Top Ten Authors I’ve Never Read But Am Convinced I Will Love

As you know, I read a lot, but some authors manage to slip through the cracks. With review commitments, I don’t have that much time to choose randomly, so going back and reading older books is difficult. I’m hoping to work that out, but for now that means I have a lot of gaps in my reading. Usually, I try not to add more than a book or two by an author I’ve never read to GR, because if I read one and hated it, I would have to go back through and remove all of their eight bajillion titles which would be a pain. Some authors, though, I am so convinced I will love that I continue adding all of their books to my to-read list.

Note: all author pictures are from their Goodreads author profiles, except for Maureen Johnson’s because it was so old.

1. Robin Benway

# on to-read list: 4

GR tells me that she has written three four books so far, of which I just added the fourth that will come out at some unspecified future date. Her books just all sound so cute and fun, like the perfect break from my super intense usual reading. I just need to actually take that break. I even own a copy of Audrey, Wait!, so there’s no excuse.

2. Sarah Rees Brennan

 # on to-read list: 3

The only reason that number isn’t higher is because Brennan mostly writes series books. To be fair, one of those is written with Justine Larbalestier, so it’s only half a book if you want to be persnickety. I wasn’t super sure I would love her until recently, because The Demon’s Lexicon series has awful covers, but Kara of Great Imaginations fangirled over Unspoken and I loved her short story from After.

3. Elizabeth Eulberg

# on to-read list: 4

Elizabeth Eulberg was already on my radar, but I only had one of her books that I was planning to read (Prom and Prejudice…guess why!) until I saw her at Little Shop of Stories. Elizabeth is so funny and nerdy and wonderful. I now own all three of her books and am considering how I can get my hands on the ARC of her next one. Also, David Levithan is her editor!

4. Frances Hardinge

# on my to-read list: 3

The Book Smugglers have been going through every single one of her books over the last few months it seems, and they’ve been giving all of them 8s and above or something crazy like that. Let’s just say my interest has been peaked. Plus, the books do sound great, even if I’d only heard of one before they started featuring her.

5. Antony John

# on my to-read list: 3

I’ve seen some great reviews for Antony John’s books, and the first two that I was interested in have seriously hilarious titles (Five Flavors of Dumb and Thou Shalt Not Road Trip. Then he followed those up with a dystopia. This is the way to get me to keep adding books, folks!

Photo taken by Heather Weston SOURCE

6. Maureen Johnson

# on my to-read list: 4

I own three of her books already, all of which like to sit on my shelves and taunt me with nonsensical insults for ignoring them for so long. Also, Maureen, as the world knows, is hilarious, so I imagine her books must match that. She also wrote the sweetest (by which I mean creepiest) message to my friend when she couldn’t come to her signing due to illness.

7. David Levithan

# on to-read list: 7

Okay, okay, so I have read one David Levithan book (Will Grayson, Will Grayson) with John Green, but I’ve never read a solo effort of his, so I think that counts. Plus, 7! That’s an insanely huge number of books to have on the to-read considering that I’ve never read a book entirely by Levithan, right?

8. Melina Marchetta

# on to-read list: 4

I already had a couple of these on my list, but then I discovered Cuddlebuggery and Kat Kennedy talked me into believing that reading Melina Marchetta will change my life and pretty much spoil me for everything ever. I want to read the Lumatere Chronicles SO MUCH.

9. Hannah Moskowitz

# on my to-read list: 4

Her books all sound like they will make me feel EVERYTHING. I love books that can make my hard heart cry; it’s a nice reminder that I am human. Also, she’s totally about all kinds of sexuality, which I super duper approve of. Sex for everyone!

10. Gabrielle Zevin

# on my to-read list: 3

I’ve been slowly adding Zevin’s book throughout the years and now own three of them. This has done me no good on the actually reading them front however. Whoops.

I’m sure there are more authors, but that’s ten, so I’m going to stop looking. I just want to read all of the things!

30 responses to “Top Ten Authors I’ve Never Read But Am Convinced I Will Love”

  1. Kayla Beck says:

    Of all of your entire list of authors, I have read one book. The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson is pretty damn enjoyable. I will be Googling some of the other authors one day when I actually get time and come up for air.

    P. S. Remember me buying the Brennan book because the cover was so terrible? *giggles* 😀

  2. I want to read Hannah’s books so very bad, also The Name of the Star is one that I need to get to. There are a lot of authors here that I need to get to as well. I did try reading Every Day by Levithan and couldn’t get into it at all, so that was a DNF for me, but I am definitely the minority there.

  3. KM says:

    I like Elizabeth Eulberg’s books. They’re so cute! But erm…since we never agree, maybe this is a bad thing for you??? Hah! I liked TAKE A BOW better than PROM & PREJUDICE, though I liked that one too. And I just can’t seem to get past how annoying I find David Levithan to read any of his books. lol

    • Christina says:

      We agreed on Meant to Be! It’s our Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I think I have to love Eulberg or at least like her books, because she’s written one based on The Beatles and one based on P&P. THOSE ARE MY THINGS!

  4. I love Sarah Rees Brennan and David Levithan! I didn’t think I’d like Brennan’s books either, but the two I have read are definitely some of my favorites.

  5. Zevin’s book Elsewhere is SO GOOD. One of my fave reads last year. Highly recommend!!!

  6. I LOVE Elizabeth Eulberg. I’ve read a couple David Levithan and enjoyed them. I just read Unspoken by Brennan, but still need to read her Demon’s Lexicon series.
    The others are all on my NEED to get to list as well.

  7. Steena says:

    I have yet to read any of these authors but will definitely be looking intthem. Also, “sex for everyone!”

  8. techeditor says:

    Authors I know I’ll love but haven’t read yet:

    John Boyne
    Wiley Cash
    Robert Goolrick
    Elizabeth Haynes
    David Mitchell
    Lance Weller

  9. Brandy says:

    Melina Marchetta is awesome, but I like her contemporaries more than the Lumatere books. (Saving Francesca is my favorite).

  10. I agree with quite a few of these! I’ve never read David Levithan, Gabrielle Zevin or Melina Marchetta but I hope to soon. Hell Yes! to Maureen Johnson, I’ve only read one of her books so far, but I read it because she is so flipping awesome on twitter. Seriously, everyone should follower her.

  11. I think I have the same problem as you! I want to read most of the authors on this list but just haven’t had a chance yet. I actually own 2 Maureen Johnson books. But have not read them yet 🙁 Hopefully I will soon!

  12. Sandy says:

    I’ve never read any of these except Maureen Johnson. The Name of the Star. It was good.

    Check out my TTT.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  13. Cayce says:

    The only author I know from this list is David Levithan. He’s amazing! You have to read read Every Day! 🙂

    My TTT

  14. roro says:

    i only read markowitz. all their books are on my wishlist

  15. Lynn K. says:

    MELINA MARCHETTA. YES! It was also Kat and Steph’s reviews that convinced me I needed to try her books. Finnikin and Froi were great (the audiobooks were also very good! I have a voice crush on the narrator >.<) and Jellicoe Road was heartbreaking. Sarah Rees Brennan – I’m still waiting for my copy of Unspoken to arrive. I heard the ending was killer. O.O Frances Hardinge – I have A Face Like Glass (was that the name?) but have not read it. Someone I follow on GR described the world as LSD induced, hm… David Levithan – I’ve not even read his co-authored work. I WILL GET EVERY DAY. SOON.

    • Christina says:

      I still need to read them, obvi, but I bought Jellicoe Road!

      I have Unspoken…and need to read it.

      Oh no! That doesn’t bode well. Sigh.

      I also own Every Day. Basically, I fail my book collection all the time.

  16. Kat Balcombe says:

    Someone commented above about Gabrielle Zevin’s Elsewhere, and I have to agree – I really enjoyed that one, and it was a very quick read.

    I need to read David Levithan too!

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