Cover Snark (49): I Don’t Even Know Right Now

Welcome to Cover Snark, where the people are snarky and the covers quiver in fear. Since I don’t write many snarky book reviews here on A Reader of Fictions, Cover Snark is my outlet. If you click on the title of the book, where possible, I’ve linked to Goodreads. Clicking on the cover itself will show you the cover in a larger size, in most cases. Feel free to love covers I hate and vice versa. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Didn’t think this needed to be said, but apparently it does: Cover Snark is just for fun and to spread the knowledge of new books; a lot of books get added to Goodreads from this post. The comments on the covers are not intended to reflect on the quality of the books therein, and are solely for comedic value. Nor is the post title indicative of all of the covers within the post. I have not studied design and make no claims to being a professional critic; I’m just a book lover trying to give people laughs and connect them with books. Finally, if you don’t like what I’m doing here, you don’t have to read this post. Now, for those of you who do enjoy Cover Snark, let’s get going.

Shiny New Covers:
1. Vigilant – Angel Lawson

Thoughts: You know what? I kind of love this. How often do you see girls with short hair on covers? And the background and fonts are lovely as well. The colors work so nicely together.

2. Sky Jumpers (Sky Jumpers #1) – Peggy Eddleman

Thoughts: Okay, that tagline is awesome. There’s a bit too much green, but overall I like it.

3. The Abominable – Dan Simmons

Thoughts: I was already cold and now I’m shivering. Oh, the power of suggestion. This is lovely, though, even if it makes me shiver.

4. The Daughter Star – Susan Jane Bigelow

Thoughts; This one’s not doing too much for me. The generic top half is meh, but I do rather like the planet and I might like the font, though I can’t decide.

5. Chimes at Midnight (October Daye #7) – Seanan McGuire

Thoughts: The hot pink font (and its treatment) seems a bit out of place and I’m not sure what to make of her expression, but those knives are wicked sweet. Even better, I see BOOKS in the background, which is pretty much an automatic win.

6. Two Boys Kissing – David Levithan

Thoughts: First, I am OVERJOYED that there’s a book cover with a gay kiss on it from a major publisher. This is progress and I LOVE it. (BTW, I’m not being sarcastic in the least…I know it can be hard to tell on the interwebs). On the other hand, I don’t really like kissy covers and the font treatment is distracting, as is the brightness.

7. Lash (Broken Angel #1) – L.G. Castillo

Thoughts: The angels, they haunt me. I suppose I should be grateful they’re not weeping. Also, is it just me or does the girl’s hair look a little like a mullet? >.< 8. Flirting with Fortune (Sealed with a Kiss #3) – Erin Knightley

Thoughts: If I could magic up clothing like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, my house would be full of dresses from romance covers. That dude’s outfit is not flattering, though. RUFFLES are for chips!

9. The Edge of Always (The Edge of Never #2) – J. A. Redmerski

Thoughts: I don’t immediately find that guy unattractive. That’s a rarity. Decent but bores me otherwise.

10. Drakenfeld (Drakenfeld #1) – Mark Charan Newton

Thoughts: Love the two-headed bird shield. The cross as a T thing is getting a little old on the historical covers, though.

11. Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns (The Devil Wears Prada #2) – Lauren Weisberger

Thoughts: The devil tale really doesn’t work as a V. I’m apparently very into font treatments today. This bores me, but so did the first cover.

12. Pretty When They Collide (Pretty When She Dies #0.5) – Rhiannon Frater

Thoughts: Lesbian vampires? Or, more accurately lesbian dhampir and witch, maybe? That’s awesome. The moon is also awesome. Otherwise, this isn’t really my cover style.

13. Justice (The Ferryman & the Flame #2) – Rhiannon Paille

Thoughts: Is there something wrong with natural eye color? I, for one, would love to see more normal eyes on covers. This guy’s a bit greasy-looking, BUT he does have a sort of Richard Armitage vibe…

14. Made of Stars – Kelley York

Thoughts: Not impressed with the title font, but I love the stars and colors and tagline. I’m glad you’re stepping up, Entangled!

15. Made to Forget (Nepherium Novella Series #1) – Samantha LaFantasie

Thoughts: More doctored eyes. Le sigh. I really love the color blue, but this is too much blue. It’s always weird when the model is the same color as the background.

16. For You (Runaway Lies Trilogy #1) – Mimi Strong

Thoughts: I stick my stomach out. All for you. That octopus tattoo is BADASS though.

17. Allies (Insignia #1.5) – S.J. Kincaid

Thoughts: Omg, do I actually like a HarperTeen Impulse cover? O_o It’s just so pretty!

18. Conjured – Sarah Beth Durst

Thoughts: Pincushion heart. Interesting. Title font could pop more, I think, but the heart works.

19. Burned (Fever #1) – Karen Marie Moning

Thoughts: So, normally, I don’t like the color orange, but I LOVE this burnt orange shade that I’ve been seeing on covers lately. So gorgeous. Also, this looks a little like a faberge egg, which is super random.

20. The Grimoire of the Lamb (The Iron Druid Chronicles #0.4) – Kevin Hearne

Thoughts: Mostly this is a boring little novella cover, but I LOVE that little alligator/crocodile, even though I’m puzzled as to what he has to do with druids.

21. Man Made Boy – Jon Skovron

Thoughts: Was going to write about how much I like this and then I noticed the bolts and now I still like it but I can’t look at it. Being a wimp is complicated.

22. Ritual Magic (World of the Lupi #10) – Eileen Wilks

Thoughts: It looks like she’s operating a magical jackhammer. That is literally all I can see.

23. The Avery Shaw Experiment – Kelly Oram

Thoughts: This is so cutesy that I can’t even. It’s the chemical symbol for Love that gets me.

24. Cast in Sorrow (Chronicles of Elantra #9) – Michelle Sagara West

Thoughts: PRETTY. I want this dress too. *attempts to magic up dress* *fails* Oh well, worth a shot.

25. Forgiving Lies (Forgiving Lies #1) – Molly McAdams

Thoughts: Pensive McLip-Ring is apparently a great pillow. Good for him. This title worries me. Forgiving lies is not my thing.

26. Bound by Night (Moonbound Clan Vampires #1) – Larissa Ione

Thought: So many bats on this week’s vampire covers. OMG, just noticed the little dagger he’s holding up by his crotch. BAHAHAHA.

27. Feudlings (Fate on Fire #1) – Wendy Knight

Thoughts: I can’t magic dresses, but maybe I can make those boots and skirt? *tries* Dang it. In other news, that font on the title needs to go die. It’s on WAY too many covers, and it doesn’t look nearly as cool as people thinl.

28. Nissa – Bethany Lopez

Thoughts: Sparkle dress! The pose is weird, though. It’s like she’s KING OF THE WORLD.

29. Delirium (Debt Collector #1) – Susan Kaye Quinn

Thoughts: This looks like Inception, which is fun.

30. The Night Creatures series – Marianne de Pierres

Thoughts: YAY! They got the rights to use the Australian covers internationally. Everybody wins! I love when cover stories have happy endings!

31. Twisted Summer – Lucy V. Morgan

Thoughts: No one can know that they can’t be together? That’s puzzling. Love the colors on the title, though!

32. Thieves’ Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles #2) – D.B. Jackson

Thoughts: He is rocking that tricorner hat! This is really well done.

33. Enter the Bluebird – Brendan Halpin

 Thoughts: Oooh, a superhero book. I like this a lot, except for how the hair comes out of the suit…or is it hair attached to the suit?

34. Shooting Stars (Swan Stormsong #1) – H.D. Gordon

Thoughts: I actually like this better than most of the girl with big cat covers. The cat’s eyes are a bit much and the girl’s grip on the knife looks suspect, but otherwise I dig it.

35. Need – Stephanie Lawton

Thoughts: Oooh, this matches Want so well, and I actually like it better, I think. Very nicely done.

36. Dissident Gardens – Jonathan Lethem 

Thoughts: Blue and orange is a strange color combination. It’s interesting how they’ve gone intentionally Word Art on the title and author name, which should be smaller than the title. *coughs*

37. Wild Justice (Nadia Stafford #3) – Kelley Armstrong

Thoughts: *snoozes*

38. Breaking the Wrong (Sloan Brothers #2) – Calia Read

Thoughts: Oooh, I actually like this New Adult cover. *applauds*

39. Nearly Broken – Devon Ashley

 Thoughts: Her expression looks a bit dazed. I wish I could see his face. I might actually find him attractive; he has a very nice profile, anyway.

40. Perdition (Dred Chronicles #1) – Ann Aguirre 

Thoughts: This is a badass illustrated cover.

41. Awakenings (Elemental Series #1) – Hally Willmott

Thoughts: Though I know people don’t generally lay around in a bra with roses in their hair, this is really pretty.

42. Death Comes Home (In Darkness We Must Abide #1) – Rhiannon Frater

Thoughts: I totally love the Everneath-y vibe. The model reminds me of Ivy on Smash (it’s the hair). Yes, I watch Smash. Don’t judge me. Or do. Either way. Main criticism: I thought Death Comes Home was the series title and In Darkness We Must Abide the book title. The title should be bigger than the series. *harrumphs*

Cover Battles:

1. Surrender (The Ferryman & the Flame #1) – Rhiannon Paille

Original vs. Redesign 1 vs. Redesign 2: None of these are my style, but the colors of the center one are so pretty. The hairstyle on the new one is too much for me. The original one is great because she’s puckering up to a tree. MWAH. Winner: Redesign 1.

2. Icons (Icons #1) – Margaret Stohl

US vs. UK: So similar, but so different. The darker colors of the US version really fit the eerie vibe. The positioning of the people on the UK one makes me think of The Craft. Wow. Now that I look at that, there’s a lot that’s similar. Weird! Winner: US.

3. Devil’s Luck (The Disillusionists #3.5) – Carolyn Crane

Original vs. Redesign: A vast improvement. That dragon tattoo is adorable! Winner: Redesign.

4. Contaminated – Em Garner

Take 1 vs Take 2: You’re probably thinking “but Christina you snarked the Velvet cover, and, yes, I did, but I also liked it; just because I snark doesn’t mean I hate. It’s so unique and would pop off the shelf. I’m sad to see they’ve gone in a more typical direction. This one looks a lot like Flesh and Bone.

5. Charm & Strange – Stephanie Kuehn

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Huh. This is a BIG change. I’m not altogether sure how I feel about it actually, but I’m going with the new one because I love how unique it is and also that teal shade.

6. Of Beast and Beauty – Stacey Jay

Take 1 vs. Take 2: Boo, I liked the simplicity and classic beauty of the original. The new one’s not terrible, but not my preference either. Winner: Take 1.

7. The Cat’s Meow (Witch’s Brew #1) – Stacey Kennedy

Original vs. Redesign: The original is so sassy! That fits the title perfectly, though maybe the new one’s better for the book, I have no idea. Winner: Original.

8. Venus on the Half-Shell – Philip Jose Farmer

Original vs. Redesign: Classic fantasy covers are like the most hilarious thing ever. More humorous version for the win. Winner: Original.

9. Double Vision – F.T. Bradley

U.S. vs. French: I’m seriously amused by how different they are, but both have the bright colors and a focus on shoes. No preference for one or the other. Winner: *shrug*

10. Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers #1) – Calia Read

Original vs. Redesign: Love this redesign! Even though it’s a kissy face cover. The font treatment is awesome! Winner: Redesign.

WTF of the Week: 

1. Chasing the Witch (Boston Witches #2) – Jessica Gibson

Thoughts: It’s like Fallen seen through many strange lenses.

2. Beyond Eden (Eden #1) – Kele Moon

Thoughts: Saw this on a friend’s blog and about died. The more I look at the more I can’t even.

Outstanding Cover of the Week:
Man Made Boy – Jonathan Skovron

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65 responses to “Cover Snark (49): I Don’t Even Know Right Now”

  1. I’m sorry you had to deal with this! Sometimes people really suck!

    6. I agree that the cover is a great step, but I think it looks washed out and that bothers me.

    9. I think he’s really cute. And he has a shirt on and is not making out with anyone so this is a win for me.

    11. I liked the first book and I’m definitely curious about this one, but cover is so boring and I don’t identify it with the first cover at all and since it’s been so long since the first book that’s a bad thing.

    17. I feel like this cover looks similar to quite a few of the others, just a different color.

    21. I am right there with you. I can’t look at covers like this. Shudder.

    23. I think this would have been better with out the couple on it. They look very cheesy.

    CB2. I hate when the put big sticker looking things on covers that say things like “from the author of…” Don’t ruin my book cover like that!

    CB5. Take 2 stands out more for me.

    WTF2. Ummmm I can’t. I just can’t.

    • Christina says:

      Me too.

      6. Yeah, I don’t like it much from an aesthetic perspective. Washed out is a good word for it.

      9. It’s always best when they’re dressed and not making out with someone else!

      11. Awww, too bad.

      17. True. The reason I like this one is that Insignia actually looks like this, so where something like this is lazy on the others it matches the series here.

      23. I think I would be a lot better without the change to the periodic table.

      2. YES. I almost commented on that but it would have been so many alsos.

  2. Kayla Beck says:

    I’ll comment for real later, but I just have to say that I squeed a little when I saw the Burn Bright news. The book buying ban can end! It actually worked! 😛

  3. I always eagerly await your cover snark posts, I don’t see them as mean, merely as jokes. I’m sorry to read that you had some people bothering you

    Magically conjuring dresses with your mind – YES please. 😀 Although since I am libra and indecisive, I hope that they can also magically disappear or else I would fill up my poor flat with clothes very quickly. 😀

    I don’t know what is not working for me on ‘Man Made Boy’ cover but I don’t like it. I vote for The Abominable.

    And ‘thanks’ for WTF2 that image is burned into my brain now. o.O

    • Christina says:

      Seriously, it would be such an amazing power, even if my house became even more full of clothes than of books. Sigh. Apparently I can’t do it, though. *tries again* Darn it.

      The Abominable is very pretty. 🙂


  4. The guy on the cover of The Edge of Always looks remarkably like a classmate of mine from high school. I’d be wondering if he went into modeling, except I’m FB friends with him and know he’s spent most of his time teaching kids in Albania. Maybe he managed to squeeze in a bit of modeling on the side… I’m debating how he’d take it if I sent the cover to him.

    • Christina says:

      Ha! That’s funny. Why would he not be amused to see a guy that looked like him on a cover? I would think it was hilarious if someone sent me a person that looked like me, unless they were super unfortunate looking and I had to be like “what are you trying to say?!?!?!”

  5. My cover snark comments suck because I don’t have the drive to open the second window and blah blah blah. But this is what I remember…… ready? LOL OK!

    “being a wimp is complicated” totally LOL’d at that! ummm… I’m totally with you on the Charm & Strange change I like the new one a lot better, though I was excited for the book before I wasn’t a huge fan of the cover at all. Totally agree about Velvet too, I remember when I first saw that cover I was like so cool! And the new one is just like everything else. Ok that’s what I remember. I suck.

  6. Ok, I’m a little disappointed that you even felt the need to address the assholishness of this whole Cover Snark drama. Authors need to have a thick skin or do something else for a living. Publishing is a tough world, and overly sensitive drama queens have no business in it. I’m so sick and tired of the ones that take issue with something a reviewer says, and try to get all the buddies to gang up on said reviewer. So childish! There are always going to be opinions going both ways… Ugh. Anyway, you are a bigger person than I would be, because I would probably have gone with a big “F*#k You if you can’t take a joke!”…

    I think you were very nice this week… I love the cover of Need, and I totally agree about Vigilant. I think the chick on the cover of Lash has some sort of disorder with her neck, and sorry, but isn’t the guy in the Hush, Hush series named Ash (Hush, Hush was a DNF for me, so I may be wrong)? So I kind of hate the title because of that… I am not really impressed with most of these covers, actually. They are either boring, been-there-done-that, or just very low-budget looking. I kind of like Conjured and Burned though.

    • Christina says:

      Yeah, that whole thing was unfortunate and if adding a disclaimer to the top of my post will help, then damn it I’ll do it. I’m planning to write a post about what Cover Snark’s intentions are, maybe for tomorrow, and then I can point to that and haters can all leave me alone.

      I may have been nicer this week. I was panicking when I wrote this, because I really don’t handle stress well.

  7. Cayce says:

    Nissa is like the Titanic, sans Leo 😀
    I really love the cover of Made of Stars though.

  8. I’m giving you so many hugs through the computer right now. You deserve all of them and more, dear! I’m glad some of the authors have apologized to you.

    5. Her expression reminds me of the face I make when I see people who annoy me and I’m trying not to show it. Kinda like “Oh God, it’s YOU again.”

    14. Oooh, I like it! The problem is that my brain is adding to the tagline. Instead of being “even the stars are lies,” my brain says “The cake is a lie and even the stars are lies!” I’ve been on the Internet too much.

    21. …Oh God, now I can’t stop looking at the bolts either. D:

    23. It’s so fluffy I think I’ll die! Can I snuggle it? Can I?

    25. To be honest, anything with the name Molly McAdams’ name on it worries me. Her last two books were dramaramas about infidelity that used the exact same style of posing on the covers. I’m just glad the cover went for a new style, but I still won’t touch it.

    28. I want THAT dress. I like odd, frilly styles.

    29. I see a man sniffing his elbow. o.O

    30. I know! I’m so happy these covers got used instead. <3

    5. I automatically like anything with teal. JAGUARS, WHOOOOOOOO! (Yes, I know my football team of choice sucks. I love them anyway. I just love them from afar. But I’m always going to value my memory of our mascot shoving a Giants fan’s hat down his (the mascot’s) pants. That was AWESOME.

    2. Foot does not belong anywhere near there. Ever. -shivers-

    • Christina says:

      *hugs back* Thanks. That was so stressful. I really don’t want it to ever happen again.

      5. I am planning how I could guy you with these two shiny knives, not polishing them like you think. MWAHAHAHA

      14. THE CAKE IS A LIE. :-p I wish the cake weren’t a lie. *hunts for cake* Dang it. Definitely a lie.

      21. It’s awesome, but my brain can’t help thinking about how they atta…OH GOD STOP

      25. Same here, but I’m avoiding mentioning the author AT ALL. lol.

      28. I don’t think I like the neckline, but it’s hard to tell.

      29. In your dreams. BUM BUMMMMMMMMMMM.

      20. Me toooooo.

      5. Teal is one of my favorite colors. Also, I have no idea what’s happening with the sports references….

      2. Foot? Do you mean fruit? lmfao.

  9. Blue and orange are my school colors~~ Maybe they chose them for Prof. Lethem to reflect his position here (of course not, but it’s nice to pretend!)

    I like how in the UK version of ICONS, they actually show the silhouette of the four kids the synopsis refers to instead of Stonehenge lols. But I do agree; the darker colors work better for the eerie vibe.

    Yeah… Charm and Strange is really pretty and unique and I see what the author meant when she said they were like the bars in the synopsis, but I don’t get a werewolf vibe from the new one? I still like it better than the old one but…

  10. 1. Tattoos I actually don’t hate! And yes, I love the haircut too.

    6. I pretty much feel the same way. I’m overjoyed that LGBT themes in YA are becoming so mainstream that a cover like this is available. But I don’t like kissing covers, and I don’t like covers with GIANT font all over the image. (And I don’t like Levithan and his use of horrible anti-trans slurs, but that’s a different discussion entirely.)

    9. Boring, but at least it’s not cheesy AND he has a shirt on.

    13. Am I the only one who sees Frodo on steroids here?

    14. Everything is fine except for the models for me. They’re clearly stamped in there with MS Paint.

    23. I actually really love this, in all its cutesy glory. The details are great; I only wish she was wearing shoes.

    26. Remember when that guy took all the ridiculous poses done by female cover models for UF books, and redid them himself to show how ridiculous they are? This reminds me of that.

    31. I really love the font treatment there. That’s about it.

    38. Literally the only NA cover I’ve actually enjoyed. But I think the title is stupid.

    • Christina says:

      1. Not sure if I like the tattoos or not, but they definitely work for the cover.

      6. It really doesn’t seem like Levithan would be anti-trans. This puzzles me. You’re not the only one I’ve heard that from, and it makes me sad. Anyway, yeah, I wish I could say I like this cover more than I do, but I pretty much want to buy it just to be like SEE WE LIKE BOYS KISSING.

      9. Exactly.

      13. Oh. My. God.

      14. Yeah, the models could have been better done.

      23. WHERE ARE HER SHOES? Did he carry her away shoeless?

      26. Love that. Also, that makes this better.

      31. Same. The rest is boring.

      38. Oh really? Good to know.

  11. Amy says:

    1. I really like that cover too. I love the short hair and the tattoos. Also that she is facing away and you can’t see her face. The colors give it a dark vibe that I like too!! Though her strap is twisted and it makes me want to fix it lol!!

    3. I love how simple, but pretty that cover is.

    5. I don’t think I really like that cover very much, but it is kind of intriguing.

    6. Total win for same sex kiss (especially boys) on a book cover!!! I do think the title is a bit distracting, and I’m so over kissy covers, but they are boys… kissing!!! I love it!! Yay for progress!!!

    7. Ummm that’s an awkward pose. Is she licking his chin!! Are they doing it and the title is blocking it?!! Lol!! They look like they might be.

    9. I think the cover model kind of looks like Zac Efron. Quite a good looking guy. 😉

    14. I love the stars and how the people are standing facing away. I am becoming a big fan of blue on book covers!

    16. That tattoo is pretty cool! That is a very awkward way to stand though.

    18. That gives off a fluffy type Hell Raiser vibe. (Was that the name of that movie with the guy who’s head was all spiky things?)

    20. The alligator is super cute, but wouldn’t a lamb make more sense?

    23. OMG I love how cute it is!! I also am a big fan of so much yellow!! It’s bright and eye catching.

    24. That is a really pretty cover.

    26. Hahah!! Is that a knife or are you just happy to see me? That’s awesome!!

    30. Oh yay!!! Those covers are freaking awesome!! I wasn’t a fan of what they were going to change them to.

    31. The colors on that cover are fun. It seems like that’s starting to become a trend now though. I have seen it quite a bit lately.

    35. It does match Want very well. I like it!!

    38. I really like that cover!! I think it’s very appealing.

    41. Dude, I lay around with roses in my hair all the time. Lol. It is pretty though.

    42. Her husband actually designed the cover. I think he did a great job.

    Cover Battles

    1. The second one is my favorite of them too!

    2. I really like the US cover better too. Usually UK wins for me so that’s weird.

    4. I really liked the cover for Velvet better. I am not against the title change, but I wish they had kept the cover.

    6. I really liked the original. Not that the new one isn’t pretty, but the city thing really takes away from it I think.

    7. Awww the original was so fun looking.

    10. I really do love the new cover.

    WTF of the week

    2. Wait!! Did the two guys just ditch the naked girl and give her an apple?!!

    Outstanding Cover

    That really is a pretty awesome cover!! A little creepy, but awesome!

    • Christina says:

      1. Haha, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who wants to fix the strap. I have some tanktops that do that every time I wash them and it’s SO frustrating.

      3. I am seriously curious about what’s up with the red though!

      6. I could not believe it. I am so proud of the world right now. KEEP ME PROUD.

      7. She does in fact appear to be licking his chin. They do also appear to be going at it.

      14. I am always a fan of blue. Except in the next one.

      18. Wasn’t there someone like that in the most recent Star Wars movies?

      20. Maybe it ate the lamb.

      26. Right?

      30. True. I’m not tired of it yet, though.

      42. Yeah, Rhiannon actually sent this to me to include, and she told me that. Apparently it’s his first cover. This is amazing, especially as a first attempt. He’s going to be so good!

      2. UK usually wins for me too. *grabby hands across the Atlantic*

      4. The title change doesn’t matter to me either. I just love the green.

      6. Agreed. And I really don’t like the new font. It’s too bright.

      2. MAYHAPS.

    • Amy says:

      Your replies are almost as fun as the snark post itself. I always try to remember to come back and check to see if you replied!! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Hahaha, I’m glad someone does, because it takes forever. :-p

  12. Kat Balcombe says:

    I think I’ve missed the past few weeks of Cover Snark. For that I will never forgive myself.

    1. I like this more the more that I look at it, apart from the tattoos that look a little too fake. Why are there not more girls with short hair on covers, designers?!

    6. Despite the in your faceness, I love that it’s a boy kissing cover, hurrah!

    7. I like the darkness, but she looks like she wants to rip his throat out with her teeth.

    8. “Ruffles are for chips” *dies*

    17. HarperTeen Impulse, you CAN do covers *applauds*

    21. I love that cover, especially the bolts. We are so not compatible 😉

    27. It took me several seconds to figure out what the title was. That’s not good, peeps….

    28. I’m not the biggest fan of green, and it’s probably not my kind of book, but it definitely caught my eye.

    35. I love the covers of this series – simple yet eye catching.

    36. It makes me want to break out my crayons and start colouring. Writing on books is bad!

    41. You don’t?!

    CB2. City scapes always win in my book.

    WTF2. So many thing that I could say, but are far too rude for a blog comment.

    • Christina says:

      HOW DARE YOU!!!

      1. I don’t know! I would love to see more variety in the looks of the heroines. Because she looks like her own person and that’s great.

      6. YAYYYYYYY!!! I support it wholeheartedly despite the kissy-faceness.

      7. She scares me.

      8. I forgot I said that. Oh wow.

      17. YOU CAN DO IT!

      21. Hey, I love it. I just can’t look at the bottom or I freak out!

      27. Yeah, this font is very hard to read. I get whey they like it, but it’s just not a good idea.

      28. It says fairy tale, so maybe it is my kind of book. Not like I have time though.

      35. Agreed. There’s more to them than just a person, and I think it’s thematic too.


  13. TWO BOYS KISSING – hate the fonts SO MUCH, but – TWO BOYS KISSING!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 and I would keep going, but you know, excessive hearts...

    Man Made Cover is my new favorite cover reveal this year! I had not seen that one yet!…off to add it to goodreads!

  14. Steena says:

    1. Vigilant: I think this cover works but part of me wants her to be a mutant and that shining light to be her Cyclops-esque beams shooting from her eyes.

    3. The Abominable: I do not want to go to here but I think it is a lovely cover.

    4. The Daughter Star: What is even going on here? We’re in space and there’s an event horizon and we’re on a planet that has a crater or Stonehenge and a halo that might be the outline of a planet but is also maybe someone’s contact?? I’m lost.

    5. Chimes at Midnight: I am nerd enough that a blurb from Felicia Day means I WILL be reading this.

    6. Two Boys Kissing: Gentlemen, that hair…no. When your bangs are locking just as much as your lips? It’s time for a trim.

    7. Lash: While not keen on the cover as a whole, I do like the cover treatment. I also think there’s something to be said for the female model having the “aggressive” position.

    9. The Edge of Always: I feel like this title font treatment should be used on a copy of The Scarlet Letter.

    10. Drakenfeld: An author name being twice the size of the book title is a bad move. Also a bad move is using an eye-catching font for your author name and a boring ass serif font for your title.

    13. Justice: I was thinking he looked a little bit like Elijah Wood grown up. If Elijah Wood ever ages, that is.

    14. Made of Stars: I like the image in image effect of the Milky Way acting as snow.

    15. Made to Forget: I feel like this cover was made to be forgotten. It’s pretty but I don’t think it’s very memorable.

    19. Burned: Who burned my orange Faberge egg?

    20: The Grimoire of the Lamb: I am so curious about that alligator and why he’s on a cover for a book with “lamb” in the title. Did he eat the lamb?? Also, why does he only have two legs? Where are his front feet?!?

    23. The Avery Shaw Experiment: When I look at this full size, all I see is that the cuff of his jeans is not covering the top of his shoe and I REALLY want to fix it.

    24. Cast in Sorrow: Lovely! And I’m digging the Eastern influence on the buildings in the background.

    26. Bound by Night: I LOVED this cover until I reached him. If you took him off that crypt, I’d be all over this. Also, pull your shirt down!

    27. Feudlings: Is the magic floating sperm coming from his crotch?

    32. Thieves’ Quarry: I love this cover, it’s very Assassin’s Creed. But I read the title wrong. I’m pretty sure by “quarry” they mean “prey” but I thought “place where you mine rocks.”

    35. Need: He looks so bored. “Sigh. All these ladies need me. My life is a drudgery.” I love it anyway.

    40. Perdition: What the what?! Female wielding a chain AND wearing pants?! I’m in, even if her shirt is too short.

    41. Awakenings: Pretty and I like the…carpet? Tile? Floor? But the roses seem too neatly placed.

    CB 3. Devil’s Luck: Is it Hungarian Horntail?

    CB 5. Charm & Strange: I think this minimalist redesign is a huge improvement. I would never have given that first cover a second glance but this one makes me pause.

    CB 9. Double Vision: I like the U.S. cover because it makes me think of Back to the Future.

    WTF 2. Beyond Even: I can’t. What? Why is this happening? And, if I’m not mistaken, those are two men in the background, right? Which is really hard for me to even notice because I’m trying not to stare at this woman’s apple-covered la cucaracha. ALSO, bad photoshopping between her hip and thigh.

    • Christina says:

      1. I approve of this concept. Maybe that IS what’s happening. How can you know?

      3. I also do not want to go to there.

      4. Yeah, I have no idea. There’s too much going on and it’s not well-integrated.

      5. Oh snap, I did not notice who the blurb was by. Way to be, Seanan McGuire. You ARE the nerd queen.

      6. BAHAHAHAHA. Now all I can see is Two Bangs Kissing.

      7. True. Woman mullet power!

      9. Yes, yes it should.

      10. Truth. Drakenfeld would be a pretty cool one syllable name. Maybe the book is actually called Mark Charan Newton.

      13. Elijah Wood is actually a cyborg.

      14. VERY cool.

      19. Sorry. I was trying to make boiled eggs!!!

      20. I suspect he nommed on the lamb. Also, he’s standing with his feet in perfect alignment.

      23. I HATE when my pants do that. So annoying.

      26. Sir, that is inappropriate crypt behavior.

      27. *dies*

      32. Hahahaha, or maybe it’s a place where thieves mine rocks. Who knows.

      35. He gets too much piano action for this to be fun.

      40. At least it looks like she would choke you with those chains if you tried to feel up her bare stomach.

      5. Still not sure if I like it, but it’s very unique.

      2. Ewwwww, you just called her lady bits a cockroach. Ahhhhhhhh!

  15. Michelle says:

    Beyond Eden (WTF #2)!!!!! Holy WTF!!! How, why, who??? Anyway I think I’m going to laugh for the rest of the day about Bound By Night (#26) and his knife!! 5, 14, & 27 the font is so graphic design class project or something. Totally seen it way too many times. And what does They Can’t Be Together. No One Can Know mean exactly(#31)??? Very confusing!! Love this feature, very cool!

    Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Book Blog

  16. Casey says:

    My single random comment:

    Blue and orange are the BEST color combination! They were the Gettysburg college colors so I got incredibly used to it as a combo. So your comment on it made me laugh.

    As usual, this gave me some good laughs and the second WTF is just…beyond words!

    • Christina says:

      Lol! Casey. That does not surprise me. Someone else commented on them being their college colors. You’re not alone.

      Isn’t it? I can’t decide if it’s awesome because it has no fucks to give or the worst ever. Haha.

  17. Thief’s Quarry is an amazing cover! Wow. I agree, dude’s rockin the tri-corner hat.

  18. Brandy says:

    7. There’s definitely some mullet action there. And why is she trying to eat his chin?

    12. Humph. I actually had to Google what a dhamphir is. Learn something new every day. Cover Snark is educational as well as funny.

    13. Uh no. I’m not getting Richard Armitage vibes from that dude at all.

    21. That cover is awesome. It caused me to look up the synopsis which caused me to squeal with excitement. YES!

    22. I had the same thought before I read your comment. 🙂

    23. At first glance I thought those were Scrabble tiles so I was willing to ignore the cutesy. But for chemistry? Not so much.

    26. He better be careful his other hand doesn’t go wandering.

    27. Also that tagline. Gag.

    32. Richard Armitage vibe unlocked. Too bad I’ve only heard so-so reports on this series.

    39. This looks very 1980’s to me. Or early 90’s.

    Awww dang. I also liked the simplicity of that first Of Beauty and Beast cover.

    WTF 2 MY EYES!!! I need some bleach now.

    • Christina says:

      7. Because it’s delicious?

      12. Vampire + Human. Not sure how that works exactly, but hey it’s fiction.

      13. How about a grown up Elijah Wood. I’ve been hearing that a lot. Maybe it was just a good excuse for me to go google image search Richard Armitage. Can you blame me?

      22. Hahahaha. It’s fact now.

      27. Agreed. I feel like the word love should never be in a tagline.

      32. Really? I don’t think he looks like Armitage one bit. Hahahaha.

      2. *passes bleach*

  19. Jessirae says:

    6. I totally love the boys kissing even if the whole kissy covers get old! IT’S TWO GUYS. *wants*

    7. It looks like she’s trying to get a taste of his chin and he’s like, oh yeah. I do not find chin lusting sexy.

    8. Ruffles are for chips.. I just can’t!! *dies laughing*

    13. You’re right. Guy needs serious shower before I can ever run my fingers through that. Gross.

    14. Love the tagline too! Haven’t read any of her books, but this cover is the best out of all of them IMO.

    16. The cover is ok, but I don’t understand the purpose of having the title repeated twice. I can read.

    21. All covers with hands like this freak me the hell out. >.< 26. I thought his hand was where his crotch was then I saw the dagger and yeah.. I just can’t. 27. I want the skirt and boots for this cover too. But that tagline is too cheesy for me. 30. LOVELOVELOVE These covers. Don’t know what they are about but I would totes buy them for the cover alone! 31. Tired of this holding hands cover thing. The colors are gorgeous though. 35. Love how this and the first book go together so well. I heart it. 38. Have this! I need to read it already. 39. Girl: Why am I laying on you? Guy: Why ARE YOU laying on me! 41. She kind of looks like Kristen Stewart with this angle. Cover battle – 10. AGREEEEEED. WTF of the week – 2. NO. Just, oh god, please NO. —- *sigh* I love these posts. For seriously! They make my day.

    • Christina says:

      6. Yeah, I may have to purchase that book just to show my support. If it doesn’t sell well, you know marketing people will blame the fact that it has boys kissing on the cover. Have to show that’s not the case!

      7. But chins are so…oh wait, no, not hot. You’re right.

      8. The things I say sometimes.

      13. For real. Reminds me of this male friend of mine who loved headrubs but would put gel in his hair. I refused.

      14. Just googled her. Way more interesting than her other covers!

      16. Ugh, I hate when they do that.

      26. It’s his penis.

      31. Hand-holding covers don’t do anything for me either.

      38. The covers make me want to try it, even though I generally try to avoid NA.

      41. Looks prettier.


  20. Angie F says:

    1. I do like this cover, but those behind the ear tattoos are one of my biggest pet peeves!

    6. YES! I hate kissing covers, too, but YES!

    15. I’m really not a fan of giant face covers, and I don’t like blue.

    19. I love KMM, but I’m not a fan of her covers in general. The same goes for Richelle Mead. Great books, bad covers.

    22. Haha, that’s what I thought until I looked closer!

    26. Thanks for pointing out the crotch dagger!

    30. Yes! I still hate the first book though, but pretty covers!

    1. I agree, redesign #1 is my favorite.

    7. Original! I love illustrated chick lit covers!

    8. Wooow…the original would definitely get my attention!

    2. Oh, hello there Eve’s strategically placed apple! 😀

    • Christina says:

      1. Ha, they don’t bother me more than any other tattoos.

      6. YES!!!!

      15. So, in summary, you love that cover?

      19. I’m not a huge fan of her covers either, though I do like the color of this one. Wouldn’t pick the book up based on it, though. Richelle Mead’s covers are so bad. X_X

      30. I’ve heard they’re terrible and amazing. I’m torn.

  21. I passed on your comment (in comments) to the hubby. 🙂

    • for CB 4, I bet it had to do with marketing coming back and saying that people needed to know it was a zombie book. The original cover of the trade paperback of The First Days was really gorgeous, but the next time I saw the cover it had blood splatter on it that wraps around the entire book. That was the marketing dept’s idea so that people would know it was horror.

    • Christina says:


      That does make a lot of sense, but I still think it’s a bit of a shame. The new cover doesn’t stand out as much. Ah well.

  22. Lynn K. says:

    I’m glad that you’re still doing this feature! I only heard about the FB comments thing earlier today, so sorry you had to experience that. 🙁

    1. Vigilant – Love the colors!

    2. Sky Jumpers – The suggestion of movement and space in this cover is awesome.

    3. The Abominable – A trail of blood?

    4. The Daughter Star – Love the font! The other parts, not so much.

    5. Chimes at Midnight – Chris McGrath’s style is so distict! The books in this series have pretty kick ass covers.

    6. Two Boys Kissing – Call me slow but I didn’t even notice it was 2 boys despite the title LOL. I think it’s great they are showing gay kisses..albeit a direct interpretation of the title.

    9. The Edge of Always – Matching cover, nice! I like the guy. 😀

    10. Drakenfeld – A bit too many things going on this cover for me. Too many fonts.

    12. Pretty When They Collide – The exact same stock photo was indeed used for a F/F novel lol.

    13. Justice – Badly painted hair..otherwise I like this a lot!

    14. Made of Stars – Meh.

    15. Made to Forget – The swirls + hair makes it hard to focus on the title. x__X

    17. Allies – Maybe because the full novel covers were simple but awesome to begin with? xD

    18. Conjured – Ouch. After Sarah’s last cover (Vessel) this is rather meh.

    19. Burned – BEAUTIFUL.

    21. Man Made Boy – Title akes me think of Astroboy! Other than that, yeah, Flesh&Bone vibes.

    27. Feudlings – No.

    28. Nissa – Everneath + Starcrossed?

    30. The Night Creatures series – The covers are even more gorgeous in person!

    32. Thieves’ Quarry – Another Chris McGrath work. <3

    33. Enter the Bluebird – Reminds me of Tiger & Bunny! Love this anime. xD

    35. Need – He looks like Moriaty from the BBC Sherlock!! o.o

    38. Breaking the Wrong – Catchy!

    40. Perdition – Not a huge fan of this one…I’m not sure why.


    Cover Battles:

    1. Surrender – I also love the second take better. But I like the new font treatment.

    3. Devil’s Luck – Originaaaaaal.

    6. Of Beast and Beauty – The new one has nice colors but I love the old one better too.



    1. Chasing the Witch – This made me think of the previously revealed Marianne de Pierres covers.

    2. Beyond Eden – ……………………………….

    • Lynn K. says:

      36. Dissident Gardens – Blue and orange are complimentary colors so.. 😀 I use this combo a lot too but a paler shade.

    • Christina says:

      Part of me wanted to stop, but that’s not a mature response and it would be letting bullies win. Putting this one together was tough though. I hope to be back in stride with next week’s.

      3. I guess? The red was the one thing that kept me from making this a favorite. What’s happening there?

      12. Steph linked it down below. I laughed a lot. Oh, stock photos.

      18. I like it sort of, but it’s a bit boring. Agreed.

      32. I don’t know cover designers at all, but that makes sense now that you point it out!

      35. I haven’t seen that…

      WTF1: I see that.

  23. 1. Not my favorite, but I agree that it’s nice to see a girl with a short cut on a cover.

    2. The green hurts my eyes. If I were less green, I think I could like it.

    3. Boring. It makes me want to go to sleep. My head hit my keyboard staring at that one.

    4. Seriously? You kinda like that one? I think it was very poorly done. The weird overlay effect isn’t working for this one.

    5. When I look at this cover all I can think is, “I’ma ’bout to cut a bitch!”

    6. I was so surprised and pleased to see this cover, however, I don’t really like the fonts that big. Also, Entertainment Weekly, quite watermarking everything! You don’t own it!

    7. This reminds me of the cover of the Hush, Hush graphic novel. Spoiler: That’s not a compliment.

    8. So… when they’re done with that dress can I have? lol.

    9. Cute guy! I like ’em scruffy!

    10. Meh.

    11. HOLD THE PHONE. There’s a sequel?! (See, this is why Cover Snark is awesome.) Not like I *read* the first book, but I hope they make a movie out of the second book. (<=== Always looking for a reason to Hathaway on the big screen.) 12. Is that a stock photo? I swear, I have seen that image somewhere. HAHAHA! I found it:

    13. This guy scares me.

    14. Good job, Entangled! I actually really like this one.

    15. Eh. Why so obsessed with one color. I can see the effect they are going for, but I dislike.

    16. So basically like any other New Adult novel.

    17. Okay, strongly disagree with you on this one, Christina! I think it’s terrible as all Impulse titles seem to be. Glad to see they are all evenly awful across the board.

    18. Interesting! I like.

    19. Orange is my fav color, so I approve on that basis alone. 😛

    20. I do not understand.

    21. I don’t really know how I feel about this one. I mean, it’s okay? I think? Well, I don’t hate it. So there’s that.

    22. OMG! I was thinking the same thing! Magical Jackhammer sword! Such a strange cover. lol.

    23. CUTE! I just wanna pinch its cheeks!

    24. Meh. Does nothing for me, but I do like the dress too.

    25. Meh.

    26. Hot guy laying down, giving us all the “come hither look”? Check. Obscurely placed dagger? You betcha!

    27. What the hell is that sparkling thing? I don’t like it because it’s way too busy on the cover, IMO. Font? Yes, die in a fire. SO tired of seeing that.

    28. I like the colors here.

    29. Is that faux fire coming out of his sleeve? Why? Tell me why.

    30. YES!!! FInally something is done right! The US covers were SHIT.

    • Christina says:

      2. That yellowy green isn’t the most pleasant, I agree.

      4. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Steph. I like the bottom part with the font…maybe. I’m still undecided. The top is a mess.

      6. Those watermarks piss me off. GRRRR. Yeah, I think this could have been done better, but I approve of it nonetheless.

      7. Bahahaha.

      11. I love Anne Hathaway. I’ve been so puzzled by all these internet articles about how much people hate her. She’s one of my faves!

      12. OMG.

      15. There are a fair number of colors that do the monotone, but it rarely works.

      16. Yup.

      17. Awwww, but did you like the Insignia cover?

      21. I went with it because it’s more unique than the others I liked this week.

      24. SO PRETTY.

      27. Someone suggested magical jizz. AHHHHH!

      29. Because it’s a dream?

      30. Sure were.

  24. TAKE TWO, YO.

    31. Let me guess? New Adult? Putting older teens on the covers with as little clothes as possible seems to be the New Adult way. I do like the colors tho.

    32. Not bad.

    33. This doesn’t really do anything for me.

    34. I don’t like this one, but I’m not entirely sure why. The dagger is a little weird the way it overlaps a part of the title.

    35. Is this a sequel to Want? It wasn’t listed on GR. I actually really love those covers. All this time I thought it was YA and to find out it is not! The deception! LOL.

    36. *snort* Umm… Okaaay. I mean, they could have just asked and I would have drawn that in paint for them.

    37. …

    38. I like this!

    39. Meh.

    40. Nice!

    41. Yet another stock image.

    42. You’re right! It IS Ivy! And I watch Smash too. Why am I just finding this out about you? Also, do not like the cover particularly. Just not my style.

    Cover Battles:

    1. I like the first redesign the best. The newest redesign is just horrid. That’s a case where you stop while you’re ahead!

    2. Sorry, UK, US wins that one!

    3. Redesign FTW. The original went overboard on that guy’s tats.

    4. Just by looking at the redesign, I can’t even tell it’s YA. They changed the title too?

    5. I actually don’t know which one I prefer. Probably neither, but I will read regardless and I can’t wait for my copy to show up. I hear this book is AMAZING!

    6. Meh to both.

    7. O.O Ummm, wow. That original is something else.


    9. Er… US def. for me.

    10. Is this a new thing? Having opaque words across faces? Either way, I do like the redesign.


    1. *snicker* So bad.

    2. LOL. OMG. LOLz forever. If Stephenie Meyer ever wrote an erotica of her OWN series, that is totally where they should position the apple.

    • Christina says:

      31. See? The title that caused all that trouble was accurate.

      33. I just love superheroes.

      35. It must be. Since it wasn’t on GR, I left it though. Too tired to look that up.

      36. *snorts*

      41. Man, why had I not seen any of these stock images before so that I could rant about stock images?

      42. Now I can tweet you about how bad Smash is, lol!

      1. Agreed. The new one doesn’t work for me at all.

      3. Most def. Also, not having a face is an improvement in this case. X_X

      4. Yup. I guess it’s a zombie book?

      5. You’re getting one? *grabby hands*

      10. It’s a weird trend I’ll grant you. I like it though.


  25. I might come back to comment on the later few but I’m sure you don’t need me to as your snark for this is probably as awesome as usual. But anyway…

    I adore the covers for The Abominable and Two Boys Kissing although I wish I could delete the font for the latter and make it a whole lot smaller. The boys are so cute.

    Also really loving the cover for Burned, but it’s weird how it doesn’t fit into the entire Fever series, not even with #6 Iced.

  26. Shelver506 says:

    Woo! Cover Snark time! Best time of the week, second only to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, because hello! Did you SEE the last episode? (But seriously, love me some Cover Snark.)

    2. I… Huh. This book actually looks marginally interesting. I’m not a fan of the green, but I like how they’re in proper jumping form.

    3. Ooooh, look at the red at the bottom! I love impending bloodshed!

    6. But here’s the question. Will the book’s intended audience willingly tote a book around with this cover? I honestly don’t know. My nerdy brain wants to look at market surveys.

    7. Ew. Ew ew ew.

    9. If you squint your eyes and tilt your head, he kind of looks like Zach Efron.

    10. I don’t know what this is about, but it looks awesome.

    12. Again, ew. Never will I ever pick this up.

    18. I honestly kind of thought this was self-pubbed until I saw the author.

    32. Historical cover and the word “thieves” in the title? Sold.

    38. This sounds suspiciously similar to PREMEDITATED by Josin McQuein.

  27. 1. Holy shit! Angel Lawson has a new book?! I really like the look of it too. Adding to my Goodreads.
    3. Beautiful looking cover.
    4. I think it caught the eye of The Book Smugglers, so I’d wait until they review this one before adding it to my TBR. This is a bit too busy for me.
    6. I think they wanted to play it safe and covered the picture with the ginormous font 🙂 Still, it’s a progress!
    7. Atrocious. She has the look of a widow spider who eats the partner after sex
    8. His ruffles disturb me. Definitely mixed periods in his clothes. Otherwise t’s a decent cover.
    9. A very attractive guy, which is a rarity in YA/New Adult
    10. Adorable!
    12. I haven’t been a fan of any of this series covers unfortunately.
    13. Frodo! is the fist thing that comes to mind 🙂
    14. Sweet and atmospheric.
    15. never mind the eyes, the typography makes my eyes hurt
    16. He has an awesome octopus tattoo and quite good looking. I don’t really care about anything else 🙂
    22. I can’t get no satisfaction! All I can see is bouncing breasts now *sigh* Your fault!
    27. Agree. It needs to die! I hate that font with a passion!
    32. I have a feeling, this is Chris McGrath’s cover. I love the covers on this series, and the first book kicked ass. Can’t wait to read this one!
    Beyond Eden – I saw this on Netgalley few months ago. So so bad! *shakes head* Why erotic reads have such horrible covers I really don’t know…

    P.S. I caught only the end of the drama on one of your Cover Snark last week, but it was 5am and I just got back from the night shift, so didn’t comment. Huge hugs from me, Christina! You were absolutely marvelous! and… humanity, I despair looking at you. It’s ridiculous you have to explain what the over snark is about ;)))

  28. So I’ll be honest, I’m not really into commenting on this this week because of everything that went down, but I’ll be damned if I am going to let some butthurt wankers ruin our fun and attempt to destroy something else in the book blogging community. I’m a bit vitriolic today, however, so expect angry comments.

    2. I really want to read this but this cover actually turns me off for some reason. I can’t exactly pinpoint why though. All I can say is it’s not my thing. It’s the color, I think.

    3. This I love. I hate the cold but I love everything about this. Including the font. The word ‘The’ is absolutely gorgeous.

    4. Hmmmm. Interesting font which I like, but there is too much going on here otherwise.

    5. Do we need to have DAW smacked right on the front? Most Urban Fantasy covers do nothing for me. It’s not personal, they just all look the same. Meh.

    6. Agreed. I don’t love the colors here, but yay, progress!

    7. LOL it does look like a mullet. Why is she jutting her neck out like that though? It makes me strangely uncomfortable.

    9. Right? He’s kinda hot, IMO. But I like the scruffy look.

    11. So disappointed in this cover. I’m really looking forward to this book and this is not what I was hoping it would look like. Agreed about the V.

    12. I think so. It’s pretty cool! Something seems off with the faces, but I love how unique it is too.

    13. That hair is HORRIBLY photoshopped. It looks blurred out? And why does the dude look like Elijah Wood?

    14. Love this one. I still think the Abominable cover is my favorite but this is really pretty. Yay for all the snowy, cold covers this week.

    16. Yeah, but the tattoo looks completely fake.

    17. It is. But I love these covers to death and they pretty much can’t go wrong with this series. Because I LOVED Insignia.

    18. I like it! Agreed about the title font. Though I do like it, just not for this cover.

    19. I saw this and I fell in love. And I love orange on covers. You’re crazy! :p

    21. I think this works for what it is trying to accomplish. This is just not the type of book I would pick up.

    22. Everything looks fake. That’s all I can see.

    23. LOL! Awww you don’t like cutesy?

    25. Yeah. I’m not a big fan of forgiving lies either. I think I’ll probably skip this one as it’s new adult and you know how I feel about that!

    26. He looks like he wants to impale me on his dagger. I ain’t having that.

    27. Agreed. So sick of that font. I’ve seen it on blogs too. Love the skirt and boots!

    30. Me too! Thrilled!

    31. Sense that tag line does not make.

    32. Something about this font that I love.

    34. It just looks too photoshopped and slapped together for me. The knife was photoshopped on her hand and the tiger was photoshopped because it’s TOO big. Meh.

    35. Yes, I like it! Only I thought Want was a standalone. Am I wrong? Was it originally?

    39. She looks like she has to poop! Sorry but she does!

    CB2. Love the US cover on this one. I’m just thankful that got rid of that godawful pink.

    CB4. Agreed. I loved the original better. And the title. And the green.

    CB5. I actually like them both here. But I gotta be honest, I’m a little bored by the new one and I loved the moon on the old one.

  29. Hannah says:

    These posts crack me up so much. I love your sarcasm! Half of them do suck, I agree. And some are like…O.O…from another planet shall we say????!! Haha. Anyway, keep up the reading!

    <333 Inky from Book HAven Extraordinaire.

  30. Amara Tanith says:

    Great post, Christina. I’ll be adding Sky Jumpers to my GR to-read lists thanks to this, and I’m looking forward to more awesome Cover Snark in the future. 🙂

  31. Jaime Lester says:

    Just thought that you would like to see this cover that seems to be a copy of #41’s cover! As always, love Cover Snark. If people don’t like it, then they don’t need to read it. Solution= SIMPLE!

  32. liaqat says:

    Just thought that you would like to see this cover that seems to be a copy of #41’s cover! As always, love Cover Snark. If people don’t like it, then they don’t need to read it. Solution= SIMPLE!

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