I weep openly at this cover design. Is it just me or does it look like it belongs in the Shadow Falls series?

16. Lovecraft’s Monsters – Ellen Datlow, ed.

Thoughts: Yup, lots of monsters up on there. I think it’s the mostly human-looking one that upsets me the most.

17. Twilight with the Infamous Earl (Lords of Vice #7) – Alexandra Hawkins

Thoughts: When taglines are honest.

18. Doon – Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

Thoughts: Is this a retelling of Brigadoon? That would be cool. *decides to not be lazy and reads blurb* It is! Good job, cover. You successfully conveyed the subject matter of the book. I do wonder why she’s wearing that fancy dress going TO the town though.

19. Playing Tyler – T. L. Costa

Thoughts: What genre is this? I have no idea. The plane says war book, the tagline/title sound like some sort of romance thing, and the giant flowers make me think of The Wizard of Oz. *looks at blurb* Survey says: video games. O_o

20. Unthinkable – Nancy Werlin

Thoughts: The background is gorgeous, but she looks really obviously pasted in.

21. The Redemption of Callie & Kayden (The Coincidence #2) – Jessica Sorensen

Thoughts: Well, redemption’s in the title, so I imagine that love will save them. In other news, I hate his facial hair.

22. Love in Darkness (Shattered Castles #2) – E.M. Tippetts

Thoughts: I would really like to know where this background photo was taken, because it’s so pretty in a desolate sort of way.

23. The Long War (The Long Earth #2) – Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

Thoughts: Oooh, I like it. So shiny. Also, are those zombies? Cause, if so, I need to read this series like now.

24. Gabriel’s Redemption (Gabriel’s Inferno #3) – Sylvain Reynard

Thoughts: Nothing says redemption like sex in the bushes.

Cover Battles:

1. City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) – Cassandra Clare

Hardback vs. Movie Tie-In Edition: I still think the City of Bones series stuff could look less like The 10th Kingdom, but pretty much anything is an improvement on that romance novel dipped in toxic waste (the only explanation for the noxious green fumes…unless Jace ate a huge burrito for lunch). My Pick: Movie tie-in edition.

Which City of Bones cover do you prefer? free polls 

2. Ink (Paper Gods #1) – Amanda Sun

US vs. UK: I love the UK cover. So much. Not that I didn’t like the US, but the UK one is a bit simpler and classier, in my opinion. Also, Amanda Sun’s name isn’t incredibly tiny. My Pick: UK.

Which Ink cover do you prefer? free polls 

3. Tall, Dark and Divine (Bagging a Greek God #1) – Jenna Bennett

Original vs. Redesign: OMG, the dude on the original cover looks like a friend of mine from college. He’s super cute and tiny, and would totally make that sassy face. That one wins for me by far because of his awesome style. My Pick: Original.

Which Tall, Dark and Divine cover do you prefer? free polls 

4. Deceiving the Witch Next Door – Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

Original vs. Redesign: I really don’t like either of these. Peekaboo underwear doesn’t enthuse me, but neither do poorly photoshopped faces. My Pick: Original, if I have to choose.

Which Deceiving the Witch cover do you prefer? free polls 

5. The Beginning of Everything – Robyn Schneider

Severed Heads, Broken Hearts vs. The Beginning of Everything: In an ideal world, I would go with the original title and the new cover, personally. How hilarious would Severed Heads, Broken Hearts be with a roller coaster background? My Pick: The Beginning of Everything, in honor of my trip to Six Flags last weekend.

Which cover/title do you prefer? free polls 

6. Wild Man (Dream Man #2) – Kristen Ashley

Original vs. Redesign: I can’t even figure out what that original cover is a picture of. Alcohol? Barbecue sauce? Aftershave? Potions? My Pick: Redesign.

Which Dream Man cover do you prefer? free polls 

7. Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend – Louise Rozett

US vs. UK: UK designers, I think someone put acid in your afternoon tea, because, seriously, what is that font treatment? My Pick: US.

Which Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend cover do you prefer? free polls 

8. The Innocents (The Innocents #1) – Lili Peloquin

Hardback vs. Paperback: The latest in the series of WHY THE HELL WAS THIS REDESIGNED? is The Innocents. Apparently they realized the covers were too good. I’m guessing the person who designed these also does Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series. My Pick: Hardback.

Which The Innocents cover do you prefer? free polls 

9. This Side of Jealousy (The Innocents #2) – Lili Peloquin

Take 1 vs. Take 2: As dumb as most of the expressions are on the original covers, these are Bloodlines level awkward, am I right? And, worst of all, why’s the sun always setting/rising into the O? Is that supposed to look good? My Pick: Take 1.

Which This Side of Jealousy cover do you prefer? free polls 

10. Would-Be Witch (Southern Witch #1) – Kimberly Frost

Original vs. Redesign: Now THIS is how you do a redesign. I personally like this new one better, but neither is bad and this will likely lure in a new set of readers. I really like how they kept the elements the same, while doing something new with them. However, the shorts so short the pockets stick out the bottom have to go. My Pick: Redesign.

Which Would-Be Witch cover do you prefer? free polls 

11. Slammed (Slammed #1) – Colleen Hoover

Original vs. Redesign: Since this one’s not just a chair and I like the colors better, I’m going for the redesign. My Pick: Redesign.

Which Slammed cover do you prefer? free polls 

12. Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy #1) – Sarah Rees Brennan

Hardback vs. Paperback: Oh yay! The original cover was just too unique. Better make this look like every other paranormal YA! I get that this will attract different readers, but couldn’t they have waited and just done all of the paperbacks this way? *grumps* My Pick: Hardback.

Which Unspoken cover do you prefer? free polls 

13. Lucky Bastard – S.G. Browne

Hardback vs. Paperback: Trying to look like Chuck Palahniuk are we? My Pick: Hardback.

Which Lucky Bastard cover do you prefer? free polls 

14. River of Stars (Under Heaven #2) – Guy Gavriel Kay

US vs. UK: Neither one’s immediate love for me, but I like the classy simplicity of the UK cover. My Pick: UK.

Which River of Stars cover do you prefer? free polls 

15. No Attachments – Tiffany King

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Apparently as soon as this cover was released, another book coming out the same day revealed their cover with the same image. Awkward. Anyway, all for the best I say, since I like the colors on this one better, even if it’s still a kissy face cover.

Which No Attachments cover do you prefer? free polls 

WTF of the Week:

1. Finding Love’s Wings – Zoey Derrick

Thoughts: First of all, she appears to have about three different sets of wings. Secondly, they will be about as affective as the wings on Heimlich in A Bug’s Life.

2. Glitter & Mayhem – John Klima, Lynne M. Thomas, & Michael Damian Thomas, eds.

Thoughts: Two words: Robot. Disco.

Outstanding Cover of the Week:

UK Cover of Ink by Amanda Sun

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38 responses to “Cover Snark (54): This Side of Ugly”

  1. 1. I think this cover is real pretty, but I have no desire to read any of The Mortal Instruments books.

    2. I do not understand the appeal of an illustrated movie companion. Why do we need this at all?

    5. Ewwww. No.

    8. I loved Flashdance! But I’m thinking this book will probably not be as good as that movie.

    9. I’m too lazy to look at the other covers but I feel like they are all the same. And boring.

    11. I feel like the purple lips are terribly Photoshopped, and really creepy, more so that the fire eyebrow.

    12. Love this! It’s a little strange but totally catches the eye.

    CB1. I HATE movie tie in covers but it is clearly an improvement over the original so as much as it pains me to say it – movie tie in for the win.

    CB4. Do I get a third option?

    CB5. Agreed. Old title + new title = win

    CB7. The UK does weird things like this a lot. Must be a thing over there.

    CB8. Original cover makes me want to read it. New cover makes me want to run far away.

    CB9. See above.

    • Christina says:

      1. I agree that this cover is pretty, though it doesn’t make much sense to me. However, is the world of the Shadowhunters REALLY so complex that it needs a guide?

      2. Nope, I don’t get it either, but teens at the library I interned at LOVED the books about the making of movies, so…

      9. I imagine so. Entangled doesn’t make an effort on most of their covers.

      11. Yeah, I don’t like the purple lips either.

      1. I’m not opposed to ALL movie tie-ins. Either it’s better or it’s not. Haha.

      4. Sadly, no.

      5. I am a genius.

      7. It looks like the car of a graduating cheerleader.

      8. Based on the reviews I’ve seen, running is the appropriate reaction.

  2. Lynn K. says:

    Feels like ages since I commented on one of these!

    3. Are You Mine? – Minus the typography, I like this one a lot.

    4,5,6 – Why Entangled, WHY? (6 looks a bit like one of the photos for the UK photo shoot of Pushing the Limits)

    7. Contagion – Interesting!

    9. The Marriage Merger – LOL! The prison escape comment, haha.

    10. The Enchanter Heir – Rather US Finnikin of the Rock-ish. But I want to read this series.

    11. Wildfire Gospel – I think this was done by the same designer for Karina Halle’s Sins & Needles..hmm

    12. MaddAddam – Cause you need to lay claim on eggs!

    15. Untold – I thought I was the only one who was reminded of Shadow Falls! At least it sort of matches the original design of Unspoken, being all silhouettes and shadows. But my heart weeps as well.

    18. Doon – Never heard of Brigadoon before! o_O

    19. Playing Tyler – It’s rather confusing, but the simplicity is eye catching.

    21. The Redemption of Callie & Kayden – I like this one better than the first book’s cover! (which made me think of The Notebook all the time)

    22. Love in Darkness – Pretty.

    24. Gabriel’s Redemption – At least it matches the previous books, heh.


    Cover Battles:

    1. I really like the original cover (despite not liking the book) but the movie tie in makes me WANT TO BUY IT.

    2. Ink – Love the new image too! Alas, I prefer the title treatment on the old one..when/if I buy this book it’d be a dilemma.

    3,4 Tall, Dark and Divine – I’m not really liking those random grass like shapes at the bottom of these Entangled Covet covers…

    6. Wild Man – The new one reminds me of Arclight!

    7. Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend – Idk why MiraINK needed to make the title so bright..

    8, 9 – WTF? The paperbacks look like bad indie covers. Minus Fiery Heart, I like the Bloodlines covers. At least it had great type!

    12. Unspoken – Another mid series change.. -__-

    13. Lucky Bastard – I love both! 😀

    14. River of Stars – US!!!


    2. Glitter & Mayhem – I love the art style!

  3. Rachelia says:

    1. I actually like this better than all the other TMI covers featured in this week’s post. #2 just looks too pasted together.

    6. LOL love your comment, going off the tagline!!

    7. I kind of like this, although I don’t know if I have seen the other ones to be able to compare.

    11. This looks like a photoshop wreck. Besides the eyebrow on fire, her dreads or the dark contour her face weirdly, and it looks like they messed up her lips and did a bad color job on them too :/

    12. Quite a few of Atwood’s covers confuse me, haha. But I like the colors on this one!

    15. So sad/angry about this series make over. Not cool.

    18. Wow, neat cover! I don’t know what Brigadoon is though, haha.

    19. I kinda like this one, with all the sharp contrast between the black, white and red, but it is a bit confusing.

    2. I really really like the US cover moer. Feels more… cohesive?

    5. I like how they kept the blue consistent, but the new redesign seems… a bit kidish?

    7. AHHH no what the hell is that UK cover?? I liked the consistency of color and title treatment with that series (it is a series, right??). EWW to the UK cover.

    8. I used to think these covers were cool, and was thinking of picking them up. With those new paperback covers? HELL NO. There’s better self-pub/indie covers out there!!

    11. I REALLY like this redesign, and how they kept identifiable elements, like a stage and stool.

    12. *cries*. I still want to read these books but the covers kill me now 🙁

  4. Cover Snark Comment (Whatever Number): Flipping Birds and Grabbing Dresses

    1 and 2. The first one is kind of cool, the second one not even, but fuck them both on principle because CC and too many effing Shadowhunter books.

    3. Your commentary totally got me on that one. Belly laugh!

    6. Yep, they’re totally ready to quack. Good call!

    10. I never noticed the bridge! I saw the pretty magic colors around the sword and the generally light palette and was like “Oooh, pretty.” This is why I don’t do much cover commentary: I’m easier to distract than a cat when you have catnip in hand.

    11. Agreed. I’ll help her put it out! Her lips kind of scare me. They’re too purple and seem a little too large for her face, though that might be the color tricking my eyes.

    15. I sobbed so much when I heard this series was getting a redesign and sobbed even more when I saw it. WHAT THE HELL WAS RANDOM HOUSE THINKING?! They had a lovely, original cover with Unspoken and redesign the series to look like cliche crap. NOT COOL. I PROTEST. Also, MOTHERFUCKING SHADOW FALLS. FUUUUUUUCK. (I still hate that series quite violently.)

    17. Dress please!

    18. …Dress please!

    20. Yep, lovely backgroudn with pasted-in model. Something about the model puts me off too. She looks a little to skinny to me. Almost artificially skinny. It bugs me.

    21. -flips off book/author-

    24. -flips off p2p fanfic-

    2. I still loves both. <3 I can has snuggles with covers?

    8 and 9. Seriously, what the hell? Bad redesign. Bad. I suppose Peloquin did something on Mead’s level to piss off the cover designers and make them do this to her covers! 😛 That or the designers had another drinking contest and the original designer lost.

    11. -flips off-

    12. -sobs more-

  5. 1. Normal movie stuff – BLAH
    2. Again – BLAH
    4. Does he have real feather wings or is he wearing a fluffy blanket??
    5. I thought the blurb said “author of the DUCK Dynasties series” at first, I MIGHT have been more excited 😉
    6. Speaking of Duck…
    7. She looks like a survival/dystopian girl! I think hair chopping is a good idea when washing/brushing become less likely 😉
    10. I picture people racing toward the knife on the bridge like they do for the wand in the arena to be the Family Wizard on Wizards of Waverly 😉
    11.’s going to take so long to grow those back..
    15. SO SAD! Loved the cover to book 1!
    21. It’s McSteamy’s facial hair!
    24. I just hope their is no poison ivy, eech!
    The Innocents series redesign – THE GLARE! AHHHH
    Would-Be Witch – Super Short Shirts is actually how the character dresses, so bully for them.

  6. Yay cover snark. 🙂

    1. Ditto. It’s just so complex, I think we will all be lost without another guide.
    2. And of course you need a movie companion, I don’t know how I ever watched movies without one.
    8. No comment about authors font being bigger than book name? You are losing your touch. 😉
    11. hahaha The samer thought popped into my head. 😀
    13. There is a sequel? Yay! Agreed, first cover was way better.
    15. It’s not just you, I thought the same thing until I read the author.
    19. That cover looks disconnected from book to me too.

  7. Amy says:

    1. I know your feelings about Cassandra Clare books, but it really is a pretty cool cover.

    2. I don’t really understand movie companions. It’s not like you are going to be referring to it while watching the movie.

    3. I would think that could cause some awkward moments.

    4. I thought revenge was supposed to be sweet, not sin. I agree I would think it would be spicy. Crap, now I’m hungry too.

    7. How is it that everything is in ruins, yet there’s pretty flowers in the graveyard they are standing in?

    9. I think it’s creepy that she seems to be looking at us while they are getting steamy. Guess she likes an audience.

    10. That is so random. Pretty, but yeah…

    11. Besides her eyebrow being on fire, she looks like she’s wearing those halloween wax lip thingies. Lol!

    13. I do really like the cover, but the placement of the Penguin logo is a bit odd.

    18. I haven’t read Brigadoon, but this cover is pretty!!

    22. That background is really pretty.

    23. Ohhh what a great cover!! My only issue is the last names being so huge! We know who you are dudes!!

    24. That doesn’t seem like a very great place to have sex. And what’s with the floating head guy up above… weird.

    Cover Battles

    1. I agree that the movie tie in edition is much better. (Haha! Burrito for lunch!!)

    2. I like them both a lot, but I think the UK one wins.

    3. I love the face the guy is making on the original cover too! And it looks like he’s playing hard to get, not laying naked in a bed waiting.

    5. I like the new cover too. I just love how bright it is.

    7. I like the original cover better too. The font on the UK one hurts my eyes.

    8 & 9. Definitely the original covers. On 9 the blond chick looks like she’s constipated or something too.

    12. I loved the original cover. See, this is why I rarely buy physical books that are part of a series. They always change the covers!!!

    WTF of the week

    1. Yes, WTF indeed!! Those are some crazy wing things!!

    2. OMG I think I laughed for like 5 minutes when I saw this!!!

    I totally agree with the Outstanding cover of the week! Once again, fabulous cover snark!!

    • Amy says:

      Lol! When I started my comment there were no comments yet, and by the time I finished there was a bunch. I am so slow commenting on these posts haha!!

  8. Steena says:

    9. The Marriage Merger: I have an issue with covers that make me so obviously a voyeur. Why are you looking at me, lady? I do not exist in your world. Pay attention to the man eating your ear.

    12: MaddAddam: The problem with having your name larger than the title is that, even though I know Margaret Atwood is an author, I considered for a moment that this was a book about Margaret Atwood by an author named Madd Addam.

    18. Doon: I will be reading this but her dress is entirely ineffectual for traipsing across the Highlands.

    CB3. Tall, Dark, and Divine: Yes. Yes it does. And I am way more comfortable with a man in a suit than Scruffy McSixpack. I think more fitting to the redesign would be changing the series name to “Banging a Greek God.”

    CB12. Unspoken: No! Why would they do this?! That means that Untold (#15) is part of this series! And I didn’t even GLANCE at that cover! Uhg.

    WTF2 Glitter&Mayhem: I am so strangely intrigued by this Steampunk/StarlightExpress/RollerDisco cover. But honestly, for being a Steampunk/StarlightExpress/RollerDisco cover, it’s kind of the most awesome it could be. I like the art style they chose and the blend of colors. Also, the introduction is by Tara from Buffy?

  9. KM says:

    I saw what you did there with the “tmi.” Heh.

    Yes, I’m also mourning the old Sarah Rees Brennan cover. My question for the redesign: “But…but why?!”

  10. Wow, even though I didn’t like Unspoken, and I don’t plan on owning copies of that series, I’m a little pissed about the redesign. The original was really, really unique and pretty, and this new one looks like it comes from the bad side of self-publishing. Total fail.

    Also REALLY not a fan of The Innocents redesign either. I thought the originals were also unique and if you saw them on the shelves, they’re unmistakably part of that series. Again, the look self-published and the faces/poses are HORRIBLE.

  11. Jessie says:

    I’ve never read read any Clare books, but the endless parade of the same idea over and over again is so annoying. That said, this is one of the very few times I like the movie tie-in edition better than the original.

    Commentary on Are You Mine? = actual lols.

    Handprint eggs? What were you thinking, design department?

    I like City of Lost Dreams, but the first is better. The orange is cool, but they didn’t do enough with it.

    I AM SO PISSED ABOUT THE UNSPOKEN REDESIGN. Why can’t we have covers that are cool and original instead of bland, generic, and romance novelish?!

    I definitely like the UK version of INK better. The US one.. is alright but the face looks wonky to me.

    Ugh – the Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend? Almost made me gouge my eyes out.

    I have the US version of River of Stars and love it – it works really well the predecessor’s cover. BUT I do love the UK one as well.

    And I’d read a book about Robot Disco. Fuck yeah.

  12. Natalie Bell says:

    I’m seriously going to write a book about a girl who randomly wraps her arm around a boy and asks if he’s her boyfriend. And its going to be the best book ever.
    Not only is her eyebrow on fire on the cover for Wildfire Gospel (or whatever that book was called), but what’s going on with her mouth?
    I just saw Doon’s cover yesterday while perusing WoWs. It’s gorgeous and the premise sounds awesome.
    The movie tie-in for City of Bones is a trillion times better.
    Great snarking!

  13. Megan K. says:

    1. Cassandra Clare needs to stop. I haven’t even read any of her books and I know it’s getting out of hand.


    11. If I was a doctor and had to choose on which to operate on first, I’d pick those retarded lips.

    18. I think this one needs a bit of work with that title. The color’s entirely off and it makes it look like it jumped straight out from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    21. He looks like Wolverine in the making, lol.

    24. Let’s go get wild on some thorns, huh?

    Cover Battles

    3. That guy’s face is sooooo ridiculous! So yeah, I’d pick the first one because it’s so silly. The other one is just… ew.

    5. Ah, I really wish the author had stuck with the original title, because it sounds so cool! The new title sounds so cliche. :/

    WTF of the Week

    I know I sound brutal, but seriously, all these cover makers never fail to impress me with their skills. *cough* Bahaha! Yeah, those wings will never help her at all. And I think that robot lady on the dancefloor looks pretty cool. xD

  14. GillyB says:

    3. IT’S LIKE THE NA VERSION OF “ARE YOU MY MOTHER?” Christina, I just spewed coffee ALL over the keyboard. You owe me a new one.

    4. Learn to embrace to duckface and her overwhelming need for conditioner. That hair’s lookin’ pretty crispy.

    8. FLASHDANCE REFERENCE *high fives the maniac on the floor*

    9. “Breakout novelist”. Or like the author has hives.

    11. She may be on fire, but she’s the second POC of the week, and that makes me happy.

    12. and 13. LOVE Also, I used to HAVE your blog design, back in the day. Which makes me seriously question how similar our brains are, and it scares me.

    15. I WISH they hadn’t changed the covers for Untold and Unspoken! I much preferred the silhouette design they had before. This one’s so generic.

    18. Dude. A retelling of Brigadoon. Not a huge fan of the cover, but SIGN ME UP.

    24. They are going to wave wicked poison ivy in places nobody EVER wants poison ivy.

    1. MUCH prefer the movie tie-in. 2. Also prefer the UK.

    7. What a RIDICULOUS FONT TREATMENT. Did they even read the book? It makes no sense.


    1. “Someday I will be a beautiful butterfly and everything will be better.”

  15. Emma says:

    12. The egg reminds me of a Fringe Glyph! Think it’s to do with the bio engineering/ man’s effect on nature dealt with in the first two books? Even then, it’s not as good as The Year of the Flood cover with the purple sheep on a stool with three chopped off braids on the floor along with a pair of scissors! What were they thinking?!

    19. Agree that there’s a disconnect. From the blurb I get YA Ready Player One, but the cover suggests something more like War Games or a maybe WWI setting. Or that’s what I get from the poppies, being from the U.K, as that’s what we wear over here (paper or pin versions anyway) as a mark of respect for Remembrance day.

    23. They shouldn’t be zombies…unless Pratchett and Baxter have decided to take this series in a completely different direction!

  16. Michelle says:

    Some really cool picks this week!!

    #6 Gone with the Wolf- Seriously, what is with that girls face??

    #9 Marriage Merger- You are SO right about the STD ad thing… it totally is!!! It reminds me of TLC’s Waterfalls video where the guy gets HIV.

    Why the hell would they redesign The Innocents?? The original cover is actually unique and good. The 2 girls on the new cover just don’t go… it looks amateur.

    #21 The Redemption of Callie & whoever and #15 of cover wars No Attachments are so yawn inducing…I am so sick of girl and guy makeout covers!!

    oh and #24 Gabriel’s Redemption cracked me up- doing in in the bushes!!!

  17. thebookwurrm says:

    I don’t like the arrangement of the UK cover of the Ink (I was totally going to get that book until I read it and just…wow…no.)

    Also, it’s Margaret Atwood, she probably has an egg with a handprint on it in her story. I wouldn’t put it past her.

    The cover on the “breakout novelist” book: His kisses mustn’t be doing anything for her if she can focus on the camera instead. Hur.

  18. Lilian says:

    I hate that every time I vote on one of your polls, it brings me to the survey page instead of letting me stay on the blog. hmph.

    I actually prefer US for INK. Though I do like the drawing in the UK better better, I think the authors name size is actually better tiny (perhaps it can afford to be a TEEENNNY bit bigger.) I never thought author’s name should be gigantic, unless you are Stephen King and your name automatically sells books. I find the size of the author’s name along with its position in the center would be confusing. People might think Amanda Sun is the title and “ink” is the series name…or part of the drawing. And in the UK edition, the INK looks graffiti-ed onto a lovely drawing.

  19. Brandy says:

    #3 Lol-That’s exactly what it looks like!

    #4 There’s just too much going on there and most of it disturbing. The tag line did make me snort thought. (Probably not the intention.)

    #5, #6, #8, #24 You are on a role with the commentary this week. I’ll just say a blanket: seconded-you are awesome.

    #15 I’m so unbelievably mad about what they did with the covers for the Lynburn books. UGH!!!!

    #18 A retelling of Brigadoon!!!! I’m so there. Except I just looked it up and it’s Zondervan so maybe not.

  20. Kat Balcombe says:

    3. Bahahaha I loved that book when I was a kid. The original version of course 😉

    7. Maybe this is the only way to avoid the virus/pretend to be a zombie and blend in!

    9. Pash-rash alert!

    11. Lipstick with a trowel. Interesting.

    21. Razor, stat. For his beard, honest.

    And I have to say, I hate GoogleReader closing – it was the only reader that displayed properly!

  21. Kayla Beck says:

    1-6. Ignore me – I’ll just sit here giggling and looking crazy. You’re on a role!

    7. Aren’t all of these covers the same? Side note – I like this series. Have you read it?

    8. I wish someone would please tell the 80s to go back to the twentieth century. I hate those clothes and big hair. Well, I do like the sapphire purse that I was able to find, BUT PLEASE MAKE THE NEON GO BURN IN HELL!

    9. “How to prevent passing herpes to your partner…”

    14. At least she’s continuing with the canary in the mine theme. I’ll forgive the feather.

    15. I’m sure that she’s glad the cover designer didn’t channel this one.

    18. I’m hesitant to read Zondervan because I haven’t yet, but I may for this book. *ponders*

    20. She is the poster child for bad photoshop.

    21. She has a very cute nose.

    23. I WANT THIS! I WILL BUY THEM ALL! *puts together order*

    CB2. I like them both. I may just have to have both of them. Hooray for Fishpond!

    CB3. The redesign loses on pit hair alone. *gags*

    CB8. Is this the publishers way of selling more hardcovers? I know some people just wait for the paperback, but this sure is one hell of a way to keep a person from doing that.

    CB9. Sweet Valley Awkward

    CB10. Gingers for the win! Wait, that’s both… Hmm… Kittens in the clouds for the win!

    CB12. Again, we have seen worse with Brennan’s books.

    CB14. I actually like the Asian god temple statue thingy. It’s much more Guy Gavriel Kay. Not that I’ve read this particular series.

    WTF2. This surprises me with the names on the cover. I wouldn’t mind the cover art framed on the wall of the guest bathroom, though.

  22. I love these posts and was surprised the Ink pole was neck and neck. Deceiving the Witch surprised me as I hate the redesign. Some of these books are on my wishlist! Great post as always, I love the polls..even if they steer me away from your page:)

  23. Shelver506 says:

    3. Okay, that was seriously funny.

    6. What is with all the shifter stories all of the sudden?

    9. I hate this pose. He’s kissing your neck and is probably on top of you. STOP LOOKING AT ME! I feel so uncomfortable.

    11. Dude, her LIPS! What is up with that? Are they photoshopped on? Why are they such an awful color?

    13. I’d like it better without the city. Just give me the whimsical silhouettes by themselves.

    18. What is Brigadoon? *scurries away to research*

    21. Have I mentioned how much I hate the name Kayden? Cause I do.

    22. By “Amazon Bestselling Author”… Meh.

    CB2. I’m still in love with the US version.

    CB3. Not a fan of either, but I must say that the tagline on the redesign made me take a second look. He’s a god?

    CB8. I seriously read the redesign as “The Inn Cents.” What the heck?

    CB9. Poor blondie looks constipated or something.

    CB12. On the one hand, I kept thinking the original was an MG, but it’s a million times better than the redesign. Ugh.

    WTF1. I need to go watch Bug’s Life again ASAP.

    WTF2. Robot disco ROLLER DERBY! She has wheels!

  24. 3. I can’t help but feel that if you have to ask, he’s probably not.

    5. Curse, definitely a curse. Ugh, he’s creepy.

    15. It looks EXACTLY like the Shadow Falls books. Oh Untold, why did they do this to do? *joins you in your weeping*

    19. I like those poppies. Don’t care for anything else. Would not have picked it for a video-game book.

    CB2. I like them both (LOVE the cherry blossom), but yeah, slightly prefer the UK version. Though I find it interesting that they’re both so similar.

  25. Tez Miller says:

    3. ARE YOU MINE? – If you have to ask, the answer is no 😉

    9. THE MARRIAGE MERGER – “looks like a pamphlet on an STD” Ha! Yes 😉

    24. GABRIEL’S REDEMPTION – Nothing says “likely to get a disgusting rash and thorns in your whatsit” like sex in the bushes 😉

  26. You always crack me up with your comments. And that last cover….I just can’t. What genre is that supposed to be? haha

  27. Heidi says:

    Oh how the cover redesign for Unspoken makes me weep. Why WHY did they take such an amazing cover and shit all over the series?

  28. Avery says:

    Oooooohhhh, not going to lie, I don’t mind the cover of Finding Love’s Wings. At least it’s a *tiny* bit different than what we usually see in YA (*assuming that it’s YA).

    Also, she kinda looks like a cross between Nina Dobrev and Anna Kendrick, no?

    • Christina says:

      Well, covers are certainly subjective. Doesn’t look all that different to me. I see plenty of covers with winged girls, as well as plenty with dyed hair, but I’m glad you like it.

      I don’t know who any of those people are, so I’ll take your word for it.

  29. Trish Hannon says:

    Great post, voted on lots of them, interesting to see the results too. Guess I’m in the minority in liking the original Slammed cover.

  30. Christine says:

    OMG I didn’t know there was going to be a sequel to Magnus Flyte’s City of Dark Magic! I’m so excited now 🙂 🙂 I agree that the cover was better for the first book though.

  31. Margaret Atwood’s book looks gorgeous! I didn’t even know that she wrote something new…
    Everything else unfortunately… didn’t catch my eye.

  32. Judith says:

    The amount of Mortal Instruments books is just TOO DAMN HIGH.

    3. Meanwhile the guy is freaking out by this random girl hanging on his arm.

    11. The photoshop hurts my eyes. What is up with the lipstick?!

    12. The egg part is really too bad, because the rest looks pretty!

    Cover Battle 1. I actually love the movie tie-in. It looks beautiful. And I just hate the original covers.

    Cover Battle 12. WHY? Why do people do redesigns like that? I just can’t.

    WTF 2. hahahahahahaha

  33. Pabkins says:

    Yes the UK cover rocks for INK. Also – woot so glad I decided to go thru these otherwise I might not have found the Lovecraft’s Monsters – I LOVE I want now, now I say – yes I will definitely be reviewing that muwhahah.

    Also, The Long War is sorry no zombies the first book was interesting but I don’t feel compelled to pick up the second. It didn’t feel like much Pratchett to me went into that.

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