Guest Post: Jessica Souder’s Top 5 Favorite Movies

As part of the Renegade blog tour hosted by The Book Paparazzi, J. A. Souders has stopped by to share her favorite movies with us! Isn’t that nice of her? Make sure to check out my review of Renegade while you’re here, because it’s an awesome book! Without any further ado, let me turn this over to Jessica (though I’m going add in some gifs because why not).

Guest Post by J. A. Souders
Yay! Another blogger has let me visit them! I’m so excited to visit all these blogs, but I guess it’s a good thing I’m not REALLY visiting them IRL, or I’d have on wicked case of jet lag!

Okay, so people keep asking what my favorite things are, so I decided to share a top 5 list of my favorite movies!


1) I’m going to cheat (*cause that’s how I roll. LOL.) and say all the Marvel movies leading up to and including the Avengers, especially Iron Man both one and two.
2) Up. It made me cry in 10 minutes with no dialogue. Plus it had a great plot. Who wouldn’t want to fly a house to South America? With BALLOONS!!! I love hot air balloons and I can just imagine how fun it would be to take your ENTIRE house on vacation.

3) Brave. I LOVE Merida’s spunk and how she loves her family and…well, I just love her to pieces. She’s an awesome character and a great role model for girls. Plus she’s an archer like me. I’d have to love her for that alone.

4) Tangled. Again, Rapunzel is spunky and a great role model. She knows what she wants and g\goes after it no matter how terrified she is. Plus, Flynn Ryder is hot for a cartoon character!
5) How to Train Your Dragon because the imagery was just so beautiful! I loved the story about how they grew to trust each other and became so close that they were willing to do anything to maintain their friendship. Also, I really, really want my own pet dragon. 

Thanks so much to Jessica for stopping by, and please don’t mind my taste in GIFs! 

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  1. Great picks and I love #1

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